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  • Ask NightStrike on their wall before creating high-ranking/royalty/hybrids/special dragons.
    • This includes members of the royal guard, high advisors, and high-ranking military or government officers.
    • This means every position below General. You do not have to ask for lieutenants/healers/soldiers.
    • If you ask for a hybrid please post a description of their abilities. This is for making sure they're not overpowered.
  • Normal TempestWings are open to make.
    • Normal TempestWings are dark-colored. Pale-scaled TempestWings are special; they require permission.
  • A user can create ONE Spark without NightStrike's permission. Every Spark a user wants to have after that must be approved by NS.
    • If your Spark is overpowered, NS reserves the right to inform you and see it changed.



TempestWings can be many colors, mostly darker greens, browns, blues and purples. They can also be grayscale. Their underscales can be any shade of blue, green, or purple; shades of brown, yellow and grayscale underscales are also possible, but less likely. TempestWing eyes can be any color and are very bright. Their eyes glow in the dark. TempestWings have a band of scales that separate their main scales from their underscales, called transitional scales. These scales are exclusive to their tribe. They are always a very bright color, and when a TempestWing is fully charged, they'll glow in the dark and pulse.

They have very long, slim ears for their good hearing. They are able to swivel around and seal tightly if a TempestWing is going to fly really fast. Their nostrils can seal closed as well. They also have a clear membrane that covers their eyes when flying. They have no scales on their feet so they can pick up all of the electrical currents. TempestWings are semi-nocturnal and can see very well in dim lighting, but not in total darkness.

TempestWing body shapes are very aerodynamic, and are typically long and sleek. Some tribe members can be muscular like a MudWing, but is much more common to see lean, corded muscle or agile form among the TempestWings. They are graceful and have been compared to cats (and sometimes snakes) in terms of movement.

TempestWings can have horns in any shape, and have a row of long spines running down their backs. TempestWings have an interesting wing pattern; they have vertical, jagged stripes on the membrane. Every pureblooded TempestWing has this, although if they have an ancestor from another tribe, the wings may be a solid color. They take great pride in their wings, and they hate when one has ripped wings. The more vibrant the pattern, the better chance a TempestWing has to gain social status.




Sparks are a special type of TempestWing. They are typically hatched during electrical storms or in places where electrical currents in the earth are prevalent. Because of this, they develop in the egg with extreme amounts of electricity, so much so, that when the egg is a few days from hatching, sparks fly off of the shell, which is how this condition got its name.

Sparks have too much electricity bottled up inside of them, and as a result, don't need to charge. They can be described as a superbattery of sorts.

Sparks have feathered wings. These wings can appear like any type of avian wings, but typically mimic birds of prey. These feathers are a way for Sparks to discharge electricity. If the feathers were cut off and prevented from regrowing, a Spark would be more unstable than before, and Sparks with their feathers prevented from growing or wings cut off tend to experience extreme mental and physical problems if the cannot discharge enough electricity without their wings.

Sparks have waterproof feathers, but this is only enough to help them fly through storms, and Sparks may have trouble swimming for elongated periods of time. However, most Sparks don't swim because electricity and water is never a good mix. Even if they suppress their discharge, other dragons are wary when they swim in freshwater. In saltwater, however, their discharges have a little less of an effect.

Due to their overflowing reservoir of electricity, spontaneous outbursts are common among Sparks. These outbursts mostly happen when a Spark is experiencing extremely stressing factors, such as strong emotions or life-changing events. Sparks learn to suppress their output at age 2-3, but most never fully control their electricity. It takes intense training to get control, and even then, most Sparks only achieve this feat when they are around 75-100 years old.

This electricity can be manipulated and focused into a breath weapon, but only with training and and an extremely long amount of time.

Sparks that are hatched from a long bloodline of Sparks can hatch sick, deformed, conjoined, or magnetically connected. All of these conditions are usually severe and debilitating; dragonets who have them are usually put out of their misery. Because of this, dragonets born from two Spark parents are required by law to breed with a normal TempestWing or pureblood from another tribe.

There is a rumour that the quickest, most efficient way of training Sparks is a secret of the royal family (the Queen and the King mostly), and is almost treated as a deep, dark secret by everyone affiliated with them. But no one knows if this is fact or fiction.


Note: every TempestWing CAN charge. HOWEVER, dragons can have enhanced senses OR a storm sense, BUT NOT BOTH. Also, a good amount of the population have neither power.


Much like a lightning rod, a TempestWing can absorb electricity. Only small charges, if lightning actually struck them they could still die like a normal dragon. If they are fully charged, they'll have enhanced senses, reflexes, and quicker thought processes. They can also "sense" electrical currents through their scales. They absorb electricity through their talons and spines.

They absorb electricity from static, siphoning it off from prey when they make a kill, and natural currents in the earth. Sometimes TempestWings will lay on bare earth and rest for awhile to "recharge". Recharging from natural electricity works best when the dragon is alone, like meditation.

A charged TempestWing is an optimal TempestWing, and a critically undercharged TempestWing may experience mental disorders (such as depression, anxiety, ect), physical frailty, and in extreme cases, may go into an energy-saving coma. The symptoms of being undercharged may differ slightly for every TempestWing.

They can give slight shocks, enough to paralyze prey or make a dragon flinch and swear from the pain, but not much else. This drains their electricity and the TempestWing will need to charge up again after every few shocks.

Due to the small electrical current that most organisms release, TempestWings can sense another's presence even if they are hidden, or in RainWings' case, invisible. This also helps them hunt, as they can sense their prey's electrical current, even if the target isn't visible.

Storm Sense

This is when a TempestWing can sense an oncoming storm. This power manifests as a tingling in the talons and spines of the dragon when a storm is near. Dragons with 'the Sense', as it is called, describe a nagging feeling at the back of the mind during a storm as well.

The strength of the Sense varies from dragon to dragon. Some can only sense a storm accurately about half of the time with no other report, where others can give full, in depth reports about how severe the storm is, around what hour it will come, and what type of storm it is. The dragons who have the strongest Sense are rumored to be able to slightly sense natural disasters along with storms.

However, the stronger the Storm Sense, the more likely a dragon will be driven mad by the constant nagging and tingling of the power. Some TempestWings have ripped out their claws and spines trying to make the tingling stop for just a few minutes. There are rumors that some have even tried to claw out their own brains to stop the nagging.

Enhanced Sense(s)

This ability must be brought out through training, and, like the effects of working out, does not manifest overnight. TempestWings who do not have the Sense may be able to enhance their normal senses to a heightened state instead.

If a dragon has the Sense, they cannot heighten their senses, and vice versa.

