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This page handles: what can be expected in a post-apocalyptic world; clinical detail, mild body horror.

  • An amnesiac revanant wandering what remains of Pyrrhia in the Rapture-verse, in search of their memories.
    • Possible detective/criminal investigator... though that occupation might be obsolete in these times. Probably sent out to study+record Ruins and reality-warped magical hotspots around Pyrrhia, with the means left to his own devices.
    • agreeable, conscientious, [..]; brave, cautious, naïve; gullible, capricious, [..]
    • Always has a pack of caffeine gum in his pocket. Likes black coffee.
    • Side note to myself: Perhaps I can look into brain damage and its symptoms... Might be story relevant.
  • Their mangled body was recovered to create their current cyborg vessel, a delicate organic framework supported barely by the forced union between technology, magic, and flesh. They definitely look menacing, but they raise their talons in peace. They are only passing through. Perhaps they will resolve some unknowns in the meantime.
  • Their arc revolves around letting go of the past and moving on, to accept themselves as their own individual instead of forever chasing a lost identity. They have settled that they are a demiguy, regardless of the biology of their original body. gay and ace.
  • Independent and solitary. Will tag along with and help other survivors, but ultimately only to advance their own agenda. No animosity towards the divine and infernal, seeing as he runs on their supernova remnants of magical energy. He sometimes gives away weapons to individuals that he has emotionally connected with. Perhaps they will survive, perhaps they will meet again. Hopes he can help them level the field in this futile war against otherworldly forces.
  • They still get lonely, having retained the full empathetic and emotional capacity of a normal dragon, despite being half machine and fueled by the distilled corpses of divine beings. Not ruthless/mean in conduct tho. Conflicted feelings about vulnerability.
  • TempestWing with quill-like spines and orange transition scales.
  • Always in trenchcoats. Maybe even a fedora, as a treat. Strangely dated fashion. Largely to hide the grotesque machinery embedded into their disfigured anatomy. There is no beauty to be found here.
    • Unearthly tech enhancements, in distorted, non-rectilinear geometries. Especially along his spine (spinal cord); replacing 1 arm wholly; leg braces; reconstructed neck/windpipe. Controlled through connections to nerves...
  • Always looking to improving their own body with better technology. Artificial Evolution. Redesign your logo.
  • Thalassophobia and aquaphobia.
  • Generally curious, especially about plants and music.
  • Just trying to vibe, but the world is ending.

  • [+] More endurance v. starvation, dehydration, etc. After all, he doesn't really have that much biomass to maintain anymore... Equipped with top-of-the-line weapons, some of which he designs himself. ulcer gun
  • [-] Can still get their body and cybernetic parts damaged. Glass cannon.
  • Probably visits ruins to recharge since magic is their energy. They can tell if they're running low when they feel dizziness, palpitations, and soreness all over. Critical depletion manifests as severe internal pain and paralysis, from the waist down + the cybernetic arm. Eventual loss of consciousness. Possible death. (...because they're not dead yet...) Their body will literally fall apart.
    • Carries extra magic batteries with them.
    • Recharges by... sleeping near magical sources I guess. Very risky.
  • Good with technology/mechanics. Actually an inventor and tinkerer in these damned times. Maybe collaborates with scientists in the remaining bastions of civilization but doesn't really trust them. Probably makes little robot toys for dragonets out of scrap tech.

will think about full skillset and inventory later but this is a major one

  • maybe just woke up without memory one day. either with (1) a shattered but healing fully organic body, (2) inexplicably, full set of biomechatronic parts already, or (3) inexplicably, alpha model of biomechatronic parts that he eventually upgrades himself. i don't know! i don't know. i just want a cyborg apocalypse oc i am a simpleton......
  • endwit experimental soldier! possimbly
    • thesis really out here wondering if his biv got copped by the scientists or brain damage :thonk:
  • "tech is the only way one can harness magic so why not. become the tech.

"tech acts as a vessel for magic because after the calamity the forces are so raw and concentrated that if a dragon tried to conduit it through themselves they would die or be maimed for life
"verbal incantations are common offensive and runes/glyphs are common for defensive
"nonverbal magic is almost nonexistent unless u have divine blood
"when nonverbal magic is used it is usually directly connected with one's mind and body. movements
"cyborgs however, due to their more durable bodies, ARE ABLE to conduit nonverbal magic More Easily but obv it still takes a ton of training"

"endwit scientists be like 'what if we have a weapon harnessing the magical energies rampant in our world with the adaptable and controllable mind of a dragon'"

"endwit scientists are just like that
"they want a quick fix to the end of the world because their city is crumbling into the sea"

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