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Thank you to XSabxManiacX for letting me include Ribbon and Heroslayer Ronin for letting me use Chinook (Ronin), Sbyman for letting me use Bijoux, Sawdust, Caramel, Bear and Earthshaker, Oceanshell for letting me use Jungle, Tundra the Icewing Sandwing for letting me use Karma & Destiny, Falling Cliff for letting me use Starsearcher, Skydream for letting me use Mer, Snowdrift for letting me use Buzzard, Pumpkin for letting me use Fig, Talonfate, MoonGlobe, Snowshock, Breeze, Hydra, Tropica, Sticks, Makkura, Saffron, Spade, and Clover, Nix for letting me use Sunset (NixTheDragonTamer), Delta for letting me use Jaguarhunter, Pyrope, Opal, Brook, Bayou, and Fang, Garnet for letting me use Malachite, Band for letting me use Prevail and Redbelly, Netionic for letting me use Xerocole, Lacey for letting me use Savannah, Pokeball for letting me use Azura, Princess Lyndis, Camilla, Egypt, Geb, Caeda Duma, Mila, and Powerhungry, Princess Aqua for letting me use Magnolia, Fen, Malicious, and Aqua, Misty for letting me use Ahsoka, Snotlout for letting me use Firewall, Dusky for letting me use Alligator, Luna for letting me use Fadedwalker, Sunset for letting me use Equinox The NightWing/SkyWing, Sunrise, Bubbles, Velvet, Pheonix, Forestdweeler, and Salmon, UndertaleTrashowo for letting me use Gannet And Tilapia, Pugley for letting me use Heartfinder the nightwing/skywing hybrid and Icana the ice/rain hybrid, Raven for letting me use Metallia, Starflight for letting me use Mermaid, and WildfireTheMudSkyWing for letting me use Wildfire and Alastor in this story.

Special Thanks To Pumpkin for the amazing song in chapter four.


After the war has ended and peace reigns,

A storm will give birth to the bringer of death and chains

After bloodshed has ceased and hope has arrived,

A Lightning strike will cause a monster to have arised…  

Of five dragonets who must fight for their life,

One dragonet conceals the blood covered knife

The cause of the bolt rests in the talons of the sea,

If she fails then no one will ever be set free

The wings of steel holds in his claws a very important part,

He must choose between freedom and the dragon in his heart

Between the five dragons one had earned many scars,

But he must risk his life in the final spar

The final dragonet bares the heaviest weight of the five,

She must give up her own life or else the monster will arrive...

Five dragonets each know their role,

Five dragnets must complete it to it’s full

All hope will be lost if left incomplete,

All of this will happen when the lightning strikes meet...

Welcome Scroll

Jade Winglet

Icewing: Seal

Mudwing: Coypu

Nightwing: StarWriter

Rainwing: Lillie

Sandwing: Truthseeker

Seawing: Oceanic

Skywing: Peccary

Copper Winglet

Icewing: Ribbon

Mudwing: Squelch

Nightwing: Alastor

Rainwing: Macaw

Sandwing: Nile

Seawing: Chinook

Skywing: WildFire

Gold Winglet

Icewing: MoonGlobe

Mudwing: Bayou

Nightwing: Talonfate

Rainwing: Clover

Sandwing: Sunset

Seawing: Malachite

Skywing: Pyrope

Silver Winglet

Icewing: Snowshock

Mudwing: Hydra

Nightwing: Karma And Desitiny

Rainwing: Redbelly

Sandwing: Fig

Seawing: Jungle

Skywing: Buzzard

Quartz Winglet

Icewing: Breeze

Mudwing: Caramel

Nightwing: Earthshaker

Rainwing: Opal

Sandwing: Sawdust

Seawing: Tropica

Skywing: Sticks

Part One: Wings of Steel

Chapter One

For all of his life Seal had been an outcast, whether it was while he was in the Icewing Kingdom and not understanding why the other dragonets struggled to climb through the rankings, or whether at Jade Mountain where he had blown the minds of all he met with his knowledge. Was acceptance to much to ask for? He had wondered many of times. He didn’t look different, well now he did with half of his face exposing the metal underneath. He didn’t think differently, well he wasn’t a Nightwing born under the moons so he wasn’t one hundred percent sure on that either. So what was it that made him feel as though he was completely normal? Seal‘s memories of his last flooded his mind, the pain, the judgment, and the love that had been wisked away from him the moment he realized his feelings. Now, he was laying on a cold floor of a cell waiting to know what to do.

”You think to much!” A dragon with a creaky voice said. Nightwing. Has the power to read minds, born under at least one full moon, maybe more. Seems... Male, slightly agitated who isn’t afraid to talk about his powers. “Stop! You’re annoying me!” He said “If I had any Skyfire with me I’d strap it to you and never let you loose it.” Seal smiled faintly. Acts a little bit like Clover. He mentally noted. Seems tired of being hear, quickly bored or has he been here for a while? “Three years pal.” He said with a slight laugh that quickly vanished “If you’re lucky they’ll leave you alone. I know a guy who used to be in a cell like us, he was a nice kid and I quite liked talking with him... They took him to another room and he hasn’t come back since. I’ve heard rumors they kill those who step out of line here in this joint.”

Quite odd, goes from insults to advice within seconds. Ally or threat? “I’m no threat to you Icewing.” He said with a hint of fierceness in his voice. Maybe a mind reader could be someone who could keep up with me in a conversation and not misunderstand what I‘m saying. Oceanic was good at that... I wonder if- “Would you shut up for a minute?” The dragon asked. Seal stayed silent and tried not to think about anything. “Much better... I hope you don’t think like that in your sleep.“ The dragon said “What’s your name?” Seal inquired. The Nightwing stayed silent for a while. That‘s odd... maybe he didn’t hear me. “Did you not hear me the first time?” Seal asked. “What is your name?” “None of your concern.” The Nightwing replied with a growl. Hmmm, I’ve never known someone to think like that before. Of course it doesn’t concern me on what his name is. All I wanted was to know his name. Let’s see, what can I call him in the meantime? Seal thought to himself. Then a strange female voice that sounded slightly familiar whipsered into his ear “Call him Mr. Grumpy Scales.” Seal tilted his head in confusion “No Karm, that’s mean!” The Icewing shook his head. Karm? What kind of name is that? But before the Icewing could think about the odd voices anymore, an Icewing the color of snow with light grey splotches all over him came to his cell. He looked so familiar yet at the same time so foreign. “Time for you to work, Project 1023.”

Chapter Two

Maybe He was a dragon I met back in the Icewing Kingdom. But I would’ve surely remembered his name if that was the case... “What circle are you in?” Seal asked as he continued to lay on the ground. “W-What? No. No questions! Get up and get to work!” The larger Icewing roared. “But why? Questions are amazing. They let what you don’t know be expressed in a way that another dragon can relay what the answer is. It’s quite fascinating the difference between-“ “SILENCE!” The Icewing roared “I would kill you right now with my own claws but my master wants to alive.” He glared down at the dragonet “And before you ask, I am Fang. NOW HURRY UP!” Fang? As in... the one who captured me? Or at least that’s what the other dragons told me about him. How am I supposed to know who to trust? “You Can trust us!” The feminine’s voice came again. Seal expected a reaction from Fang but none came. Odd... How come I’m the only one who can hear her... or I guess them?

The large Icewing shoved him out of the cell and down a long hallway. There was an odd transition from being cold (which Seal quite liked) to becoming hot. At this part of the tunnel there was no light but every now and then a faint glow came from up ahead. Hmm... Looks as if the color of the glow is a mix of orange and yellow. Fire? How come there was so quick of a transition of temperatures? Wait, where am I going? Oh yes, work. I wonder what kind of work... Fang guided Seal to an open area with a small red dragon sitting in the middle of it. A few odd black boxes layed around the room but this dragonet was the only one there. “Channel it through here, don’t stop until I come back and say to.“ Fang said as he pointed to a small hole in one of the boxes. The Icewing then turned and left without saying another word.

Channel? Channel what? If he wants me to work efficiently shou he at least be more specific? “Hi! You must a new Ultra Dragon! Finally some company! I’m Project 1932 but you can call me Pheonix, all my friends call me that. What’s your name? Numbers are fine I guess but I would prefer a name.” The red dragon said and she bounded over to Seal and took her talons in his. “Woah! Your talons are so cold! That’s probably because your an Icewing right?” Seal nodded “Numbers?” He questioned. The Skywing tilted her head causing a necklace with an orange feather to slide across her neck. “Yeah, the numbers the scientist gave you... You are a robot like me, right? Oh! I have such a rusted brain! You must be Project 1023, the Icewing escapist.” Escapist? I guess Sunset did tell me about how I helped destroy the lab and then I fled... “Yes. I usually go by Seal.” The white dragon said “You mentioned something about an ‘Ultra Dragon’ I do not have any information about that in my database.” “BORING!” Pheonix said quite loudly as she rolled her eyes “You talk like how little dragonets do when pretending to be a robot. You’re all science talk and technical terms. Have some fun! We work for the best organization in Phyrria! We are planning to literally change the world! No need to act all computer like.” How odd... I thought all robotic dragons talked like this. Though I hadn’t assumed there were any others up until a few days ago. Do I really stand out amongst the others? I thought I would at least fit in here...

“But What is an Ultra Dragon?” Seal inquired again “The scientists chose certain of us to lead the others by giving us certain elemental abilities. They then give us a schedule which usually looks like Work until needed for planning then go back to work then go to rocall and the go back to the dorms to charge our powers again for the next day.” The Skywing then pulled Seal over to the box she was sitting at and she extended her talon out towards it. Then after a second of hesitation, a small line of flames shot out of her wrist and was consumed by a small hole in the box. “As you can see, I’m the Fire Ultra Dragon. Go sit over there and let’s see what yours is.” The Icewing sat down at a box next to Pheonix and extended his talon out at to his shock a small line of electricity chit out of his wrist. Electricity? Seems almost like... Oh three moons... Lightning. The prophecy. I’m the threat to Phyrria.

Chapter Three

“Woah, Lightning powers! Cool!” Pheonix said with a smile. No, I’m not a threat. I don’t bring the chaos to Phyrria. Do I? “Ok, so now just continue that until it’s time for rocall. I can’t wait to introduce you to the others!” Seal tilted his head “How many others?” He asked “Oh, there’s four others. They don’t have powers though.” Hiw Can this dragon be so jubilant? She works for the bad guys! Right? “What exactly is this organization?” He asked trying to answer his question in the round about way. “Oh, it‘s calles The Lightning Strikes. Cool name right? It’s called that because all the non robotic dragons get a cool purple lightning bolt scar when they join. I wonder why we don’t get one? Oh well, we’re basideally in charge of them anyways. We strive to rule the continent and guide Phyrria into the optimal future.” Doesn’t sound evil... Does it? “And What are we doing this for? If they gave us these powers could they just use a machine to do the work instead?” The Icewing asked “Nope. When Nebula, The founder of Project Warfare created three dragnoids, one of which being you, he created six elemental hardrives for The best of his creations. He gave one to you and one to a Skywing. When you guys burned down the lab, The Skywing kept the hardrives and started this organization. None of us know how to extract the powers from them so he grave them to us instead.“ Maybe these guys aren’t the evil ones after all. Pheonix seems as innocent as Lillie. Memories of the short time he was with his winglet flooded his memories

“Do we ever get a chance to leave?” Seal asked “No...” Pheonix said as she squinted her eyes at him “Is there a way to escape then?” He asked in a whisper “Escape?” The Skywing echoed with alarm “Three moons no! Why would you want to? We have a purpose laid out for us here. We are sculpting the future of Phyrria! Who would ever want to leave?” That sounds... true. I guess I never thought about it that way. Maybe- NO! This is not the perfect place! This is a prison in which we’re forced to work! This can’t be my purpose! It just can’t! I should be with Oceanic... Shouldn’t I?