TempestWings may enhance one sense, or all of them, but most only choose one or two, as enhancing all of them is hard to do and can put an immense strain on the brain, as intense sensory input from every sense can be overwhelming, even for a TempestWing's adapted brain.

The strength of the enhanced sense depends on the intensity and frequency of the training. If a TempestWing almost never trains, or if the training is too easy, the sense will only increase slightly. However, once senses are enhanced, they can become weaker if never used or trained once again.

Diet & Hunting

TempestWings will eat any meat they come across, and aren't omnivores. They eat meat and seafood. Many cook their food, but if they're in a hurry they will just eat it raw.

TempestWings are very good hunters, and often turn finding food into a game. They typically hunt in packs of three or four, but the occasional lone hunter isn't unheard of. There are also TempestWings that are better at catching fish and other seafood, and they usually hunt alone.

TempestWings often climb trees at dusk and hide in the shadows, waiting patiently for prey. One TempestWing usually stays on the ground to keep track of prey through the electrical currents they emit. They also use their good hearing and sense of smell to keep track of prey that have especially weak electrical currents.

Snapping twigs and branches to spook the herds into running into the tree ambushers is the most common way the ground ones will start the hunt. From there, the ambushers will take out majority of the herd. They sometimes use electricity to paralyze their prey. This allows even individual TempestWings to take down large prey. They always hunt at sunset, dusk, or at night. Deer, moose, and elk are their favorite treats.

There are those who aren't good at land-hunting, so they take up hunting aquatic prey. These TempestWings are usually faster swimmers than normal dragons of the tribe, and they love showing off. These TempestWings have lightning-quick reflexes, and can snatch smaller fish out of the water with their bare talons.

However, they usually go after bigger prey, and use their good swimming skills to catch up to their prey, although they can only keep it up for a short period of time. Sharks, sailfish, dolphins, and orca whales are the preferred prey of these hunters.

Electricity is a common way to hunt in water as well, as giving off a big charge can kill off many sea creatures in a general area, and their floating bodies are gathered up and stored in woven baskets on the shore.

Some TempestWings also study the migration patterns of certain prey, memorizing it until it's ingrained into their minds. The ones who hunt for a living take migration patterns and weather/temperature into account as well.

The two types of hunters often have small disputes over what method feeds more dragons, and sometimes even have small competitions to see who can catch more prey. (They weigh their catches to see who's prey is heavier at the end.)


TempestWings during the scorching were very reclusive and scattered, preferring not to immerse themselves in fighting. They lived deep within the rainforests, having built many temples and other mysterious structures. They were very traditional back then, having sacrifices to the gods and other ceremonies that "protected" the tribe from scavengers. Early TempestWings were said to be very advanced. To this day the temples and structures in the rainforest still stand, and most stay away. There's rumored to be a small clan of TempestWings that live there today, but it hasn't been proven true. Or false.

In the year 2751 A.S. TempestWings moved from the rainforest. The Queen at that time, Queen Rune, was said to have done something to anger the gods. To this day no one knows what she did. They sent her seer a sign. The tribe was supposed to go into exile for 2,300 years for her sin, and if they didn't, mass chaos would ensue. Queen Rune called it off as blasphemy, and executed the seer. On that same day, she issued a raid on their neighbors, the RainWings. She was tired of having to share the territory with them.

War soon followed. Queen Rune was driven by a sense of needing more resources. She believed that they needed to be ready for the imposed 'chaos' the gods were threatening. She was oblivious to the fact that the war was chaos. They were losing to the RainWings' superior abilities. Many lives were lost. Queen Rune led a specialized fighting force into the RainWing capital as a last-ditch attempt to win the war. The whole force was killed by RainWing venom except for Rune. She was struck by lightning after attempting to assassinate the RainWing Queen.

News of the force's failure soon reached Queen Rune's only daughter, Falling Shard. She was the new Queen. Falling told the tribe that they needed to leave immediately. She knew that the seer's warning had come true. They fled the rainforest, and only those truly devoted to the gods stayed behind at the temples. It is unknown if they survived. They headed up to the mountains in the far north. Many couldn't handle the climate and died, and after many years of living in the mountains, they discovered the northern forests. Queen Falling Shard rounded up the few survivors and started rebuilding. The Exile had begun.

During her time as ruler, Queen Falling devised the High Advisors and government system, wanting history to never repeat itself. She gave them power over the kingdom alongside her, and decreed that they would rule with just as much power as royalty. Queen Falling also noticed how unprepared the TempestWings were for war. They'd lost to the RainWings easily. She devised the military system, and trained most of the tribe for war, as they were all humiliated and ready to train for their honor. The training has evolved into the games that TempestWing play, and the military has grown ever more powerful since Falling's death in 2835 A.S.

SkyWings eventually approached the TempestWings and worked out a deal with them. They'd give up the northern corner. But only if the TempestWings would be an unconditional ally. They agreed. The original declaration of the alliance is still in the TempestWings' vault today, and is heavily guarded. During the 20-Year-War, TempestWings aided the SkyWings. They truly believed that Burn should've won, as she was the best fighter and could lead the tribe the best out of the three sisters. TempestWings didn't come out of The Exile, as their time wasn't up, but they did send the SkyWings resources and helped train their troops. They were somewhat upset when Thorn took the throne, but after a few years they stopped caring.

About 60 years after the war, TempestWings came out of exile. Their time was finally up. They had enough military training and the numbers to reveal themselves to the other tribes. The uproar was huge. The news traveled fast, but the SkyWings helped calm down the other tribes. After about a year of denial, the tribes accepted the fact that TempestWings were real. The TempestWings, now free to travel wherever they wanted, left the territory to explore. Some came back, others settled with other tribes. There was peace once again.



TempestWings have a very strong set of beliefs, not every individual believes in them, but most of the tribe does. They do not believe in a singular god, but rather multiple gods, also known as the Pantheon of Chaos.

They believe that these chaos gods shaped and reshaped the world into its current state, testing and retesting the world again and again with their storms and disasters. These gods are in a constant cycle, chasing after a perfection they can never achieve, especially if they don't work together, as some of the gods are notorious for being solo players and generally hating the other gods.

Blood sacrifice was common in the temple days, but Queen Falling Shard decreed life as sacred, so now only the gods are allowed to "smite" those they deem unworthy. However, fighting for a certain god is not prohibited, as long as you don't harm fellow tribe mates while doing it. Other religions are present, and some TempestWings don't even believe in anything, but the Pantheon of Chaos is most widely accepted in the TempestWing territory. Religious freedom is a right protected by law.

