• its been 200 years since the great war but for the last 30 years a war has lasted. long and bloody it started when the hivewing queen tried to take over the rainforest, the hivewings quickly allied with the skywings, mudwings, icewings, and sandwings while the rainwings allied with the silkwings, leafwings, nightwings, and seawings. 7 years ago a nightwings foretold a prophecy about 10 dragons one from each tribe ending the war and returning peace to pyrrhia and pantala.


    2 dragonets per user and 1 guardian per user

    password is moonstone

    have fun


    skywing: Perish (me)

    icewing: reservered

    sandwing: kosto (darkmoon)




    rainwing: Rosa (me)


    seawing: Mako (darkmoon)

    mudwing: reserved













    guardian or dragonet?:

    all queens, guards and other minor characters will be played by me or someone else who asks if they can.

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    • name: [[Sevier]

      age: however old the dragonets are supposed to be

      tribe; SkyWing

      appearance; Sevier has scales that are mainly gold-orange with red underscales. His eyes are deep brown. His wing membranes are the same red as his underscales. He has an athletic build. He is taller and longer than normal, but still lithe and well-muscled.He wears a choker with a ruby leaf charm.

      other: He's a loyal, charming, and adventurous dragonet

      guardian or dragonet?: Dragonet

      name: Mako

      age: however old the dragonets are supposed to be

      tribe; SeaWing

      appearance; Pale green scales, with medium green underscales. Her wing membranes and the webbing between her spikes and claws is sky blue. She has darker green glow stripes that are the same color as her underscales, and her eyes are sky blue. Her horns are medium gray, and her claws match. Her underbelly is pale tan, like wet sand. She has a scar on her left shoulder. She always wears a brown leather bracelet with a pearl in it, and for formal occasions she wears strings of pearls and diamond earrings. She has dark blue royal markings on her wings.

      other: Ambitious, extroverted, and outspoken. If possible, she is the SeaWing queen's niece or daughter.

      guardian or dragonet?: Dragonet

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    • Mako is accepted but sevier has to be a different tribe cause the Skywing isn't open

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    • Okay!

      name: Kostomarov (Kosto)

      age: however old the dragonets are supposed to be

      tribe; SandWing

      appearance; Kostomarov's scales are pale gold, like desert sand. His eyes are a deep shade of gold, much darker than his scales. He has a scar on his left front leg from his dragonethood. His ruff is dark cream, pretty close to tan. He wears a moonstone bracelet that Grace gave him. He wears little jewelry. His wing membranes are medium golden. His underbelly is pale cream.

      other: Loyal, kind, and determined. He likes to sing.

      guardian or dragonet?: Dragonet

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    • Thank you

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    • reserve mudwing dragonet?

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    • Yep

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    • Could I reserve the SilkWing?

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    • Name: Frost

      Age: 7 ane a half

      Tribe: Icewing

      Appearance: Pale blue scales Sliver wings Gray spikes and light blue eyes

      Other: Open for shipping

      Guardian or dragonet: Dragonet

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    • A FANDOM user
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