For what felt like hours, Seal argued with himself in his head, completely ignoring Pheonix’s conversation. “Rocall.” A deep voice said and the Icewing turned to see Fang walking away. “So?” Pheonix said as she turned to the Icewing. Seal stared at her with a look of confusion. So... What? He thought “So, what are your thoughts about it?” Crap, I have no dea what she’s been talking about. Just lie, say your good with it. That would make sense in almost every contacts, right? “Oh, yes.” Seal started as they began walking through the long hallway. “I am good with it. Sounds perfect to me.” Pheonix Smiles “Good. I’m glad to see you’ve come around.” Seal blinked a few times. Is she referring to that I changed my mind? Oh three moons, why couldn’t I have been paying attention?

Pheonix guided Seal into a large room that had two torches near the entrance giving off the only source of light. In the center were four dragons. One was a Nightwing with pitch black scales. Next to the black dragon was an odd dragon that was very much different than the first. She was bright pink and had blue wings. Next to her was a thin and wiry dragon that had four wings instead of two. She was dark purple in color and had a silver underbelly. On the far right was a dragonet that was dark blue with ripples of bright blue on her horns and wings. Seal stared in awe at the last dragonet, she had an unearthly beauty about her and she defi stood out amongst the others. “That’s Project 2210, we call her Siren.” Pheonix said to Seal as the two stood next to the others. That’s an odd name for a dragon... “Don’t get comfortable Seal.” The voice said in his head again “We’re gonna get you out of here soon.”

Get me out? You mean... Escape? A pause. “Yeah, What else do you think Desti meant?” Replied the voice Seal assumed was named Karm. But... Why? “ATTENTION!” A voice boomed and The Icewing turned to see Fang standing in front of them. His left front talon was raised but as he stomped down on the ground, more torches lit up revealing a circle of dragons that had surrounded them. Seal inched a bit closer to Pheonix unconsciously. “Project 10039!“ He roared “Here!” Said a cheerful voice who came from the pink dragon. “Project 44879!” “Hey.” The fourwinged dragon said as she was trying to steal a necklace from one of the scared dragons surrounding them. “Get back in line.” Fang demanded and the dragon obeyed “Project 1023!” Murmers echoed through the room. “Present.” Seal said as he felt like everyone was staring at him.

Fang muttered something under his breath as he glared at Seal. “Project 6454!” He called out while still glaring at the Icewing. “Here sir!” The pitch black Nightwing replied quickly “Hey.” Pheonix said in a whisper as she leaned over to Seal “What’s up with Fang not liking you? Well, he doesn’t really like anyone but it seems he especially hates you.” Seal hesitated as he looked at the large ice dragon yelling orders to them. “According to a deep blue Seawing and a huge red Skywing, he captured me shortly after I escaped the lab... They didn’t give me any more information about him or his origins.” Seal replied trying his hardest to not sound “robotic” since Pheonix didn’t seem to like it. Then Before Sela knew it, everyone was filing out of the cave.

Chapter Four

“So... You said after rocall we recharge our powers?” Seal inquired as he followed Phoenix and the either androids. “Yep, we all go to our cave together and either just talk or sleep while we charge. There’s something strange about that cave that helps recharge our powers. Of course the other dragons wouldn’t need to charge, but they come with us anyways. Helps keep it quiet for the scientists while they sleep.” Scientists? Seal thought curiously. The robotic dragons then entered a dorm like cave with several ledges all along the sides. “Here, you can have the ledge next to me.” Phoenix said brightly as she climbed up onto the stone cliff. The Icewing followed how Phoenix had climbed up but kept stubbing his talons in the rock.

“Need help?” A voice said from behind him. Seal turned around quickly to see Siren. “Oh... kind of.“ He said Do I look stupid? Three moons Seal! Why did you just ask for help? Now they’ll all think of you as lower than them! His minds worried but Siren was already pushing him up against the wall. “You’re trying to hard.” She said “You don’t need to cling to the crevices in the wall, just simply use them to boost you up. Or if you wanted an easier way, you could use something called your wings.” A few voices from other ledges chuckled. Oh I’m such an ice brain! How could I not think of that? “Thanks.” Seal said and flew to on top of his ledge.

What seemed like hours passed and one by one all the dragons around him fell asleep until it was only him and Siren left awake. “Seal?” She called out with a voice that made his spikes stand up on end “Are you the one Nebula foretold about? The one that...” She fell silent for a long time. Did she fall asleep? He wondered but then is quiet whisper she continued “the one that will help us escape?” The Icewing stayed silent “I... I’m not sure... I mean-.” But Seal was interrupted by Siren nearly tackling him as she took his talon in hers. “So it is you... The lighting.” Seal looked down at a metal band around his wrist with a lightning bolt carved into it. “I-I’m not-.” The ice dragon tried to argue but the blue dragon held a talon up to his mouth. She then smiled and began to sing ins a voice that barely stirred the air yet seemed so powerful “Oh, the lightning has returned... and glory will so too... in the shape of a sweet little seal like you.” She then poked Seal in the nose and smiled as she spread her wings and began to fly around the cave “Hey wait why will the glory retur-“ He began to ask but Siren continued in singing “No longer will we hide, for we have brought a new tide. In the shape of a sweet little seal like you!” Seal watched her as he raised a talon up “Siren, I have a question, where are we?” She chuckled and smiled at him “We are in a wonderland. So proud we do stand, because of a sweet little seal like you! Oh, the mountain it will rise and then will come our times. Our hope is in his talons!” She then landed back down and held up his talon causing a small bolt of lighting to spark out. “in the shape of a sweet little seal like you!”

Seal opened his mouth to question Siren’s lyrics further but another voice from The entrance spoke up first. ”OH MY GOD, SHUT UP SIREN! DRAGONS ARE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!” The Icewing turned to see a familiar dragon. Snowshock, student of Jade Mountain Academy. His mind rattled off. Then from a near by ledge, the pink dragon started to argue “NO ONE IS GOING TO SHUT UP. OUR LIVES ARE GOING TO TURN IN TO A MUSICAL!” The dragonet then started singing obnoxiously. “I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!” Another voice roared from farther down the hall. Seal covered his ear with his wings as he tried to block off the arguing dragon’s voices. Soon enough several dragons who, many of which had been on the list oceanic told him about when we went missing, started to come into the cave and shot at the androids.

“SILENCE!!!” A voice roared and a blast of ice shot down the cave. Everyone fell silent as they turned their gaze to Fang. Frost breath was spouting out of his mouth as he glared at them. “Who is responsible for starting this?” He asked with anger as he scanned the crowd. “You.” He said, pointing to a red Seawing, “Who started this?” Chinook. Seawing. Jade Mountain Student. Hates hybrids. Seal’s mind recited “I’m not sure, sir...” Chinook said “I came in her and heard them singing about this Seal dragon.” All eyes turned to the Icewing. “Project 1023.” Fang said fiercely, sending a chill down his spine. “Come with me.”

Chapter Five

”Tell him it was Siren! She started it, not you!” One of the voices said again which he remembered being referred to as Karm. “No!” The other voice shouted back “Don’t listen to Karma, Seal. Siren didn’t mean any harm!” “Destiny!” Karma whinned “Seal didn’t do anything wrong either!” And so, Seal winced as the two voices argued with each other in his mind while he walked down a long corridor following a dragon who hated him.

The halls where empty, probably because dragons were asleep. Well, until Siren had started singing. Seal reminded himself. He hadn’t quite realized how big this place was until they had been walking for a while. The smell of ash carried through the corridor. The heat was starting to become unbearable and Fang noticed him slowing down. “You get used to the heat after a while. Living in a volcano took me a while to adjust to as well.” And for a moment, Seal could’ve sworn a hint of kindness had escaped the fierce Icewing. The ice dragonet smiled to himself as he rushes to catch up. “What are you smiling about?” Fang asked fiercely “You’re in a lot of trouble.”

Seal quickly wipes the smile off of his face and focused on the area around him. The structure was similar to the Ice palace, long halls with more hallways branching out every few yards. “Ummm... Mr. Fang?” Seal asked nervously, hoping the kinder side of the ice white dragon would show through a again. “Where exactly are we? I don't recall any place like this in my database.” Fang didn’t respond. Seal guessed he was tried of answering his questions. “That’s because they wiped the existence of the place from your hard drive... Those sand snorting dragons.” Seal contemplated on the remark Fang had made. Was that a hint of regret? Sadness? Something? “Remember the volcano the Nightwings fled to after Darkstalker disappeared? Surely you learned about this at that school of yours.“ That would make sense, it does smell slightly like salt water now that I think about it. And that would explain why I don’t remember any volcano back on Phyrria.

What seemed like hours passed but Seal had to remind himself it had only been 29.2947 minutes. Approximately. His mind added. So... Uh, Destiny and Karma... Seal thought awkwardly. I remember you two from detention at Jade Mountain, the two headed Nightwing, right? “Yep!” Destiny said cheerfully. How are you in my head? “We’re not in your head, walrus.” Karma replied with a slight laugh. “We’re using something Clover made. It’s slightly complicated. Don’t worry about it though. Just see if you can find any entrances or exits to this place.” Why? I like it here. I was made to be here... Literally. Seal’s mind replied “But what about your friends? Oceanic is worried sick about you.” Why would a Seawing princess care about me? “Because you guys are best friends. And everyone knows your affection goes a lot deeper than just that.” What are you talking about? Seal thought with great confusion I’ve never met the princess.

Chapter Six

Silence fell in Seal’s mind and for a second he was beginning to wonder if he had just imagined their voices. That was until they screamed in his head “WHAT?!?!” Destiny yelled in disbelief, so loud in fact that Seal nearly fell. “You're joking right?” Karma added. No... The Icewing thought. “What’s wrong with you?” Fang asked skeptically as he eyed the ice dragonet. “S-sorry sir. Won’t happen again.” Seal said, keeping his head down.