Most gods have more than one element they belong to, and many more that they are associated with. However, the higher the tier of god, the more they are worshipped by the TempestWings. Individuals may worship a select god more than the most, and some gods can even become idols to some TempestWings. Crazy cults on the outskirts of the territory are rare but not impossible.

The Astral Circle
The Astral Circle is a ranking system of the gods, who are said to live in another realm, the Astrum. The Astrum is representative of the Astral Circle, with the Tier I gods living in the lowest parts, and the Tier V gods living in high up places. This realm is said to be made of floating continents, with smaller islands split off.

Storms are said to be the portals which the gods use to travel from one dimension to the next, and are considered holy. The Astrum is said to have the most harsh weather of any place, which is why no mortal has ever laid eyes on it. The gods are also said to have an aura so harsh, that when mortals are in its full presence, they will die almost instantly.

Tier I gods are the most minor of the gods. Some in this tier are not even gods, but really powerful spirits. They live at the bottom of the Astral Circle, closest to mortals. There are 150 Tier I gods. However, there will only be a list of select few, since most aren't normally mentioned by name anyways.

Cala is the spirit of the wild. He often takes the form of an animal (typically a fox, wolf, or mountain cat), and walks among mortals, testing them, seeing if they're worthy of his blessing. He is the most powerful spirit.

Blae is the goddess of reflections. One of her sides is scathing and often harsh to those she doesn't like, which happens to be everything. However, she has another side that sees the positives of everything. She is in an eternal conflict with herself, cursed to never find peace.


Juleyr is the god of the lost. He guides mortals down the most unclear of paths, and only the ones who can make it out of his maze of paths earn his respect and blessing. His mate is Mnica.

Tier II gods are above Tier I gods, and are exponentially more powerful than them. There are no spirits in this rank. They live at the middle-bottom of the Astral Circle. There are about 75 tier II gods, so only the most powerful ones will be listed here.

Lumo is the god of light and day, and is one of the more powerful Tier II gods. He can be warm or harsh depending on how you treat him. Prayers to this god are common in winter, but he is not called upon for much else, so he is a little cynical toward mortals.

Veilchor is the god of mystery and the unknown, and is said to live at the bottom of Abyssal's Abyss. He can give great reward or harm when calleduupon, depending on the circumstances. He is the second most powerful Tier I god. He is elusive and mysterious.

Ryucar is the god of blood and revenge, and is commonly called to during wartimes or when someone has committed a grave wrong against someone else. He is the most powerful Tier II god. He hates the other gods, believing that they have wronged him by placing him in Tier II, when he should really be in Tier III.

Ellah is the goddess of hope and perseverance. She blesses the strongest of willed and she is a force that never dies. Prayers to her are common in times of war and death. She is one of the more benevolent gods, but she can turn nasty when disrespected.

Mnica is the goddess of bad luck, mimicry and deceit, and is almost never mentioned by name, as is said to bring bad luck to all who hear. She is very involved with mortals, and manipulates them into lying and committing heinous crimes. She is prayed to when someone wants to deceive or lie better to cover up something. She is usually not prayed to in public. Her mate is Juleyr.

Ilucar is the god of illusions, self-conflict, and opposites. He is very cunning, and can see through almost anything. He casts illusions among mortals, testing them to see if they have his gift of seeing through them. Normally, they can't. He also created the concept of opposite forces, but doesn't rule over every conflicting force. He is siblings with the Tier IV god, Ithar.

Faer is the goddess of the arcane and unpredictability, and the younger sister of Frae, a Tier V goddess. She acts very innocent and often appears as a young child to mortals, and pretending to be lost and scared, she leads them away, deep into the Woodglow forest, never to be seen again. She is mysterious and (unsurprisingly) unpredictable.

Ochhar is the god of sight and neutrality. He can see what will happen at all points in time, but he never does anything about it; he stays completely neutral. He is very calm, but will never reveal what he sees and knows to anyone, even his fellow gods. He is said to be related to the Tier V gods, but it is unknown if that is true.

Julea is the goddess of creativity and spontaneous forces. She blessed mortals with art, and is seen as the most benevolent of the gods. She is rambunctious and always has to be doing something; singing, painting, and practicing martial arts are some of her favorite things to do. She walks among mortals often, and stays with them for long periods of time.


Tear is the goddess of emotion and tension. She is typically very distant to all the other gods, but she almost never walks among mortals. She is impossible to read and is arguably one of the gods most shrouded in mystery. She brews potions and chemical concoctions that have to do with emotion. Prayers to her are common and can be done in almost any situation. She is semi-benevolent, but more neutral to mortals.

Tier III gods are exponentially more powerful than Tier II gods, and are said to have shaped the world over millennia. They live at the exact middle of the Astral Circle. This is where the levels of gods begin to thin out and get drastically more powerful. These gods are the most powerful gods seen on the mortal earth in normal times. There are 20 Tier III gods.

Echo is the goddess of sound and openness. She can manipulate sound waves to any frequency, and controls mortal perception of sound. She is typically upbeat, but that is a mask to hide the loneliness and isolation she feels from the other Tier III gods, as she was just made a Tier III god to prevent Ryucar from being one.

Remnant is the god of destruction and calamity. He is cousins with Ryucar, but is more calm and focused than him. He disregards mortals, and is actually perceived as malevolent, even though it is accidental. He can destroy almost anything mortals have created and often leaves disasters and destruction in his wake. He is the leader of the Tier III gods, even though he is not the most powerful. He is also known to cause wars, but this is a lesser power of his.

Tyaeo is the god of climate, and the brother of Littir. He controls the temperature of different regions of the world, and can curse mortals with bad temperature or bless then with a mild temperature. He also manages the core of the planet, and makes sure everything is in order. He is extremely structured, unlike his twin brother.

Withir is the god of sunrise, sunset, night, and darkness. He hates Lumo, and is glad that he is above the light god in the Astral Circle. He is typically not very involved with the mortals, but he doesn't hate them. He likes them more than Lumo, that's for sure. He is mostly a neutral force, excepting the times when he is around Lumo.

Littir is the god of seasons, and the brother of Tyaeo. He can control the seasons and temperature when working with his brother. He makes the land freeze and the leaves fall, but he cannot control anything other than the seasons, so sometimes he feels disregarded. He acts spontaneously and doesn't follow a strict regimen like his twin.

Ryga is the goddess of lightning and storms, and mate of Ryalen. She is worshiped a lot by the TempestWings, and she is often seen as a perfect being by them. She controls all stormy weather, and is quite stoic and unyielding at all times. She respects mortals but is not afraid to crush them underfoot.

