• Uhh I have Daybreaker and Id like him to be like a “Legend” of some sort? Maybe more of a dragon who isnt afraid of the public eye, and is seen as more “realistic” compared to Volt being painted as a god. I thought that maybe he could be like Volt, keeping the city safe (though, not as frequently and is much more destructive)

    Daybreaker would protect Stonewell in a similar manner to Volt, but not so identical; Daybreaker is more of the “punishing” type and an “anti-hero” of some sort

    He would rather toy with bad dragons first, rather than finishing them off within seconds. Especially with gangs, where he just slays them one-by-one rather slowly, to make them paranoid; and sometimes displays a dead dragon’s body in public to scare bad guys first. He just likes the idea of being creepy towards the bad guys, to make them surrender and feel scared. Though, he mainly does this towards individual gang dragons

    In bigger cases, some past gangs have been wiped out by Daybreaker. Sometimes he would find their lair, and set it all on fire. Sometimes, alleyways or the entire block of buildings to be scorched within hours (to gangs, thats a defeat; to innocents whose buildings were burned by accident, they despise him)

    Fire is signature way of telling others he is there. Think of it as a dramatic exit or something; when hes done with something, he sets it area on fire and leaves dragons to deal with it

    Daybreaker does not live in Stonewell. He lives up north, in a lone canyon-like area with rock formations that resemble skeletal remains; and it also leads to a beach. Most of the time, its on fire because Daybreaker sets it on fire (its his aesthetic). He visits Stonewell because he thinks it looks pretty nice, and he thinks its worth protecting; but this little territory of is his main home, and its not so far away from the city. Maybe in the past, this canyon-like area used to be a national landmark for visiting Stonewell folks, but Daybreaker ruined it by setting off wildfires

    Uhh sorry if this is so long but I just want a verification before he can be apart of Stonewell


    Daybreaker’s territory, when its not on fire (screenshot from a game)

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