“Here we are.” Fang said and opened up a door. “The master wants to see you...” Seal hesitated but walked inside. It was pitch dark inside the room. Seal turned around and was about to ask for a torch when Fang shut the door and locked it. Well that’s... not good. I guess now that I’m here I should probably look around for a light source. To bad I can’t breathe fire. The dragonet began to walk around the room slowly and cautiously when an all to familiar voice spoke. “I’ve been expecting you...” Movement and breathing were the only sounds that remained as the voice stopped. Seal felt heat near his neck and turned his head toward it, but he still couldn’t see anything. Where’s a moon globe when you need one? Seal thought worriedly

“I can’t believe you haven’t figured out who I am yet.” The voice said with a chuckle “Though, you haven’t even figured out how to see in the dark yet either.” Seal growled furiously. Think Seal, think! What do you have to make light? Frost breath? No. Knowledge? No. My first circle necklace? No... Lightning! Seal extended his talon out cautiously and instantly a small spark shot out from his wrist. “Careful Seal.” The voice said “You’d lose a valuable ally if you accidentally killed me.” Then the dragon laughed as if that was the most hysterical thing he had ever heard.

“Who are you?” Seal asked with a growl as he tail swayed furiously. “I’m known by many things, a killer, a savior, a leader, a follower, a friend, an enemy, and so, so many more.” That didn’t help at all. Seal thought to himself as he tried to focus. Where has he heard the voice before? Maybe a student? Maybe a fellow tribe mate? Maybe a merchant? “Yes Seal, I am a merchant.” The voice said sarcastically. “Which one? Are you from Possibility?” The Icewing inquired. A pause. “I was being sarcastic, Icewing.”

Oh, sarcasm; the use of irony to mock or convey contempt. “So you‘re not a merchant, right?” Seal asked “What do you think. Oh wait, I already know that.” Either has an animus enchantment, or is a Nightwing born under at least one moon. Seal thought to himself. “One of those is true.” The dragon said. “Obviously.” Seal replied with confusion. “Unless you misspoke and meant something else, but then you could’ve meant anything. What if it was all simply a metaphor?” “Shut up! Your even more annoything than while in our cave.” Oh, he was part of my winglet... Male voice so that only leaves Coypu and StarWriter. There was no reply for a while. No wonder the voice sounds familiar. I don’t think it’s Coypu, this voice doesn’t radiate the regret like his did. So that only leaves- “No!” Destiny cried “I watched him die that day! No, it can’t be him! Karma, it can’t be, can it?“ There was a pause “I... I don’t know Desti, I mean it can’t be him, right?“ Seal was slightly confused about their conversation but drowned out the sound.

The Icewing hesitated But extended out his talon. I don’t want to know. One part of his mind argued. But I need to know... Wait, how do I know this dragon again? Star... Reader was it? No, Maybe StarTeller? No information about any dragon by those names in my database. Why can’t I remember these things? First it was the Seawing princess Karma and Destiny thought I knew, and now this Nightwing. Focus Seal! You don’t even know if it’s him yet. The next few seconds past with a blur, the lighting illuminating the room, the Nightwing with thousands of scars standing in front of him, and the flash drive that was put into Seal’s outlet on his arm. Then everything clicked into place.

Chapter Seven

Be brave, be strong, follow orders, strike first, never let your guard down. Commands flooded Seal’s mind. Be brave, be strong, follow orders, Strike first, never let you guard down. His mind echoed obediantly. “You May return to your sleeping quarters.” StarWriter ordered And the door opened and light flooded in, but Seal was the only dragon in the room.

“Seal!” Pheonix cried and ran over to the Icewing as he entered the room. “Are you all right? Did they punish you?” Seal stayed silent. “Look....” Siren started as she walked over to the two dragons. “I’m sorry about getting you in trouble...“ Seal looked from Pheonix to Siren and then back to Pheonix. “Why aren’t you two working with the others?” He asked and a look of sadness and hurt spread across Pehonix. “We were worried about you, Ice Brain.” Siren said with an aggravated look on her face and nudged him firmly in the chest with her wing “That’s counter productive.” The Icewing said and turned to leave “I suggest you two get to work or I’ll have to report you.”

“That was harsher than needed.” Destiny said. They shouldn’t just be waiting and worrying about others like that. They should spend their time more wisely. “What’s gotten into you, Seal?” Karma asked “Stop acting like an arrogant blowfish-head.” How are you talking with me? Seal thought “Clover made an animus enchantment to communicate with you.“ Destiny replied. Intresting... And why can’t she use her magic to teleport me to you guys? “Well that’s simple, Clover can’t do long range magic, revive the dead, cast more than six-“ Desti was interrupted by the other head “Destiny!“ “What?” she asked. A pause followed. “Sorry Sealy.” Destiny replied “Karma thinks you’re spy And Will Tell of all of our secrets. Which is OBVIOUSLY WRONG!” ”Destiny! Shut up!” Karma yelled. Silence, both of you!

The walk to the cave was long and silent. Only the sound of talon steps stirred the air around them. Coldness radiated off of Seal and anger radiated off of the dragons walking next to him. Siren glared at Seal the whole way and Pheonix just kept her head down. “Not cool, Icewing.” The deep blue dragon said “And I’m not trying to be funny.” What odd dragons. Seal thought to himself. How could anyone act like this when he was just giving advice? Seal didn’t know. And why were they acting as if he changed? Wasn’t he always like this? 

The next few days passed by and no one talked to Seal except during rocall when they called out his number. Even that night, or what he assumed was night, no one said a word to him. The cave seemed to be getting colder as the days passed and the two headed dragon stopped talking to him. Fine by me. He thought. I don’t need them, I don’t need anyone. 

“If you two are mad at me,” He said after he had enough of them “then tell me and explain why. Being mad is unreasonable and has no purpose except to slow down productivity.” Silence filled the room and in the dark, Seal couldn’t tell if anyone was even awake. “You know what Seal?” Icana, the pink dragon asked “You used to be a good dragon and I thought you would bring us out of our misery. It seems that instead, you only dug us deeper into the hole.” “Agreed.” Siren added with a snarl. “What’s wrong with you guys?” Seal asked “I’m just simply giving advice on how to improve.” Siren growled and tackled Seal off of his ledge and onto the ground. “What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with you Seal?!” The Icewing glared at the blue dragon. No one attacks me. Seal thought with anger. Especially dragons who are lower ranked than I am. But I have something she doesn’t. And with that Seal extended his wrist and lighting shot out and hit Siren in the chest. 

Chapter Eight

A gasp came from the other robotic dragons as Siren collapsed onto the ground. “Siren!” Pheonix dried and flew down to the unconscious hybrid. “What  In Phyrria was that for?!” She roared at Seal with anger. “Defending myself.” Seal replied simply, acting as calm as ever. Whispers spread through the dragons watching. “Maybe it was a mistake.” A dragon said “He probably just slipped and accidentally electrocuted her.” Another added “Should we get the guards?” “Maybe there’s something wrong with his programming.” “What happened?” “Why isn’t Siren getting up?” Seal glared at the dragons. He hadn’t slipped, he had meant to shoot Siren. A few dragons slipped out of the cave. Sure, go ahead and get the others, I don’t care if Fang or StarWriter find out. 

“Seal,” Karma said “this may not be the best time to tell you but we’re here near the shore of the volcano. They’ve obviously done something to make you act like this. We’re getting you out of here before they mess you up even more.” I’m not leaving. Seal replied fiercely. I was made to be here. “What do we do, Karm?” Destiny asked worriedly. Silence followed. Good. Seal thought. Let the guards come, then I can report that Nightwing.

The guards arrived, each of them covered with armor the color of an Icewing who hadn’t bathed in cold water in a week. And they each carried a spear in their talons. “Stand down Project 1023.” Chinook ordered fiercely “Make me.” Seal growled as he began to charge up his powers, ready to strike anyone who got to close. But the oddest thing happened, no sparks came out. For moons sake. He thought angrily to himself. Why isn’t anything coming out? He was in the dorm so shouldn’t his powers be charging? 

“You might want to listen to this though, there is a Nightwing-“ Seal was interrupted by Fang entering the room followed by StarWriter. “Right here?” Fang asked with a smirk. StarWriter’s expression was the complete opposite of Fang’s. The scarred dragon was as calm as ever and was slightly smiling. “Chinook, stand back.” He said. The red Seawing hesitated but lowered his spear and stepped back into the group of other armored dragons. “Project 1023...” StarWriter started as he turned his gaze to the Icewing who had frost pouring out of his mouth. “You have Clearly displayed the true strength of your power. I have a mission for you and any dragon of your choice.” Seal bowed deeply. “I would be honored master.” The Icewing said as he raised his head back up. “This is not the usual scouting mission I usually send my Ultra Dragons on. This is a mission in need of an assassin.”

Chapter Nine

StarWriter had instructed Seal to chose another dragon to assist him and that he’d be given more information and would leave at the start of rocall. The first circle Icewing had pondered all day who to bring, calculating who would be the best suited until he finally settled on “Me.” Seal announced at rocall. “Clearly, I am wary of working with another Assassin on the same mission in close proximity because how can I trust that they aren’t on a mission to kill me? I need someone that as similar idealogical structure as me and someone I can trust. I know I can trust myself... So I’ll clone myself.” 

A silence followed “Well.” Fang said not knowing how to respond. “The lab is currently busy with building another robot and we don’t have time to clone you... Who else would you be fine with?” Seal’s shoulders sank. Well that’s a days worth of thinking wasted. He thought to himself grumpily. “If I can’t have myself go then I’ll want a mind reader.” Seal replied “The mind reader we have is project 4921, the work in Progress. There’s an error in her code that makes it so that she can only see the future at night... And she doesn’t interact during the daytime.” StarWriter said. Well at least that’s better than nothing. Seal thought glumly.

During rocall Seal has been pulled aside to meet his partner on his mission. “Her number is 4921 but she identifies as Saffron.” StarWriter said as they entered the laboratory. Seal had to squint because of the bright light in this one room which was nearly blinding after days of living in dim lighting. The dragon standing in front of him was clearly part Sandwing due to the sand colored frill going down her back. The majority of the dragon was red with hints of orange throughout the scales. 

Saffron stared at him with a blank expression. “Many paths, all frozen.” She said as she tilted her head at him. “Some with light and some with darkness.” “Like I said, she can see the future.” StarWriter said “Your target is currently on an island near the Bay of a Thousand Scales. Project 4921 will be able to tell which one you need to kill.”

And as the two dragons flew off into the night sky Seal remembered he had never warned anyone about Destiny and Karma lurking outside. It’ll be fine. He told himself. “Saffron, can you inform me if you see any futures where our target moves away from the island?” He asked. The Hyrbid simply gazed at the moons. “There is only one.” She replied and Seal flew closer and strained to hear the soft whisper coming from her mouth “Betrayal is hidden deep below, far to deep for anyone to know. A dragon has come hidden right here where we stand, and surrounded by love from a far away land.” Seal paused for a moment. “That’s not me... Is it? I don’t have a love interest. That would be unpractical.” No response came from Saffron. Seal didn’t push the question further but in his mind, a cascade of worries fell over him, pushing him farther and farther into the darkness of regret and fear.