Depth is the god of the sea and water. He is normally calm, but can lash out when frustrated or disrespected. He is often seen sitting by the seaside, and he is typically pretty friendly with most mortals, but he holds a grudge and never forgets anything. He is also pretty well-liked among the gods.

Presca is the goddess of change. She is radically open minded, and will accept any new ideas before making her judgements. She is the driving force behind change in the world, and she has a pretty powerful voice among the Chaos Pantheon.

Ulthir is the god of toxin. He is cousins with Brir, and is seen as the more powerful of the two. He acts a lot like her, save for a few minor differences. He knows when to keep his mouth shut. He will not spout out anything that comes to mind, only useful information or relevant ideas. Mortals respect him more than her, and is causes some one-way tension between the two, even though Ulthir couldn't care less about Brir.

Puer is the god of metal and advancement. He is always working on something new, and is seen as a patron of the NightWings. He is said to look like them. He forges things with the fires of Hycar, in exchange for more pranking inventions so the young fire god can finally get his older brother. He is typically silent, but hold no ill-will towards anyone, because everyone can advance.

Whitca is the goddess of the earth and gemstones. She is the older sister of Tremor. She looks down on her brother for having such petty desires as to destroy her creations for the sake of it, and she looks down on anyone who disrupts the balance of her earth. She is one of the more beautiful gods, and when she visits the mortal realm, those who can stand her presence flock to her like sheep, as she is beautiful and can give gemstone and ore gifts that sell for a pretty penny.

Tremor is the god of seismic activity and earthquakes. He is loud and uncoordinated, and the younger brother of Whitca. He is extremely jealous of her power to create, so he destroys and cracks it every once in a while. He is quite salty about anything and the other Tier III gods typically don't let him leave his part of the Astrum.

Ascen is the god of perfection. He is humble about his status as a god, but he not easy for mortals to see, let alone get a blessing from. He is one of the more benevolent Tier III gods, and he does act like the perfectly moral dragon, even though he does have his bouts of righteous wrath every once in a while.

Elithyl is the goddess of wind. She is a free spirit and roams both worlds equally. She is tied down by nothing and most gods have trouble keeping her in check. She loves playing with mortals and testing their buildings with her winds, which can be really powerful. She is unintentionally destructive and is not to be approached by all who are not more powerful by her; she can barely contain her own powers, or excitement at new things to explore.

Brir is the goddess of plague and blight. She is typically very straightforward, and her touch will wilt almost anything underfoot, save fellow gods. She is blunt and not very respectable, as she speaks what comes to her mind, which is usually cold, hard fact or a scathing remark. She can also be very sarcastic when irritated. She is one of the less powerful Tier III gods. She is cousins with Ulithir, and is slightly jealous of his higher power level.

Nohhoten is the god of ice and cold. He is the older brother of Hycar. He is cold and precise, and cares little for others. He is also very isolated, and almost never touches the mortal realm unless he has to do something there. He is entirely goal-oriented and will push past any obstacle in his way. He is also very intellectual, and one of his goals is to learn all he can learn, since he is immortal.

Hycar is the god of fire and heat. He is the younger brother of Nohhoten. He is often trying to annoy or prank his brother, but is always asking help from other gods, since his brother takes a lot of precautions to make sure he isn't found by Hycar. Hycar is very loyal, and admires the good side of mortals, even though he isn't afraid to torch dragons he deems unworthy of life.

Lilith is the goddess of sin and imperfection. She is the most hated by the other gods, even though she pretends to adore them and treat them like her family. She is very manipulative, and most know to stay away. She is always whispering in the ears of mortals and can cause them to do very, very bad things, like Mnica but worse. It's also rumored those two are sisters, but it is unproven.

Ophicio is the god of blankness; of perceiving nothing. He can wipe the minds and senses of mortals, and sometimes fellow gods. This power is one of the more powerful in the Tier III. He only uses this power when he is provoked, which is hard to do, as he is one of the most levelheaded gods in the Pantheon of Chaos.


Ether is the god of magic and supernatural forces. He tampers with mortals often, and loves messing up their lives. He doesn't create a lot of animuses, but the ones he does make often cause destruction. He is mischievous and loves trickery. He is a very dangerous god to anger, and is one of the most powerful in Tier III.

Tier IV gods are exponentially more powerful than the Tier III gods, and are said to have created the planets and stars. They live at the middle-top of the Astral Circle. They are fewer and almost never travel to the mortal dimension, as just their presence can cause harsh storms. There are about 10 Tier IV gods.

Myra is the goddess of life. She is said to have created every living being from scratch, and continues to do so. Life is blooming around her, and if you are in her presence you may feel younger and more alive. She can act childish or mature, which depends on the situation she's in. She is seen as a sort of wildcard by the other gods, and her crazy ideas for new life will never cease to amaze. She is the Tier IV god that visits the mortal world the most often.

Chesh is the god of abstraction, concepts, and ideas. He is always either rambling about something or he is silent. He has thought of everything that was thought of by a mortal, but he continues to think of more things, bring more ideas and concepts into light. He can cause the abstraction of mortals when they are in his presence, so for that reason her normally stays in Astrum, forever thinking of new things to say, new ideas that may never be thought of again by anyone.

Chioar is the goddess of radiation and complexity. She is similar to Brir, in that everything that she touches decays. However, she is wiser than Brir could ever hope to be, and she knows to only use her power when the universe requires it, or when mortals start to abuse the things she's given them. Her wrath is devastating, but rare and infrequent. She is one of the gods that are more conservative with their powers.

Yuael is the goddess of the stars and heavenly bodies. She filled space with her creations, and the other gods look up to her as the most powerful Tier IV being. She creates new things on the outskirts of the universe often, and is normally found out there rather than in the Astrum or on the mortal planet. She is begging for Myra to breathe life into a different planet of hers, but the lower goddess refuses, so that leads to tension between them.

Ryalen is the god of chaos and conceptual war, and mate of Ryga. Ryalen is quite put together for a god of chaos. He deals in cold ruthlessness rather than being random and spontaneous like he was at the beginning of the universes. He is constantly messing things up in all the demensions, and is rarely found at Astrum, which is why the place is so calm and held together. He is the second most powerful Tier IV god, just behind Yuael. He is not jealous of her power, as he works with her quite often to create new worlds and weird things that seem to break the laws of the universe. He is looked down upon by two of the Tier V gods, but he doesn't care.

