• hmmmm you like ddlc?

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    • hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes quite a bit it's noice

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    • hmmmmMM my friend forces me into it

      and now I can't go back

      for anyone reading this doki doki literature club is a vERY cuTE and nIcE game 10/10 go play it and have fun with loveLY anime girls

      not for children or for those who are easily disturbed

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    • just yuri...yuri bean is best girl.

      second only to monika. only monika.

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    • I thought that too until I saw act 2

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    • somehow I still have this:¬†
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    • no matter what i remained to loving yuri alot more than the other ones

      she's the best one imo...nothing ever changed that for me lol

      at least i can relate to her lol

      except monika 

      only monika only monika only monika

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    • A FANDOM user
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