Chapter Ten

The two assassins landed on an island just the Sun began to rise over the ocean. The isle was larger than most and was more rock and dust covered than greenery. There was a cold breeze that reminded the young dragonet of... Seal hesitated for a moment. The cold felt familiar... but how? He had never been outside of the lab before, maybe there was a cold night there? Yet, Seal still had this odd sensation that t wasn’t from the lab. So where? Maybe a few of the other androids and him had gone scouting... But shouldn’t he remember that in his database? Seal shook off the thoughts. Stop wasting time. He told himself. The Icewing began to scout out the area, searching for signs of other dragons, one of which he was getting ready to kill.

By now, Saffron had become calm and not interactive and only followed him. Must be a bug in her code. He thoughts grumpily. Hopefully she could still tell him which of the dragons was there target. That is if there are more than one here.His mind added. 

The ice dragon was walking around the island when the ground beneath him gave way and started to sink in. Worried and frantic murders came from the ground below. Seal smirked and gestured for Saffron to come over. He then raised his tail and hit the loose ground below causing it to collapse into what looked like a cave. Seal folded in his wings and majestically jumped into the hole and landed perfectly on the stone ground. It was pitch dark in the cave except for the small area right below the hole in which the Sun casted it’s rays through. Saffron quickly jumped down into the cave and remained stone faced. Seal scanned the area and waited for a sound. All dragons have to breathe sometime. He thought. That is, if they aren’t one of us. Then after a long pause Seal’s ear pricked up at the sound of a faint sound of inhaling.

The Icewing was swift with his movements and rushed over to where the sound had come from. It felt warmer over here and the sound of water dripping onto the stone floor could faintly be heard in the distance. A small gasp stirred the almost complete silence. Seal turned his head toward the sound. “Flame.” The Ice dragon said and Saffron exhaled a small fire. In that moment of light Seal could make out four figures all of them shades of blues and greens.

Seawings. Seal thought. Most likely feminine, based on their build. Saffron almost instantaneously to his thought leaped cowards and pinned one of the small dragonets to the ground. Another burst of flames escaped Saffron’s mouth. Royal patterns on wings, seems young enough to be a princess. “Stay away from her!” Another dragonet roared and a small figure grabbed his wings and bite it with her teeth. Seal easily peeled off the Sea dragon and tossed it on the ground. The white dragon then walked over to Saffron, his eyes now adjusted to the light and inhaled as he smirked at the blue dragonet, her eyes as wide as a Scavenger’s head. “Seal!” She cried, tears streaming down her face. Odd, how does she know my name? Seal thought but the question vanished almost instantly as he got ready to exhale his frost breath. “Please don’t do this!” The little dragon pleaded “It’s me Oceanic!”

Part Two: Waves of Ice

Chapter Eleven

The fear and shock that showed through the emerald green eyes of the Seawing princess made Seal hesitate for the briefest of a moment. Attack, do what you were made and told to do. A voice in the Icewing’s head whispered. How does she know me? I guess that Destiny and Karma were right after all. But, how? I’ve spent all of my life under the volcano. This is one of the first times I’ve ever been on the continent. Right? But before the Icewing could take action or think another thought, wing beats filled the cave followed by a roar of orders. 

Seal whipped his head around while keeping one talon on the withering Oceanic. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of Seawings in armor with scales the color of the palest green of a coral reef to blues that almost looked black had surrounded him, Saffron, and the Seawing princesses. “Saffron, deal with the intruders.” Seal growled. But once again, the odd dragon didn’t move. Why didn’t occur to those scientists that a dragon who doesn’t respond during the daytime would be completely useless? The Icewing then fired his frost breath at the soldiers, trying to buy him some more time. Almost all of the dragons in the line of the ice dodged. The largest of the soldiers stepped forward. The leader most likely. Commander Shark, brother to Queen Coral and Great Uncle to the princesses. 

“I order you as the commander of the Seawing army to hand over those Seawings.” He hissed. Shark’s scales were the color of a green sea during a storm and his body radiated a presence of a menace. “Or else I will kill you right here.” The other princesses besides Oceanic rushed over to the soldiers with fear and the other Seawings In armor shielded them with their wings. “You Can have the others, but this one is mine.” Seal replied with a smirk as he tightened his grip on the blue dragonet. “Shark! Don’t hurt him! He’s my friend!” Oceanic cried. A murmur spread through the soldiers. “It’s ok Oceanic, don’t listen to the nonsense this Assassin has told you. No one who tries to kill you will ever live to see another day.” Commander Shark replied as he glared at the first circle Icewing. “I thought your tribe was our ally, did your Queen send you here? That snobby good for nothing dragon shall pay. This is war, Icewing!” Queen? What Queen? Is he referring to the Icewing Queen? “No, Queen Snowfall didn’t send me here, my master did. Though if you want to declare war on my tribe, that’s perfectly fine with me.” 

“Seal, please!” Oceanic pleaded “Run, get out of here! Whatever they did to you... It doesn’t matter! This isn’t you. Leave before you get yourself killed!” The Icewing looked curiously down at the dragonet. Why does she care about me? I’m here to kill her. “I will not return empty handed.” Seal growled. “Say goodbye to Princess Oceanic or I will kill you all.” Then Seal felt a sharp pain in his neck. He turned to find a RainWing tranquilizer dart. They have no idea what I am, do they? A sleeping dart won’t have any affect on me. “Your attacks are useless against me. Everyone on Phyrria knows that Seawings hardly have any natural weapons, that’s why you had to buy darts from the Rainwings, isn’t that right Shark?” The large dragon glared at him. “I’m sorry Shark...” Oceanic said as she tried not to meet his eyes. “You’ll understand one day.” Then before Seal could think another thought, the blue dragonet tackled Seal into a hole in the ground and they fell into an underground river and quickly got carried away down the water.

Chapter Twelve

The Icewing slashed at the dragonet as they were fiercely pushed down the river. Oceanic quickly swam out of the way of his attacks. “Stop attacking me! I’m trying to save you!” The sea dragon cried as she surfaced. “And I’m on direct orders to kill you.” The white dragon replied as he hit her with his spike tail. Blood began to seep out of scratches on Oceanic’s back leg. She winced in pain, but pushed him onto a rocky ledge. The dragonet panted as she lay on the ledge next to him, the blood has already started to turn the rock red. “Be still Seal, I’m gonna try to fix you.” She said as she reached one talon out toward him.The Icewing growled “Stay away from me, Seawing.” Oceanic looked down as she pulled her talon back. What an odd dragon, trying to help their killer? Who does that? Wait, why do I want to kill her in the first place? Seal thought to himself. Because the master told you to, don’t question orders! “I just want to help you Seal. You used to be different...” Oceanic said sadly as she made eye contact with him again.

“Search every inch of this tunnel!” A familiar voice yelled. Oceanic and Seal turned in near unison to see Shark leading the army down into the tunnel. “Stay silent.” She whispered quickly and dragged him behind a large boulder. “Don’t move.” Oceanic said as she piled more rocks on top of each other to block the way they came. Darkness covered them with small hints of light sneaking through the cracks in silent. Like an Assassin... But I failed my mission, I don’t deserve the title of Assassin. What seemed like an eternity passed with the sounds of wing beats, talons landing, water splashing, and voices crying out to each other were the only noise. It was then that Seal realized that Oceanic was clinging to him, shivering. 

Seal hesitated, but pulled her in closer to him. She looked up, startled. It’s not what you think. Your shivering was causing the rocks to vibrate. I’m just trying to keep myself safe. But of course I can’t say any of this because if I say anything we would be caught. The blue dragon closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest. Just don’t look at her, keep up your appearance as fierce. Be the dragon your creator made you to be. 

Eventually the sounds faded into the distance and Oceanic moved one of the rocks to peer out. “The coast is clear.” She said with a sigh. “Good.” Seal said as he stood up. They then both looked down and realized they were still holding onto each other. Seal immediately let go of her and walked out of their hiding spot. “There is a good explanation for why I let you lean on me, though I don’t think this is the time. I still have a mission to complete.” 

Cries and screaming filled the air and Seal turned to see the other princesses flying towards them with anger as Saffron followed calmly behind. “STAY AWAY FROM OCI!” One of the princesses cried, her scales blue and pink. Mermaid, daughter of- Seal’s thoughts were interrupted by all of the angry dragonets tackling him. “What In three moons!” Oceanic yelped as she jumped back and nearly fell into the rushing river. Then the dragonet’s eyes glew brightly and she grabbed his front talon. “Let go of me!” Seal cried as he tried to push the sea dragons off of him. Saffron landed on the ledge and peered at them with confusion. “Aha!” Oceanic said with glee and she pulled out a flash drive from his arm. The world around Seal fell silent for the first time in so long and memories he hadn’t even realized he had forgotten came rushing in.

Chapter Thirteen

The Icewing made eye contact with Oceanic who was gazing curiously at the flash drive. “O-Oceanic?” He asked as he peeled the dragonets off of him and walked towards her. “Is it really you?” He gazed up at her. “What is going on? This really has been the weirdest day ever.” The green princess said to Mermaid and Aqua. “Seal!” Oceanic shouted with joy and jumped onto him as she hugged him, causing the ice dragon to loose his balance and fall into the water. The white dragon managed to grab onto a rock near the edge of the river, causing him not to be carried away down stream. Oceanic gripped onto his wing and eventually they surfaced again. “Sorry about that.” Oceanic said with a laugh as she smiled at him. Seal sat down and realized he had blood stains on his scales were they had touched. “I’m the one who should be apologizing, I tried to kill you after all.” He said as he rubbed off the blood that was still wet. “I’m still confused about everything but-“ Seal was interrupted by roars up ahead. The soldiers began to fly out of the shadows in the distance. “I promise I will explain everything and answer all of your questions one day, but that’s not today. I need to get back to the laboratory before they suspect something is wrong. I will find you again, Oceanic. Just lie about what happened. Make up something they would believe. Goodbye.” Then before Oceanic could argue back Seal took to the air and flew out of the cave with Saffron following him. 

Seal and Saffron eventually found an abandoned island to rest on and wait till night fell. You have to convince Saffron to lie and say that we killed Oceanic. If she tells them what really happened and how I’m no longer under their control they would lock me up and never let me out again. There’s to much I haven’t told anyone else yet, the prophecies I know, the futures that we can’t let happen, the lives we have to save... 

As soon as the moons rose above the horizon Seal immediately started to try to convince Saffron to go along with his lie. “I need to tell her about the dangers. I need to warn her! Please, Saffron...” the Hyrbid gazed up at the moons in the sky. All of them were crescents except one of them, which was half full. “When largest moon glows at it’s brightest, lies shall become apparent.“ she said “Not your best work Saffron, the prophecy didn’t rhyme this time.” He said with a smile. Saffron shook her head. “It wasn’t a prophecy, I saw it in a vision.” Seal nodded, trying to stay focused “So is that a yes or a no?” He asked. “I’ll go along with your story with one condition, you take the rest of us with you.”  