Ithar is the god of conflict, power, and energy. He is brothers with Ilucar. He is the god of conflict and energy, so he is quite powerful as gods go. He acts haughty, and is really stuck up. Most of the gods hate him for this, but they can't really do anything about it due to his power. He flaunts it often and teases the lower tiers about their weakness. He is close to starting a war among the gods, but he can't without the help of Ryalen, as he can make anyone turn on anyone. He is constantly asking for Ryalen's whereabouts but can never find him, as by the time he gets to where the chaos god was last spotted, he was already gone.

Xaer is the goddess of balance. She is in direct opposition with Ithar and Ryalen, although less so with Ryalen. She is constantly trying to kill Ithar, but she never knows where to find him. She has given up on following him and waits for him to return to Astrum, like he does every once in a while to flaunt his power. Some are not opposed to his death, but Xaer knows she cannot kill him, for that would disrupt the balance. But others could, though.

Quiel is the god of knowledge and skill. She is loved by the mortals, even though she almost never sets foot on their land. She is the most mature of the gods and is constantly dealing with their bickering. She knows everything there is to know, but she cannot speak. She can only write down what is relevant, and has personally forbade herself from revealing anything that could change the future too much. She cannot do everything, so she is often pushed around and teased by other gods for her constant seriousness.

Venae is the goddess of matter and being. She is omnipresent, like the Tier V gods, but not omnipotent. She can do little to nothing but manipulate existing matter. She is one of the weaker Tier IV gods, surprisingly. She is close with Xaer because of their constant need to maintain balance. She never visits the mortal realm because her power there would be devastating to them, and she doesn't want to mess up Myra's perfect little creations.


Jiaro is the god of gravity. He is one of the more powerful gods, and his ability to manipulate gravity comes in handy when a certain god annoys him too much. He is forbidden to visit mortals, but he can roam the space of their dimensions. He collapses stars and creates black holes to keep himself entertained, much to Yuael's dismay. He needs to be constantly doing something and he can get bored very easily.

Tier V gods are the most powerful of all the gods, and are said to be omnipotent (with their elements) and omnipresent, as they created existence itself. There are almost no gods of this rank, and they live at the highest reaches of the Astral Circle. Their presence alone can warp reality and cause tremendous disasters. There are only 3 Tier V gods, and all of them are always referred to by their Runic name.

Caelum is the goddess of the sky, weather, dimensions, and endlessness. She is the youngest of the Tier V gods and the most energetic of the three. She created the dimensions with the help of Karayl. She is everywhere in the mortal realm, and embodies the concept of endlessness. She has to be kept in check by the eldest god, Frae, otherwise she could do the most illogical and random of things, and possibly horribly mess up the council of the gods.

Frae is the goddess of decay, death, and emptiness. She is the eldest being, and existed before anything else. She can make anything cease to exist, and she has to keep Caelum's endlessness in check constantly. She is considered the highest authority in the world of the gods, and having her as an enemy will mean a quick death for you. She is known as the Queen of gods.


Krayl is the god of apocalypse, space, time, beginnings, and ends. He is the second oldest being. Caelum and Frae are credited with being more powerful than him, but that is not true. He could cause the end of everything with a flick of his talon. He is the wisest of the gods and only uses his power when he knows time will end. Since he has power over time and space, he can be anywhere, much like the other Tier V gods.


TempestWings believe they were created by Myra, same as the other tribes, but that the gods Ryalen and Ryga blessed them with their powers. They build shrines to the gods to honor them, and the fact that so many exist is because TempestWings believe that no one thing has control over everything, every little detail, despite how powerful they may be. They believe that all the forces in nature are like a council, and that wars happen among the gods.

They believe that each god favors a certain tribe over another, and you may hear a god referred to as a 'SkyWing god' or a 'NightWing god'. This doesn't mean that said tribe worships them, just that the god in question favors the tribe and may have had a hand in their abilities and creation. They believe that Ryalen and Ryga had a daughter, and that she was the first TempestWing.

Due to this belief, all TempestWings are said to have an internal storm inside of them, one that reflects the dragon and is the purest essence of their soul. Even if they don't believe in Ryalen or Ryga, almost every TempestWing thinks they have a storm connected to their soul. They believe that when a TempestWing dies, that their soulstorm joins something called the eternal storm, which surrounds Astrum. Whenever a god visits this world, they pick one soul to take with them as a gift to the mortals.

Whenever it storms, TempestWings believe that a past TempestWing is walking among them once again for the period of time that the storm lasts. They are grateful that this loved one is back, and normally thank the gods for it. This is one of the reasons they aren't afraid of bad weather and actually prefer it over clear skies. No two TempestWings have the exact same internal storm, as one might have a rainstorm, while others might have a blizzard or a sandstorm. It all depends on the individual.

The Sense is said to be a gift from Ryga, and it lets TempestWings know when a god is about to come to their world so they can prepare for it. Their enhanced senses are said to be from Ryalen as a way of protecting themselves from ambush by other dragons, as he knows all about trickery and ambushing foes.


TempestWing funerals are not exactly sad, but they're certainly not a loud celebration of life or party.

They often lay out the deceased on a high peak that is open to the sky, and leave them for one night. A loved one of the deceased may stand a vigil from afar, but disturbing the body and having more than one dragon stand watch is highly forbidden. They may have adopted this tradition from their neighbors, the SkyWings, but no one knows for sure. They believe this is to part the soul from they body and to will the soul back to the eternal sky.

The day after, the ceremony is held. The TempestWings are painted in soft, dark black, grays, and blues for the ceremony. The Stormdance Ritual is what starts off the funeral, to calm the spirit and the attendees of the funeral. A few, quiet, soft-spoken speeches are given about the deceased.

The TempestWings have to sit in silence for a few minutes after the speeches are over. It is not supposed to be sad, it is supposed to be respect for the dead as they can finally leave to the afterlife knowing that they are still respected among their peers and loved ones. TempestWing funerals are normally short and to-the-point.

However, if the dragon died in battle, the speeches will be longer and louder, and the body will be burned on a bed of red cloth, to symbolize the blood spilt for the good of every TempestWing; the noble sacrifice made by the deceased. The body will be in war paint when it is burned, to show that the soul of a warrior once inhabited the body. Fellow veterans will also be wearing their armor and will be at the back of the crowd, silently looking over all the other dragons and the body as a form of respect to the deceased; an unspoken promise that we will protect them while you cannot.


The TempestWings are a very warlike tribe. They prize battle and action above all else. Heavily movement based sports such as racing (land or sky), acrobatics, dancing, any type of combat, swimming, and soccer are common for TempestWings to be seen doing. They are very competitive and have a strong sense of personal and tribal honor. Losing is an extremely sore spot for a TempestWing, and can cause them to become upset at their own incompetence, even if it was just a match among friends.


