The truth about Queen Oasis is she didn't die. Her twin sister, Mesa, was looking for the queen to challenge her but Mesa was killed by the scavenger. Queen Oasis was far away, trying to explore the rainforest kingdom but was horribly disfigured by the RainWings. Before she le

Queen Oasis is alive

ft she hid away her last egg, Sunny.The queen buried Sunny in the sand and wanted her to be the heir because she knows the others are evil. This is why Sunny is the way she is. Sunny was preserved and the queen went into hiding when she heard of the war. Oasis is waiting to hear of her heir still.                                                                     

Starflight doesn't have powers because he was born without powers. Just like the SkyWings, the NightWings take the ones that are born without power and kill them. Starflight was still an egg so the NightWings didn't know to dispose of him. The NightWings have strange ideas.                             

There is another tribe known as the FireWings or FlameWings that is similar to the SkyWings and the tribe is located on a volcano. They are redish-orangish, have crippled looking and over-sized wings, are resistant to fire(including Peril's), and their mouths have a beak similar to NightWings but it is metal. Despite their apperance they are better fliers than SkyWings. On the tip of their tails there is a fire that changes depending on the dragon's mood and their whole body can burst into flames hotter than Peril's. In the prophecy the queen of the SandWings will have the power over the queen of the FireWings, Magma. Please note that FireWings are nic

A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.

er than SkyWings.                                                                                                  

The NightWing kingdom is believed to be on a different island by most, but wouldn't dragons fly out of Pyrria? Remember when the NightWings came to take Starflight they came out of nowhere almost? Well maybe the NightWing kingdom isn't on a different island, maybe it is somewhere else. I'm still not sure what to think of it yet, but they might have a portal to their kingdom. The NightWings are highly advanced, surely they could do this, right? The NightWings are still as mysterious as ever......

I believe that RainWings just act lazy when around other dragons. Maybe when other dragons first saw them they were sleeping at noon. The other dragons must have just assumed that these dragons were lazy which doesn't surprise me, for other tribes show little understanding if at all. Also, the venom that Glory has may be used to get prey in the jungle for animals adapt. With the prejudice of all the other dragons we still won't know that much about RainWings either.