Chapter Fourteen

“But they would catch us for sure!” Seal argued. “They would reprogram us all...” And erase my memories again... His mind added “It’s all of us or none of us, final answer.” Saffron said as she folded her front talons together stubbornly. “Fine, But you guys have to listen to exactly what I say and follow my orders exactly. Do you understand?” Saffron nodded. “It’s odd...” she said “That they would wipe your past memories. They haven’t erased any of ours yet, or at least not that we know of. Maybe they have wiped our memories but we don’t know. But then again, we haven’t ever gone outside before. Unless they wiped that from our-“ “I get it!” Seal said with laugh “Now I know how you guys feel when I keep on talking.” The Icewing smiled as he gazed up at the stars. Then after a long pause Seal spoke again “Do you think...” Saffron turned toward him, curious. “Do you think that there might be other memoriesI don’t even know I lost? I mean, like you said, how would we know in the first place? I still don’t remember much about when I was created, only what others have told me. Maybe there are other memories and dragons I forgot even existed...” 

Saffron entwined her tail around his. “Lightning flashing in the lava deep, the home and birthplace to where dragons weap. Alone from the fire one shall return, mistakes and trials all cause him to learn. Prophecies hidden beneath his scales, futures tremble to whom he hails. A situation completely dire, remember your friends before you burn them in your fire...” A pause followed her “That’s a prophecy I had when I was first created... It’s about you, isn’t it?” Seal hesitated “The other androids thought the same thing, that I’m the one in a prophecy they heard. But I’m no one special, I’m just... Seal.” Saffron looked down at her talons and then up at him. “We should get going anyways.” He said and flew off into the Star covered sky. “Oh, also there may or may not be a two headed Nightwing waiting outside the volcano when we return, just Uh... don’t kill them or say anything about them. They’re here to help us escape.” Saffron quickly flew up and hovered in front of Seal. “Two headed Nightwing?” She echoed, almost scared. “You want them to ever come across the master, their father was your creator and the creator of the first few androids. He was the one who used to have a lab here on the volcano... the one you guys burned down. Let’s just say they don’t get along well. It’s sort of a murderous relationship, which makes me question why he still has him in the prison. His name is Nebula, I guess one could say he’s basically your adoptive father making you and the Nightwing dragonet adoptive siblings.” 

“Nebula?” Seal asked, startled so much he almost fell out of the sky. “My creator was Nebula?” Saffron nodded “Why do you seem so surprised?” She asked “I met him when I first came to the volcano. He was in the cell next to mine... I just wish I had known then. I have so many questions for him.” Replied Seal sadly. “Oh.” Saffron said as she continued flying. “Maybe while on your way to work today, you could sneak out to visit him. I don’t think he’s seen his daughters in a while... Though I’m not sure if he’s evil or not. For all of my life I’ve been told that we’re the good guys and to obey orders, but today... Who knows, maybe the master’s enemy might be good.” If he is I’ll sneak him out with us. Hopefully that will make Destiny and Karma happy. I hope they’re not to mad at me. But I have other issues to deal with first. “I’ll be careful, don’t worry.” Seal said. I’ll be back soon Oceanic, then we can fix this mess and go back to school like normal dragonets. Queen Snowfall is going to be so disappointed, I’ll go down to the sixth circle at least, maybe even the seventh or banished! Focus Seal. Just solve one problem at a time. One problem in which everyone expects you to magically save them... If only I had never left Jade Mountain in the first place.

Chapter Fifteen

“You two were quick.” StarWriter said as they landed in the mouth of the laboratory. “Are you disappointed? Weren’t we made to be the best of the best, sir?” Seal asked. StarWriter eyed him suspiciously. Seal tried to envision killing Oceanic in his mind, he pictured freezing her and smirking as he killed her with his bare talons. The thought sent a shiver down his spine but he kept on his serious expression. “Your talons don’t have any blood on them, care to explain?” StarWriter asked as he flicked to the Icewing’s talons with his tail. “Oh, I used my frostbreath on her.” He replied quickly “I tried to have as little evidence as possible so I tried to limit the blood.” The Nightwing looked him directly in the eyes as a nervous sweat began to trickle down Seal’s neck. “Project 4921, how did you assist him?” The black dragon said, turning his head to face the Hyrbid. “I used my fire to melt the remaining ice, just Incase anyone came down into the cave.” She replied. The Nightwing looked between them intently then nodded “Report back to your sleeping cave.” He said as he turned and walked away leaving two relieved dragons wondering how they weren’t caught.

Seal and Saffron stepped into their cave only to find all of the other androids glaring at them. That’s odd... why do they look so mad? “Welcome back Seal.” Icana said through gritted teeth. “O-Oh... Th-Thanks?” The Ice dragon stammered. Saffron tilted her head at the bright pink dragonet. “Someone’s cheerful.” Saffron Said sarcastically “I’m not so sure about that.” Seal said in confusion “She seems to be the quite... opposite.” Saffron rolled her eyes at Him and shook her head.

“You betrayed us!” Pheonix roared as she stood in front of Seal “You nearly killed Siren! You’ve been mean to all of us since StarWriter talked to you alone!“ she jabbed him with her wing. Metallia then stepped towards “Everyone thought I was the backstabber of the group because I always rated them out and stole, but you’re even worse!” Seal took a step back as more androids yelled at him. ”I never was that close of a friend to Siren but I thought we were all like a family!” Malicious growled “But obviously I was wrong!” “STOP YELLING!” Saffron cried as she stepped in front of Seal protectively and spread her wings. But aren’t you yelling? Seal wondered. Everyone fell silent, that was everyone except for a certain blue dragon who just came back. “You.” Siren growled as her eyes thinned at Seal. ”I-I Can explain.” Seal stammered “Shut your snouts right now!” Saffron yelled ”It wasn’t Seal’s fault.” She continued in a hushed voice as she glanced nervously at the entrance to the cave. “They made him do it...” “Who’s “them”?” Siren asked bitterly “The Lightning Strikes... Our creators.” A murmer spread through the robotic dragonets. “They would never do that!” Icana argued “Yeah! Seal probably reprogrammed you while on your mission!” Pheonix added “That’s... Not to far from the truth. Except it wasn’t him who was doing the reprogramming, it was StarWriter. We’ve been lied to our whole lives, they aren’t the good guys... They’re horrible killers who took advantage of us, and now it’s time for us to revolt.”

Chapter Sixteen

An uproar followed, “You’re just trying to get us in trouble!” Icana yelled “Yeah, Seal probably out you up to this!” Siren added. Saffron talonpalmed and shook her head “Be quiet!” She stage whispered. And the dragons fell silent. ”It was hard for us to accept too.” Seal said “The only reason I want to leave is because I have a life outside of this lab, for almost all of my life I had no idea I was a robot. That was, until I met this Seawing named Oceanic who StarWriter wanted me to kill. Star was in our winglet at school and most of the Lightning strikes are other students who supposedly “went missing”. I was one of those dragons and Oceanic saved my life and fought dragons to find me. That was when we learned the truth about me. That‘s why I need to leave, because Oceanic and everyone else I care about in in danger and I can’t help them if I’m trapped down here in a lab. Fair enough if you don’t want to come, but please... if we Do succeed, don’t rat us out. So who‘s with me?” Impressive speech, Seal. Could use a little work but not bad.

“But the rules.” Malicious protested “Screw the rules!” Pheonix shouted back as she stood next to the Ice dragon and intwined her tail around his “I’m going with Seal.” The other robotic dragons looked between each other then nodded “I’m going, but not with you. I still hate you for what you did, Seal.” Icana said as she bared her fangs at him. Seal backed away nervously. “Fine, I’ll come.” The Nightwing said “I don’t want to be alone.” The white dragons smiled “We’ll have to be strategic about our escape, no messing around.” He then turned to the four winged dragon “Especially you.” Metallia gasped “Me? Mess around? Nonsense. Only time I’ve ever messed around was when-“ The odd dragon stopped as she scampered off to a corner “Oooh, shiny!”

Footsteps echoed through the cave and Seal turned to see a black and purple Nightwing standing in the doorway. “Yes?” Saffron asked, having no idea who the dragon was. But the night dragon said nothing. He simply scanned the room and looked at each of the robotic dragons. His eyes were bright green and his head was slightly smaller than the Nightwings Seal had seen before. He seemed very muscular and gave off a sense of intimidation. Then as quickly as he came, the dragonw ith pruple wings turned to leave.

“Weirdo.” Malicious mumbled “What was that all about?” Pheonix asked as she fiddled with her feather necklace. “Anyways.” Seal said, shaking his head “We should each-“ the Icewing was inturrpeted by a deep voice “What are you insolent fools doing?!?!” the ice dragon turned to see Fang towering over them “You all should be at rocall!” He then glanced down at Seal, snorted, and left. “Oh, three moons!” Icana cried “I can’t believe I lost track of the time! Come on let’s go!” The bright pink dragon then ran out into the tunnels. Metallia, Saffron, Siren, and Malicious followed leaving Seal and Pheonix alone in the cave.

“Is it true?” Pheonix asked after everyone else was out of earshot “That on the continen, the sky is as blue as the ocean?” Seal tilted his head “I guess you’ve never left the volcanoe, have you?” Pheonix shook her head “I’ve always taken the beauty of Phyrria for granted.” The Icewing said Slowly “You’ll see for yourself tomorrow when we escape.”

That night after rocall, Seal had posted Pheonix to guard the open and warn them of any incoming dragons. “Just so we’re clear, raise your talon if you want to leave.” The Icewing had said. Pheonix was the first to raise her talon,which was quickly followed by Icana and Siren, who were both glaring at Seal. Metallia, Malicious, And Saffron we’re whispering to each other as they looked at the three others who wanted to go. Seal couldn’t make out what they were saying but after a moment the Nightwing and four winged dragon raised their talon. “Saffron?” Seal asked. The Hyrbid looked down at her talons but raised on of them hesitantly. “Good.” He said with a smile. “We’ll escape in the morning. Icana, you’ll be crucial to our escape since you can turn invisible and hide some of the others. Since Metallia and Malicous have darker scales they will be one of the first to leave. Pheonix and I will be patrolling since we’re supposed to be out and about at that time. Saffron will use her mind reading abilities to help us.“ Seal then took a loose rock from the wall and began to draw in the dirt floor a map of the lab. ”What If we get caught?“ Pheonix asked wearily “Then I’ll spray my venom at them and pretend they are Seal.” Icana replied cheerfully “Oh.” The ice dragon said and took a step away from the RainWing and Icewing hybrid.

“Does everyone understand?” Seal asked After he finished explaining his plan and all of the dragons nodded. “Get a good noght sleep everyone, and be ready to fly by morning.”