A TempestWing may challenge another TempestWing to a duel over a piece of land or a special item. The challenger must wager something of equal or greater value otherwise, the fight will be seen as a scam and the challenged dragon will quickly resort to violence. The challenged may decline the offer if it isn't to their liking. Others can gamble on a fight if it is made public. There are few rules, besides the fact that you must give you opponent a chance to submit before you end their life.


Runic is an ancient language that TempestWings have carried with them since their beginnings as a tribe. It has undergone many changes over the years, but is still honored as the tongue of the gods and a central part of TempestWing culture.

It consists of 36 characters that act as a sort of alphabet. There are also other special characters that make up whole words, which are normally important, like names of the gods. All the numbers have their own characters as well. Every grown TempestWing has a character for their name; every TempestWing creates one for themselves the day they reach adulthood.

Unsurprisingly, these characters are called Runes.

TempestWing dragonets normally learn Runic as their first language, and then draconic. However, draconic is taught at a young age as well, so almost every TempestWing grows up bilingual. It is hard to learn Runic at an older age, as the alphabet is different and the grammatical rules are quite different, but it is not impossible.

Most TempestWings are willing to share this language with others, but most quit and become frustrated with it. The tribe with the second largest Runic-fluent population of dragons are the SkyWings, just because they are neighbors and because they live in intertribal cities with each other the most.

A modified version of Runic is used by the military and government for confidential messages, and even experts of the language can barely read a few words in this heavily modified dialect. Some see it as a disgrace for the god's speak, but others are in support of it, since the messages are seen as blessed by the gods.


The Stormdance Ritual
This is a ritual normally performed at important ceremonies. It takes extreme skill to get right; it is so beautiful to watch, that some dragons have said that they could not tear their eyes away.

The dance is performed in the rain, typically a mild thunderstorm, and involves using the beat of the rain on the ground and around you as the rhythm. It is very arcing and slow, and there are almost no sudden movements, although there are several fast twists and spirals. The dancer must also sing a wordless melody; a one dragon choir. The song is long and drawn out and reaches both high and low, and has an ethereal tune.

This dance is said to calm the spirit of the storm, along with everyone watching. It is very sacred, and imitations of the dance by those not worthy are heavily looked down upon. A rapid drumbeat is also used along with the rain sometimes, and the dragon performing is also usually wearing clinking gold or jewels, which help enhance the sound.

The first time a stormdance is watched or performed by someone is said to be a lifechanging experience. This ritual may also be used in courtship, but may only be performed by the dragon courting to their significant other, with no one else to observe. Because if the courting dragon messes up, it could be considered dehabilitating to their status.

Performers of this ritual are said to be exposing the storms of their soul, their very being, as they perform it.

Courting in the TempestWing tribe is a very serious matter, and if a TempestWing wishes to court another dragon, they are expected to do a variety of things, each depending on the courtee's social, military, and tribal status.

If a dragon wants to court someone of a higher status than themselves, they must first get the consent of the courtee and their family. A couple who does not do this will be looked down upon as if they're both the status of the lower-ranked dragon. The dragon of lower status then must give the courtee gifts; anything to show their loyalty and that this relationship means a lot to them. The gifts do not have to be tangible, and can be as simple as emotional support or love, but there must be more than one or two gifts, otherwise the relationship will be seen as a way to get a higher social status with no effort or actual love. The more thought, effort and quality put into the gifts, the better. Gifts to the family of the courtee is appreciated but optional.

If a dragon of higher status wishes to court a dragon of lower status they will need to ask their own family if it is okay before anything else is done, even before asking the lower status dragon. If their family says it is, they will ask the courtee and their family if it is okay, if the courtee and at least one family member approves, the courtship begins. The higher-ranked dragon will then give gifts to the family of the courtee and the courtee themselves. These gifts are expected to be plentiful, but the gifts are usually not as deep as in the other situation.

If the two dragons are the same rank, both families need to give consent and there is no set amount to the gifts that need to be given and how good they have to be. There isn't much standard for this, as ranking can often be distinguished as higher or lower between the two dragons.

As soon as the courtship is confirmed by the starting gifts and the families, the TempestWings in the relationship often spend lots of time together, especially in the first few weeks. Courting dragons can typically be very protective of their courtee, especially during the first few weeks, as the relationship isn't cemented and the courtee can easily be "stolen" by another dragon.

Courting dragons also typically do displays for their courtee all throughout the courtship, such as: flaring their wing stripes to show status and pride in the relationship, showing off at every opportunity in a competition, and other things that may be specific to the couple.

A courtship can end in three ways: the couple becoming mates, the couple splitting off from each other, or the death of one member of the courtship.

When a courting couple wish to become official mates, they do not have to confirm with anyone besides each other. The ceremony can be as private or as grand as the couple wants it to be (within the realm of what they can afford, though).

TempestWings mate for life, and courtship is a way of finding the dragon a TempestWing want to spend the rest of their life with.

The Sunset Trial
This is a trial which is rarely performed. This trial is a way for an exiled dragon to return to the tribe. The exiled dragon must have been in exile for at least 5 years beforehand, however; this trial is not a way to avoid exile completely, but only to end it.

The dragon in question must do three tasks, which have each in their own right been deemed impossible, one way or another.

The first task is to survive a fight with the Executioner.
This is the least impossible of the three. Which is why it is first. The Executioner has been known to get lazy sometimes, but he is still deadly. He possesses the title of Executioner for a reason.

The second task is to bring a bloodcrystal clawed from the depths of the Abyss.
This task has been done before, but the death ratio is extremely high, and bloodcrystals are rare, and can be mistaken for a slightly more common, highly radioactive type of mineral, called Shard-spark, very easily. Both are only found deep within the cave system in Abyssal, which is called the Abyss.

The third task is to find the Stormspear.
The Stormspear is a place that doesn't exist. There are only records of it in history, and everyone who has "returned" from that place either goes mad, or washes up dead on the rocky shores of Talonstone. The Stormspear is rumored to be a large, obsidian, spear-shaped spur jutting out of the deep sea about 50 miles off of Talonstone. It is said to be hypercharged, and that electricity is crackling off of it constantly. Around its supposed location is the area where the most violent of storms occur. It is said that the only TempestWing animus enchanted the surroundings of the spear to be an everlasting storm. The storm of souls is what it is called, even though none know if it exists. This is the hardest task of all.

To prove all of these impossible tasks have been complete, the dragon must bring a scale of the Executioner, a bloodcrystal, and a chunk of the Stormspear to the Queen and High Advisors.

War Paint
TempestWings usually apply bright paint to their scales during important events and ceremonies. They used to do this during wars, but now it has become more of an old tradition, so actual soldiers don't use paint unless they are on a victory march or want to intimidate the foe. The style of the paint differs from TempestWing to TempestWing, and whatever the TempestWing is attending.

Funerals often have soft curves and stormy colors, symbolizing their dead's return to the sky and the storm. The mate/courtee of the dead is the only one allowed to wear bright colors on this day, which is to show their dead partner that they will continue being strong and powerful, like bright flashes of lightning that shine alone.

Festive or competitive paint often has bright colors and jagged, angular lines. Sometimes words in Runic are also painted on a dragon during these events, and are said to give enhancements to the dragon, which differ depending on the word and the paint style used.

Combat paint is the most rarely seen on dragons, only seen in duels, fights to the death, or when a dragon wearing it is seeking extreme wrath or vengeance. Combat paint is completely unique to the individual, but normally consists of runic words for supposed enhancement and patterns (which can be abstract scribbles or literal paintings) that represent the truest feelings of the dragon underneath.

Tattoos and scars are seen as signs of status among TempestWings. This shows that they were able to commit to a decision and bear the pain of it for the rest of their life. Tattoos are not a total marker of status, but the more a dragon has, the more likely they are to be respected. However, it is not shameful to have no tattoos. They are just great physical markers of mental strength and willpower.

Talons of Life
This is debatably one of the more brutal traditions that the TempestWings practice. The name is ironic, considering what the practice entails.

As a mother is laying her eggs (which is painful, like childbirth, at least for TempestWings), the father of the eggs is required to stab himself deep, usually in the palms or wing, where there are lots of nerve endings and few protective scales. His blood is collected in a decorative bowl, which is typically very expensive or well-crafted. This tradition is to symbolize the pain of life.

The fathers usually take the pain with a straight face to show their respect for their partner, who is going through a much more intense pain at the time. The father is not allowed to get help from anyone as long as the mother is in pain, and only until she is done with her agony do the healers on standby fix him up. Some fathers have been known to die due to blood loss, at about the same as the rate of the females that die during egglaying. However, the death rate is lowering as medical practices become more advanced.

The second part of the ritual occurs after the female has become a new mother. She dips her claws in the blood of her partner and paints her wing stripes and scales with it, like a special form of decorative paint. She is required to keep the blood on her scales for the day as a symbol of her and her partner's willpower and love for each other.

The Ruin Ritual
This is the ritual that a princess who has killed her mother must perform to receive her crown. It takes place at Talonstone Point. The entire royal family and the friends of the new Queen of Storms are the only ones to witness this history-altering event.

The princess must take one of the horns from her mother's corpse, carve it, and paint it. This carving and painting must be done in one day, lest the old queen's essence part from the horn. Once the art is complete, the horn is then put on the altar at the Ruins of Talonstone. It is let to sit for 6 minutes in the rain (or if not, the pouring of water from the ocean over it) before the new queen chisels it deep into the rock of the ruins. The Talonstone Ruins are riddled with the horns of old queens.

This symbolizes the return of the queen to the foundations of the tribe, which just happens to be the final resting place of Falling Shard, the first new queen.

After the ceremony is complete, the Princess must also carve a crown out of one of her mother's bones. This part of the ritual symbolizes the rebirth of the old into the new, and it demonstrates the willpower, patience, and skill needed to run a tribe. Carving a crown out of pure bone is not easy.

After this ritual is complete, the old queen's funeral is then led by the new Queen of Storms.


The Forest Festival
Every July, the TempestWings throw a huge festival in the Woodglow forest that spans the whole month. Most of the action takes place at sunset and at night, the TempestWings have vibrant fire shows on the more active weeks of the festival. There are lanterns and stands all throughout Woodglow, and many races and competitions of every kind are held in separate parts of the forest. They hold sports tournaments during the day (mostly soccer and capture the flag), and playing in the Woodglow puts an interesting spin on things. Dragons are always gambling on the fights, sports, and other competitions. These winnings are often spent at the stands in the trees and on the forest floor, which sell almost anything. The lanterns are patterned like stormclouds, and many things are themed after lightning, thunder, and weather in the festival.

The Week of Remembrance
Every winter, the TempestWings go to the ancient Clawreach Arena. They hold a huge fighting tournament as a remembrance to when they lived in the harsh mountain peaks. The fights are all talon-to-talon combat, and there is no killing allowed. Every dragon living under TempestWing rule must contribute something to the winner's cup, even if it isn't big; unless they are participating, in which case you don't need to provide anything, but most do anyway out of respect. The winner gets a trophy made out of steel, along with the donations of the tribe. Many dragons enter, rich and poor, to have a chance at winning it all with the winner's cup.



The TempestWings' territory is located on the edge of the SkyWing territory, at the "point" of the continent. There are many mountains and slopes. Since the SkyWings and DeathWings are blocking them from the other tribes, they're very secluded and elusive. It storms often all over their territory, and the winters are cold and harsh due to the northern location. Summers don't get too hot but are around 20°-25° C.

Woodglow Forest

The Woodglow forest is at some points deciduous and others coniferous, so it doesn't fit into a select biome. However the trees are absolutely enormous, much more so than in a normal forest, so that doesn't help with its classification. There are rumors that the forest is animus enchanted to be this way, but alas, those are just rumors.

The forest's canopy can get so thick at times, the forest is almost as black as night. However, this only happens in the deepest parts of the forest. It is no problem to TempestWings, who can see very well in dim lighting. In the summer, lanterns are strung up throughout the forest, and along with the many fireflies that fly at night, the bark seems to glow with warm light.

The forest can be dark and scary or warm and welcoming, depending on where you are. However, don't go too deep, as many, many dragons have been lost to the seemingly endless woods, never to return again.

Talonstone Point

Talonstone point is at the very edge of the continent, a steep, rocky point that juts out and drops off right into the churning ocean below. The ruins at the tip of this point are the final resting spot of the famous dragon, Queen Falling Shard. The horns of past queens are also chiseled into the ruins, a symbol of returning to roots. However, just because the ruins are sacred, doesn't mean everyone who shows up to the point will be stoic and serious (they normally don't go near the ruins though, so that could be why).

Seeing dragons racing or sparring among the frequent storms, which hit the edge of the continent with their full force, not protected by any past land or forest, is a common occurrence. There are many rocky spurs jutting out of the water near the point, and seeing dragons training on them is also common.

Racing these natural obstacles is deadly however, and only those who have practiced or know the terrain really well try to brave the roughest parts of Talonstone. Dragonets normally learn to fly on the outskirts of the point, where the waters are calmer and the rocks are small, like training obstacles.