Chapter Seventeen

Seal could hardly sleep that night and was already awake when Fang came in to yell at him and Pheonix for no being at work. The two dragons scampered out of the dorm and down the hall. Fang turned to leave and the Icewing could hear talonsteps running about as the others got ready to escape. “Do you think we can pull this off?” Pheonix asked. No I’m not sure. I know this plan will fail, there’s to many of us. They’ll catch us for sure. “Definitely.” Seal lied. “Listen Seal,” The Skywing said as she began sat down in the cave. “I trust you, you are one of my only friends here. Before you came along, no one ever talked to me. I don’t know where I’ll go after we leave... So I was wondering if I could go with you?” Seal smiles and nodded as he spread one wing over her “Of course.” He said. “The coast is clear.” A voice said causing Seal to jump. Then out of thin air, Icana appeared. The Icewing nodded “Ho ahead and escape with the others, we’ll make sure no one sees you guys. The pink dragonet Hesitated and reached out to place a talon on Seal’s shoulder but pulled back “Even though I may hate you... I appreciate your help for freeing us.” The Hyrbid then smiled at Pheonix and rushed out of the cave. “Looks like it’s time to fly.” Pheonix said happily and grabbed Seal’s talon and pulled him after Icana. Then as they were about to reach the opening, Seal heard a familiar moaning and stopped dead in his tracks. “Pheonix, Go no ahead. I’ll meet you outside. There’s one last dragon I need to free.” The ice dragon then briskly walked into the same prison in which he had been first brought to.

“Nebula?” He called out softly “Yes?” he Replied with a cough. Seal rushed over towards the voice and found himself staring at his creator. “Ah, finally a chance to see you again after all these years. Project 976 must’ve been so proud.” Seal tilted his head. I don’t recall that number... But that’s the reason I need him to come with me, I have so many questions... The Icewing then breathed a small amount of frost breath on the lock and then zapped it with his electricity. As he did this, he felt a stabbing in his arms were the metal cuffs were that caused him to stop. “You won’t be able to use your power outside of your work sight unless you remove them or they allow it. Which freeing me? They won’t.” Seal then tried yanking on the frozen lock but it didn’t budge. “Seal? Are you in here?” A voice called out “Why would he be in this dark and smelly dungeon, Destiny?” Nebula’s head perked up “Karma? Destiny?” He asked. Then out of the shadows, the two headed Nightwing emerged. Both of them took one look at what Seal was doing and started freaking out “Hi daddy!” Destiny said happily as she reached her talon into the cage. “Destiny! He’s dangerous!” Karma warned and pulled their talon out.

Seal gazed into the Nightwing’s eyes with a sense of love and regret. This is my creator, this is my true master, this is my father... “I’m breaking you out of here.” The Icewing said as he lifted his talon to the lock and tried to unlock it. “Are you crazy?!” Karma cried as she pulled his talon back “Nebula abandoned me and my sister when we were less than two! You can’t just let him go free!” Seal yanked his arm free of the Nightwing’s grasp. “He’s our father, what choice do we have?” Seal responded as he turned his gaze back to the boney black dragon with red tinted eyes. “We could leave him here, that’s a choice we could do and that’s one that I strongly suggest.” Karma said “You two Can leave, but I need him. There’s so many questions, so many gapes I need filled... and only he can do that.” The two headed Nightwing exchanged glances “Please, Karma.” Destiny pleaded “Fine.” The second head conceded grumpily. 

They were running down the stone corridor before they knew it. Seal in the lead with the two Nightwing’s following close behind. “When we get outside, we need to fly away as quick as possible.” The Icewing said between pants. Nebula nodded, he too was growing tired and Seal noticed he was walking with a limp. “Are you going to be ok flying on your own?” The white dragon asked “I’ll manage.” The old dragon responded with a half smile. “Good.” Seal said as the exit came into view. The sun showered down into the mouth of the cave casting a golden glow that made each of them seem vibrant in color and almost Sandwing like. “Time to fly.” Destiny said as she spread one of their wings “Or fall, or be attacked by a certain evil father. I hope for the first option though.” Said the negative head and spread the other wing. Seal was the first to take to the sky, his wings stretching as wide as they could, the grey metallic membranes flew even brighter outside, reflecting off the blinding light of the Sun. The two headed Nightwing followed close behind and in the sun, her purple scales looked like amethysts. Seal turned around expecting to see his father flying behind him only to see the scrawny dragon gazing down uneasily at the raging ocean below. “Nebula?” Destiny called out with worry. “I’m not sure I can make it all the way back to the mainland, my wings aren’t what they used to be.” He responded with a cough “Nonsense.” Seal said as he swooped down near the edge of the cliff and hovered there. “You’re coming with us.” Nebula took a deep breath and hesitantly spread his brittle wings and dove off the cliff. Seal watched nervously as he plummeted down. Pull up, spread your wings and catch the air current. Nebula’s ears pricked up and the black dragon soared up and into the sky. He then turned a nasty look at Karma “I’m a mind reader, my dear, don’t forget it.” What was Karma thinking? How could she even think something negatively about Nebula? He’s our dad for moons sake. The three dragons then flew over the The flock of mechanical dragons each admiring their surroundings. “Where’s Saffron?!” Seal asked with worry as he realized the odd hybrid was missing. “Right here where she belongs.” A deep voice bellowed and Seal turned to see a huge red Skywing with the whole army of The Lightning Strikes behind him with Saffron at his side. 

“Saffron...” Icana gasped in disbelief “Traitor!” Siren roared fiercely. “Looks like we have you surrounded. To bad we’ll have to reprogram all of you when we drag you back to the laboratory where you’re meant to stay.” The red dragons said “Also, your little escape plan interrupted a very important meeting I was having with Prevail.” Then out from behind the Sky dragon flew out the odd purple Nightwing from before. Before Seal had even realized what had happened, the army had surrounded them. Seal almost instantly recognize the other Nightwing next to the Skywing. Starwriter... Then it clicked in Seal’s head, the names he had heard, the memories of his past, him being taken from Oceanic, all of it added up. StarWriter isn’t in charge, it’s Project 976, the Skywing Ultra Dragon Who Nebula Made, And he’s the one who helped me and the others escape originaly all those years ago. And he doesn’t exactly seem like the kind to forgive a backstab from a dragon he helped.

Chapter Seventeen

The two headed Nightwing immediately shot up a double flame straight into the sky which cut through the clouds. That seemed pointless... Seal’s mind grumbled. “StarWriter, Saffron, come with us. You can be free.” The Icewing said as he gazed at the two dragons. Saffron’s face softened for a moment but one glare from the Skywing caused her to pick back up her menacing face. StarWriter remained still with a face of stone as if he hadn’t even heard him. Seal then turned his gaze to the rest of the army. “Any of you. Fang?” The army remained still, hovering in place each of them holding a spear in their talons. Finally after a pause, Fang flew towards the mechanical dragons. Fang! I knew I could count on you! A cheerful voice in his head said “I know I was a horrible father figure in your life, Seal. But I hope you can forgive me and-“ the Icewing stopped mid sentence and his purple scar on his neck glew brighter. “Fang?” Seal asked with worry and reach his talon out towards the scar but he flinched away. “Attack Seal of the Icewings and bring him here to me, dead.” Project 976 ordered and Fang turned menacingly towards Seal with his spear readied. 

“Fang, snap out of it!” The Icewing dragonet said with a panic as he moved closer to the others. His eyes instead of being their normal royal blue were know more on the side of indigo. How is he controlling them? Animus magic? Part of his Ultra Powers? Fang swung his spiked tail at Seal and the smaller dragonet quickly maneuvered our of the way. “I’m just going to pretend this is Seal.” Icana said and sprayed a blast of venom at the larger Icewing. “No!” Seal cried and shot his Frostbreath At the blast midair causing an awful smelling mist to spread through the air. “He isn’t himself!” Seal argued and the pink dragon glared at him “I want to kill someone already!” She whined. Fang then took his spear and plunged it towards Seal’s chest. 

“SEAL!!!!” A voice called and out of the clouds bursted forth s large group of dragonets being lead by Oceanic. Coypu blasted a ball of flames at the spear and it melted away. The Mudwing soared down and slashed three guards with his talons. Oceanic dove down at top speed as she flew towards Seal with fear in her eyes. It was as if tie stood still as Seal took in what was happening. Looks like their fire blast wasn’t as pointless as I thought. Seal realized with a smile but it quickly faded as another realization dawned on him. There came plummeting out of the sky, dragons of as many colors as a rainbow spreading across Phyrria‘s Sky, Oceanic, the other Seawing princesses, Coypu, Lillie with Duskbringer on her back, Clover, and WildFire, And they were all flying straight towards their death.

Part Three: A Road of Many Paths

Chapter Eighteen

So many emotions flooded Seal’s mind as he dove after the fighting dragons. So many thoughts cascaded through his consciousness as he fired frost breath at a Skywings’ smith right score they could burn Coypu. So many feelings and so little time. “Seal!” The Mudwing said excitedly and intertwined their tails together. “Good to see you again.” The Icewing said “I have a lot of questions for you but I’m going to assume that right now isn’t the time to ask.” Seal nodded “Don’t hurt any of them. Just try to get the other androids out of here and whatever you do, don’t let them take DuskBringer.” Coypu opened his mouth in confusion but closed it and nodded. Seal then turned and flew straight towards StarWriter and Oceanic. “Star!” Oceanic said excitedly as she hugged him, which was hard since they were both hovering in the middle of a battlefield where blasts of fire, ice, and venom flew through the air. The Nightwing growled and out of the corner of Seal’s eye he saw the giant red dragon muttered something under his breath. In an instant, StarWriter slashed his talons at the Seawings’s stomach. Seal pulled Oceanic away and held her close. “Are you alright?” He asked quickly. The Seawing nodded as she held her own talons over the wound. Cold talons then seized Seal’s shoulders, tearing through his metallic scales and cutting wires. The Icewing howled in pain and accidentally let go of Oceanic who weakly started flying on her own. Seal whirled around to find Fang with his pupils thinned and ready to attack again.

“Seal!” Oceanic cried and flew over to attack the dragon. “No!” Seal yelled as he blocked her with his right wing. He turned his head toward her while backing away from Fang. “He’s being controlled. He doesn’t want to do this, and I don’t think StarWriter wants to either.” Oceanic stopped and looked at StarWriter who was attacking a two headed Nightwing. “Then What are we supposed to do?” She asked “Go with Coypu, get the others out of here. I’ll be right behind you.” The princess hesitated but then nodded and took off as she still held a talon over her bleeding wounds. Seal turned to face Fang, Prevail, StarWriter, And Project 976. “Fang, StarWriter. Come with us, you can be free.” The Skywing glared at him “I said, bring him to me, DEAD!” In an instant all of the army stopped fighting and turned in unison to face Seal. However that wasn’t the odd part, Seal had gotten used to them being controlled by now. The odd part was that momentaril, Clover turned to face him menacingly but she quickly snapped out of it and a look of worry filled her face.

Stay focused, deal with Clover later. Just stay calm and get everyone out of here. By now, nearly all of the dragonets had fled the scene leaving only Seal and Clover. “Clover, get out of here!” He roared. The hybrid hesitated “But you can’t do this alone!” She agree back “And I need my chocolate. You can’t give me chocolate if you’re deae.” Seal grunted under his breath as the army started to surround him “Trust me!” He yelled and the green and tan dragon flew off to join the others. You can do this Seal... Just take a deep breath and use your Lightning powers. On the count of three. The Amy began to charge towards him. One... A few dragon blasted their flames towards his metal scales. Two... Seal began to charge his Lightning In his talons. Three. Seal then closed his eyes and shot a bolt of lightning in the middle of the army’s circle around him. The dragons in the way of the shot flew out of the way, leaving a clear path for him.

The Icewing dragonet took off at top speed towards the clouds, following his friends who were flying off into the sky. A roar of fury echoed like thunder around him. Seal smiled as he flew higher and higher, leaving his past behind. For once in so, so long, he was free. He could do whatever he wanted, and he knew the two dragons he needed to visit.

Chapter Nineteen

”I have a few questions.” Lillie said “Actually I have a lot of questions. First off, why are going back to Jade Mountain after we snuck out of there twice now?” Seal, without turning back to face the RainWing or the rest of the crowd of dragon fooling him replied “Remember Truthseeker’s prophecy?” The robotic dragons started whispering to each other as all of the students winced as they remembered the blood everywhere in the prey center as the hybrid had been viciously killed by StarWriter. ”Well, there’s this Nightwing named Talonfate who a few weeks ago told me a prophecy. Apparently Truthseeker didn’t get to finish his prophecy before he died. And this part involves DuskBringer.” Oceanic glanced down worriedly at the wingless Nightwing In her arms who was reaching out to play with a butterfly soaring by. “Dusk?” The Seawing echoed and the Icewing nodded “That’s why I wanted you to protect him at all costs during the fire started by The Lightning Strikes.” “The What now?” Lillie asked “The Lightning Strikes are that army you guys saw back there. The other androids and me used to be one of them.“ The students faltered, startled. “Other androids?” Coypu asked “They were also made by them, though I was made by Nebula many decades before them.” “Decades?” Oceanic echoed sadly and her blushing at him faded and was replaced by a muttering to herself angrily

All of Seal’s worries melted away as he flew next to his winglet over the ocean. “I can’t believe you did all of that.” Coypu said, impressed as he bumped his tail into the mechanical Icewing’s wing. Seal faltered in the air for a moment but regained his balance almost immediately. “I had help.” He replied gesturing to the other robotic dragons. “I missed you.” Oceanic said shyly as she flew next to Seal. The Icewing smiled. “Hey, where did your weird circle necklace go?” Clover asked. Seal’s face went pale as he looked down and realized his chest was bare. He was so startled that he didn’t even correct her about what his pendant was. “Don’t worry, we’ll find it!” Oceanic said quickly and looked around at the ocean surface. “Isn’t it that thing?” Lillie asked pointing one claw at Metallia who was wearing several pieces of jewelry including a first circle Icewing necklace. “Hey!” Oceanic roared at the purple dragon “Give Seal back his circle!” The dragon looked up. “But it’s shiny...” she said sadly “I don’t care!” The princess yelled and grabbed the necklace from Metallia and hissed at her “Hey!” She roared “I was going to give it back... maybe...” Princess Oceanic then happily flew back to Seal and handed it carefully to him “Is this it?” She asked cheerfully as the two headed Nightwing and Clover snickered to themselves. “Y-Yes.” Seal said as Oceanic draped it over his neck and straightened on his chest. The princess blushed as the hovered in place as she rested her talon on his chest. “Thanks.” Icewing said with a respectful nod.

It felt like they had been flying for hours when they reached the tip of Skywing territory. “What exactly is the plan? That is, if you even have one.” Karma called out “Stop being mean!” The other head said in frustration “Sneak In, find Talonfate and Fig and sneak them out.” Oceanic smiled, trying not to laugh “I can’t believe that in the few short weeks we’ve been in school, almost half of the students have left.” “What about us?” Pheonix asked “Yeah, what are we going to do?” Icana added. Seal shrugged “Whatever you guys want to do. You’re free now, we don’t serve anyone anymore.” He said and Pheonix looked at him sadly “But of course you can still come with us.” He added quickly. The SkyWing smiled and began to dive down to explore the land below.

It wasn’t until Seal landed and looked at the crowd of dragons that he realized he practically had an army of dragons, half of which were poking at everything around them including trees and a cow or two. “Everything’s so... green.” Icana said in awe. “I hate how bright everything is...” Metallia whined, covering her eyes with her wing. Lillie looked mischievously at Oceanic and the Seawing nodded with a smirk on her face. “I know something that will help.” Lillie said, bouncing over to the purple dragon. “What?” Metallia groaned as she peeked our from under her wing. At that very instant, Lillie turned her scales purple with yellow splotches. “Ahhh!” The dragons roared and covered her head again. “Now you know not to mess with my Seal!” Oceanic yelled Then covered her mouth. “I-I mean... He being on our side... not that he... you know...” the Seawing began to look for like a Skywing as she continued talking as her face became red with embarrassment.

”Get back here you little brat!” Metallia roared and tackled Lillie to the ground “Lillie!” Oceanic cried and hit the purple dragon across th head with her tail. “Guys, calm down!” Coypu yelled. Metallia pinned Oceanic to the ground fiercely and bit at her neck. Protect your own, Metallia is as close to family as your ever going to get... But Oceanic... Seal thought and shook his head trying to figure out what to do. “UNHAND THE PRINCESS AT ONCE!” a familiar voice boomed. The Icewing turned his head to see the army of Seawings lead by Shark flying straight towards them.

Chapter Twenty

As the armada of Seawings landed, talons wrapped around Seal’s south and dragged him back. The Icewing frantically turned to see Nebula cautiously pulled him into hiding. When he finally let him go when they were out of view, hiding behind the rock, Nebula let go of him. “What are-“ Seal started and the Nightwing covered his snout again, nervously looking around. “Shhh.” He said softly as his black talons pulled back. The Icewing sighed and whispered “What are you doing?“ Seal glances over the rock nervously and quikcly ducked back as a Seawing soldier looked their way. “Let’s go.” Nebula whispered. Seal tilted his head “Leave?” He said softly “But they need our h-“ ”You Obey me. I built you with my bare talons. You are my servant.” Is that true? But... I guess he does have a point. No! Oceanic needs you! You can’t just abandon her! “Let’s go.” The Nightwing Said again. “If you come with me you can be free from all of societies restraints.” He must choose between freedom and the dragon in his heart. One line of the prophecy rang through his head.

”I-I’ll...” Seal stuttered “I’ll go with you.” Nebula smiled “Good, I was starting to worry about if I needed to repro-“ “On one condition.” Seal interrupted “I will do whatever you want IF I can help Oceanic and the others. After that, I will follow you to the ends of the continent.” The Nightwing Hesitated Then reluctantly nodded. Seal rushed out of his hiding spot to find Princess Tsunami standing amongst the guards. “How dare you steal the princess!” Shark roared at the dragonets. “You will all be imprisoned in our dungeon!” Oceanic opened her mouth to argue but Shark stopped her by flashing something on his royal patterns along the edges of his wings.

The Icewing flung himself infront of the others protectively and spread his wings wide to shield them from any attacks. “Seal? Greaaaaat.” Tsunami said as she rolled her eyes ”Another runaway student... Why can’t you guys just sit still in class? It’s not that hard! Even the first class we had was better than you... Wait, no... That Jade Winglet snuck off too... And then Anenome... and Onyx... and-“ “Excuse me, Princess.” Shark interrupted “But I think that we should focus on punishing them instead Of talking.” Tsuanmi nodded and regained her focus on the students.

"HA! Theres no way im going back to be punished by a bunch of grumpy blue sea snails," Clover said as she glanced at Oceanic, "Present company excepted of course." Tsunami walked closer to the dragonet and spread her wings wide and stood on her hind legs which made her look at least twice as tall as before. “I can’t believe you all!” She roared “Kidnapping my daughter? Your Queens will be very disappointed in you. Especially you, Seal.” The Seawing pointed a talon at him “First Circle? Not for long. And to run away from school at a time like this?! Oceanic should be at the royal hatchery right now, I should be at the royal hatchery right now! It is my egg after all. I am so disappointed in all of you! I thought that-“ ”Your egg?” Oceanic echoed and Tsunami stopped when she realized what she said. “Oh, that’s right. I forgot to tell you, Oceanic You’re going to have a brother.” 

Chapter Twenty-one

Oceanic’s eyes widened “A-a brother...” she unconsciously reached up to feel her left horn. Tsunami shook her head “It won’t be like that. I promise.” Did she have another brother? What happened to him? Why is she touching one of her horns? Seal thought with confusion. “I-I shouldn’t be there. The doctors will all remember what I did. They wouldn’t want me there...” the Princess said softly. Tsunami shook her head and smiled “But I want you there.“ Oceanic turned back to face her friends. “Please, don’t hurt them. I went with them willingly. There’s a prophecy-“ “NO!” Tsunami yelled and covered her ears. “NO MORE PROPHECIES! I HATE MOON BORN NIGHTWINGS! FATE IS STUPID!” The deep blue Seawing uncovered ears as Oceanic opened her mouth again. “But... will you still imprison up my friends?” Tsunami sighed “I guess since they didn’t break any laws... yet. They can go-“ “Thank you!” Oceanic said happily as she hugged her mother “Go back to school that is.” The older Seawing finished. “Excuse me.” Seal said as he stepped forwards “Your majesty“ he continued with a bow “but I do believe we have something more important that school work right now. There is an armada of dragon out there, hunting us down. Hunting a baby dragonet down. We can’t let ourselves be an easy target by staying in a school waiting until they come and murder us all.”

Tsunami frowned ”I hate when my students are right and I’m wrong...” she mumbled “You all have my permission to go. But if ANYTHING happens to you, your parents are going to get mad at me... So try not to do anything stupid.” Seal smiled as he turned to the rest of the dragonets. “You heard her. Let’s go find Talonfate And Fig.” Tsuanmi opened her mouth to argue back but stopped herself. “If any of you guys want to leave, you are more than welcome to.” Seal added as he turned his gaze to the other androids. Pheonix nodded as her tail wagged “I’ll come!” She said happily. Metallia and Malicious both nodded in agreement. Seal turned his gaze to the pink dragonet. “Icana?” Seal prompted. The little dragonet sighed. “No, I won’t stay, I have to meet my tribe. I don’t care if I’m not technically in the rainwing tribe... I belong there.” The Icewing nodded respectfully, his spike like mane clinking as his neck moved. “I hope you find what you’re looking for.” He said as Icana hugged each of them goodbye. The metallic dragon then soared off into the sky, towards the rainforest far beyond the horizon.

Seal spread his wings as he took in a deep breath of the salt water air. The cold breeze reminded him of his own kingdom and the dragons who had taken him in with open arms without questioning where he came from. The Icewing smiled to himself as he opened his eyes. He watched as the other Dragonets dove off the cliff and soared high into the sky, flying towards the claws of cloud mountain. Seal was about to dive off himself when out of the corner of his eye he noticed a familiar blue figure. He turned and saw Oceanic sitting in front of the Seawing army and her mother. “Princess Oceanic? Are you coming?” The white dragon asked. The Seawing dragonet frowned as she gazed at the grass that she was fiddling with in between her talons.“I want to... but I should be there for my family. I know the prophecy is important... but I feel like it’s my duty to go back to the palace, at least for now. When I see you again-“ she stopped as she looked up at him “if I see you again, I hope things will be different and more peaceful. Just know that I’ll always be thinking about you and the others. I hope our paths will cross again one day.” Seal smiled warmly at her “We will.” He said “We need our talons of sea to fulfill the prophecy.” To his surprise, the sea dragon rushes over to him and wrapped her wing around his body as she leaned into him. “Be safe.” She said softly. Seal slowly wrapped her wings around her and pulled her in close as he rested his head on hers. “You too.” The Icewing said as he intertwined his tail with hers. What are you doing? What if the others think we want to get together? What if word reaches the Icewings? The rules forbid intertribal relationships! He cleared away the thoughts as he pulled her closer to his chest, feeling the heat from her scales. Screw the rules. Who cares what anyone thinks? We’re here together and that’s all the matters. I only have moments left with her before I’m whisked away to an upcoming war. I may never see her again so I have to make this moment count.

Chapter Twenty-Two

The flight to the Sky Kingdom was lonely for Seal. The night sky was a deep, dark blue with stars scattered across it that shone brightly when the moon touched them with it’s light. The Icewing sighed as he flew in the back of the group. He missed the luminescent light that Oceanic would shine to make the sky a little less dark. Seal shook his head. Stop thinking about her. He told himself, setting his gaze upon the dragons in front of him. There was another light guiding them though. Wild Fire was in the lead, periodically inhaling a plume of Fire. The golden light cascading off of his fire wasn’t quite the same as the near ice like glow Oceanic gave off, similar to the Gift of Light back in the Ice Kingdom. After a while, Seal noticed that Wild Fire wasn’t the only dragon lighting up the sky with flames. ”Fire!” DuskBringer cried happily. The small and wingless dragonet was playing on Lillie’s back, practicing his fire. Though much to Seal’s annoyance, Dusk Bringer wasn’t exacting the most accurate fire breather. ”Will you get that pip squeak dragon under control!” He roared as a blast of flames nearly hit him. “Hey, Guys... Shouldn’t we be hurrying?” Metallia called out, eyeing that the Sun was starting to rise. Seal ignored her.

”Someone‘s being a grumpy Skywing.” Lillie grumbled. “Hey!” Pheonix And Wild Fire yelled at the same time. “I’m not grumpy!” Pheonix argued. “Neither am I!” The skull masked Skywing growled. “Fine,” Lillie said, throwing her talons up “someone is being a nit picky Icewing. Is that better?” Seal grumbled under breath as the three continued arguing.

Seal did have to admit to himself, it was a bit more quiet now that Saffron was gone. Her periodic screaming about prophecies had started to get on his nerves. “Hey, you ok?” Coypu asked as he flew up beside Seal. The Icewing quickly looked away and towards the mountains ahead. “I’m fine.” Seal grumbled. Coupu Smiled faintly “Come on, what!s wrong? They Seal I was flying with an hour ago was all cheerful and happy. Come on, tell me! I’ll let you rant to me about research and stuff.” Seal smiled back softly “I just... I miss Oceanic.” The Mudwing raised an eyebrow, “And?” the Mud dragon edged. Seal turned to look at him again “And what?” Coyou laughed “It’s obvious you miss her! Everyone knows you have a crush on her.“ Talons and tails, they do?! This is horrible! I can’t believe I was so obvious! Does Oceanic know? Did that horrible StarWriter know? I can’t believe Oceanic wanted to hug him... Wait, did she ever hug me when she saw me again? Stupid, Seal! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Who cares anyways... it’s not like she likes me back. Just focus on the prophecy Seal. Get to Jade Mountain to see Talonfate. Seal took on a burst of speed as he soar in front of the group. “Oh, so now Mr. Slow Scales wants to hurry.“ Metallia called out as she flew after him.

The Sun was high over the horizon by the time they landed at Jade Mountain and Seal was ecstatic to ditch the group. “Woah!” Malicious said in awe “This volcano is huge!” WildFire laughed “It’s not a volcano, Nightwing. It’s a mountain.” Siren touched the flowers, sprouting along the mountain side happily. “They’re so pretty…” She mumbled. They’re wasting their time… Seal’s mind grumbled as he snuck inside the school, leaving the other dragones behind. That was, all except one. “Seal, where are you going?” Coypu whispered as he ran go catch up to the Icewing. The Mudwing grinned “Let me guess, trying to get away from the other dragonoids?” “Dragonoids?” Seal echoed. “Yeah, it’s a combination of dragon and androids. BOOM! Dragonoids!” Seal stifled a laugh as he smiled at Coypu. A memory flooded the Icewing’s mind as crisp and clear as the sunrise. 

Seal had been flying for days, soon after leaving Nebula’s lab for the first time after the explosion. He had no idea where to go, only that he should keep flying until he found it. Back then he had only knew four dragons: Nebula, Project 106, 976, and 4842. He would never have considered them allies, more like background characters in his story of training… for what? Seal couldn’t recall. The storm as he flew across the ocean was violent and relentless. Eventually, he saw mountains in the distance and flew straight toward them. He spent days flying over and around the mountains. The wind was perfect for flying and the sky was clear. Eventually, the original thought of endless mountains vanished and were replaced with forests. It surprised him that the only living species he had seen had been mountain goats and the rare school of fish in a river. Then the florests had cleared and he began to fly through a marsh. After nearly a week since the explosion went off, he finally spotted a dragon. A small brown dragon, one he had never seen before, put his talon in the air and waved it back and forth. Odd. He had thought. “What’s an Icewing like you doin’ in the Mud Kingdom?” The brown dragon had asked. Icewing? Mud Kingdom? What were those? “I do not understand your terminology.” Project 1023 had replied blankly, still staying in the air. “Termo what?” Coypu asked. “Terminology, term. What’s a Mud Kingdom and an Icewing?” He replied. The brown dragon laughed and fell to the ground. “You’re funny. Anyways, whatcha doin’ here?” Coypu asked “That wasn’t a joke.” Seal commented in confusion. After many tries, it finally sunk into the Mud dragon that Seal was serious. Coypu spent the following night explaining all the terms of Phrygia and in return, Seal told him his story. “So what’s your name?” Coypu asked “Project 1023.” He replied “What? No, that’s way to long. You need an Icewing name… Blizzard? No. Hail? Nah… Seal?” Coypu nodded with satisfaction “Yeah, Seal. I’ll call you Seal.” “But won’t that be confusing if I eat a seal? Same thing goes for you if you eat a coypu.” Seal asked “Lot’s of dragons are named after animals.” Coypu replied. After months of Coypu teaching Seal hunting skills and how the societies of each kingdom worked, Coypu had convinced Seal to go to the Ice Kingdom before any dragons question his odd location. Seal had never thought he would see Coypu again, but that all changed when they were placed in the same winglet.

“So… Where’s this Talonfate?” Coypu asked, interrupting Seal’s train of thought and snapping him back into reality. “I’m not sure. She’s in the Gold Winglet so maybe she’s in her cave in the Gold hall.” Seal replied. The two dragonets began to walk down the cold hallways in silence. I wonder if the others should stay here when I leave… We don’t need a whole flock of dragons following us everywhere. Maybe Coypu would have a suggestion. “Hey, Coypu?” Seal asked as he turned his head toward Coypu, the only problem was that Coypu was gone.

Chapter Twenty- Three

“Coy?” Seal called out “Coypu?!” The Icewing whirled around frantically. What if it’s the Lightning Stikes? This is all my fault! Seal thought in a panic. The ice dragonet began to run down the hallway in search of Coypu. Seal’s circle necklace thumped against his chest heavily as he ran. I’ll find you Coypu. Just stay strong! The tunnel began to open up to prey center up ahead, and right as Seal was about to call out again, invisible wings grabbed him and pulled him back.

I shouldn’t have snuck off without the others… Wait! What if StarWriter has them too? “Look Howler! Mine’s shinier than yours!” A voice said right in Seal’s ear as a bright pink Rainwing materialized, with his wings held tightly around Seal. “Dude! The point of stealthily catching students out of bed it to do it… Oh, I don’t know? STEALTHILY!” Said a red Rainwing, presumably Howler, as he appeared out of thin air, holding Coypu against the wall. “Says the dragon who’s yelling.” The pink dragon retorted as she stuck out her tongue. Howler glared at the bright pink dragon. “I’ll continue with you later.” He growled at the RainWing. The red dragon then began to fade into a black RainWings with light blue highlights As his gaze turned to Seal and Coypu. “All students know the rules about being in their caves at exactly no later than 10 at night. What time is it currently, KeyLime?” The pink dragon then began to fade into a light green and silver dragon. “It’s 1 in the morning.” KeyLime replied quickly. “Wait a minute...” Howler said as he took a double take at Seal’s first circle necklace. “Where is your ID badge?” “ID badge?” Coypu echoed in a muffled voice, still being held against the wall. “The teachers make an announcement everyday about how students need to wear their ID badge every single day. It’s for security reasons!” Howler growled 

What can I tell them? Seal wondered in a panic. If I tell them we just came back to school they’ll ask more questions and get suspicious... not to mention we did practically run away. “They’re with me.” A voice said and a midnight black Nightwing walked around the corner. Followed closely by a strange red dragon. The Nightwing seemed to walk with a purpose but her purple eyes seemed to be constantly flicking over to the odd dragon and away, as if wanting to watch him but not wanting him to notice. Odd. Seal noted. The hybrid had red scales that faded to blue and orange. Seal couldn’t figure out what two tribes. Maybe Sand and Sky? He has a frill and is red. “They’re with us.” The odd red dragon said with a calm yet commanding voice. “Oh, so these are the stragglers you were talking about.” Howler said as he let go of Coypu. “Our mistake.” KeyLime said with a respectful bow. He dug into a pouch tied around his neck and withdrew two cards on a lanyard. He handed them to Seal and Coypu. Seal looked down at the card and saw a list of information neatly written on it along with a small picture of him in the corner.

Name: Seal Gender: Male Tribe: IceWing Winglet: Jade Status: First Circle

The Icewing turned to Coypu and for a brief moment, he could’ve sworn he saw the Mudwing looking at his ID with a face of anger and hatred. But a moment later, he was smiling at Seal. Odd. Seal thought as the two RainWings hurried off, yelling at each other about getting too soft on the students. I’ll have to ask him about that later.

“Thank you.” Seal said to the black and red dragons. “Yeah, thanks.” Coypu agreed. “You two need to be more careful next time.” The Nightwing said, walking closer to Seal. “Anyways, you were here about the prophecy, weren’t you?”


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