Wavebreak Beach

Wavebreak beach is a long, rocky strip of sand just off of Talonstone point, and it is barely qualified to be called a beach. The currents are strong and the water is lukewarm to cold; it is only for the toughest, most hardcore swimmers. The rocky spurs jutting out of the water a quarter of a mile off the beach are somehow even bigger and more challenging to navigate than Talonstone point's rocks.

When Talonstone is too crowded or closed for an event, this "beach" is the prime place to go. Records have been broken here, and but even saying you braved the waters or skies of the wavebreak alive is a real achievement. The rough sand beach is rarely used for anything other than spectating, as the only thing good about it is the perfect view of the water and rock points.

When it storms, whole chunks of rock have been known to fall in the ocean due to the thunder, and it just makes the Wavebreak that more appealing to daredevils and TempestWings who want to slap it on their military applications to the Strike Force, because that is almost as dangerous as any aerial combat.

Whitesand Cove

Whitesand cove is nothing like Wavebreak Beach, and it shouldn't be, considering they are miles apart in terms of distance. The water is warmer and the sand is really soft and fine, almost like liquid alabaster. There is almost always a warm, salty breeze blowing through the cove, making its temperature perfect for a long nap on the beach.

There are usually not many TempestWings there, as they are either doing something active or relaxing on the Windchase. There's also the fact that little dragons know about the cove, but that is easily overlooked considering how fast news can travel in the Kingdom of Storms. Maybe it's that the TempestWings just don't care.

There are warm, freshwater waterfalls and rivers that feed into the ocean on the beach as well, and it is the perfect place to relax. It is covered by overhanging trees, so it is invisible from directly overhead and the temperature doesn't get to warm. There is also a perfect view of the sunset on this beach.

Windchase Plains

Windchase Plains is like its name implies: windy. These wind bursts can range from a small breeze to hurricane force gusts (although that IS rare). Flying kites is common on the Windchase, and is flying against the wind as a test of strength. The long flat ground and the long, soft grass is perfect for dragonets to play in with their parents able to keep an eye on them.

The Windchase spans many, many miles and is one of the most friendly places in TempestWing territory. Even if you are a total stranger, or not even a TempestWing, you will be invited to play with the many dragons who set up makeshift sports fields. Soccer, ground racing, fake war, and capture the flag are games all played by the TempestWings, no matter their age. However, games can get quite competitive, and fighting tournaments are also something practiced on the Windchase. Losing one of these serious matches can make a TempestWing extremely sad, especially if they were previously undefeated or really good at a game.

The Windchase is a bittersweet place, and even if they lose, dragons will always be back to reclaim their title, or to just watch everyone compete. The allure of Windchase is peculiar, and not quite like the rest of the dangerous Kingdom of Storms.

Clawreach Mountains

The Clawreach mountains are a harsh place, and no days go by without a snowstorm, avalanche, or other dangerous occurrences. These mountains are home to many military bases; the harsh, cold environment is the perfect place to train the elite soldiers of the TempestWing military. The mountains are very tall, and are a challenge to fly over, as the air becomes very thin even at the lowest of points.

The Clawreach Arena is located here on a high mountain peak, and it is the only visible structure to be seen in the mountains, save for a few small towns and the Skybreak city. However, some lone TempestWings live up on the high peaks for isolation purposes, as these mountains are considered one of the loneliest, barren places on the planet.

The mountains are whispered to be holy, and that reaching the highest peak will exalt you to Astrum as one of the Tier I gods. However, no dragon knows which reaching claw has the highest peak.

On especially cold, snowstormy nights, the mountains are said to scream and howl. But that's just a rumor... right?


Clawreach Arena
The Clawreach Arena is a huge arena completely carved from stone, high in the peaks of the mountains. It is meant to remember the hardships the tribe has faced, and to show respect to all past TempestWings through a long fighting tournament held annually each winter. No one knows who carved the arena, but the carvings and runes are getting more and more detailed as the years go on.

However, no one is spotted at the arena consecutively for a long period of time. It's like the arena is carving itself, slowly. But why?

Royal Hatchery
The Royal Hatchery is the model for almost all other TempestWing hatcheries. It is open to the sky, and is located above the canopy of the Woodglow, at the top of the Storm Palace. Rainwater cleans and purifies the eggs almost every day, and run down specially carved waterfalls and veins so that the eggs sit in a shallow pool of rainwater. No one is allowed inside, and TempestWings guard the eggs from the sky and around the canopy.

However, the guards are highly trained to sense electrical currents, so if anyone goes inside, even if they are invisible, the guards will know.

Palace of the Kingdom of Storms
The Palace is located in Stormtouch, and is made of stone built into an absolutely enormous tree. It has many rooms, and doubles as a military base. Some notable rooms are the royal library, palace combat training room/armory, the royal hall, and the royal observatory. The palace was built by the most skilled architects of the time, and just keeps improving. It is built more for function than looks, but its artistic carvings and sculptures look well enough, even if they are carved from bland, gray rock. The palace is rarely open to the public, and is heavily guarded. Probably because there are also many military officials that live within its walls.

However, there is a secret place built below the palace, the catacombs, where the bodies of ancient warriors are stored; that is where the most secretive, backstabbing things occur. The rebellion's highest officers meet there, right under the Queen's nose.

Saltwind Beach
The Saltwind beach is the only blacksand beach in the Kingdom of Storms. It is right outside the entrance into the coastal city, and the rare black sand is a very prized souvenir. It is often sent by traders to their tribes and families to show that they have made it safely to the port. The beach has calm tides, and dragonets are often seen finding things in the water; be it smooth stones or diamonds and jewels "dropped" from one of the trading stands, the children of Saltwind are very adept at finding things, and they get most of the skill from this beach.

Runic Shrine
This is the oldest Shrine known to TempestWings outside the rainforest. The Runic on it is an ancient, unreadable form, and the rocks surrounding this old shrine form an eerily patterned circle. Every surface within a 5 foot radius of the shrine is cleared to bare rock, and is carved completely, with no gaps or holes in the Runes and drawings.

The deepwoods is less of a landmark than it is a legend. This is the deepest, darkest place in woodglow, that is said to induce hallucinations of strange firigen creatures and bent laws of physics. Everyone who goes there, like the legend of the Stormspear, doesn't return or comes back mad in the head.

The Abyss

The Abyss is the biggest landmark of them all, being a huge, descending cave that stretches so far down and branches out so much, that the bottom is unseeable, even when the sun is shining directly down on it. It is two miles in diameter, and Abyssal is built all around the edge and a bit in the cave walls.

There are many exotic creatures and farther down you go, the more bizarre the world gets as it slowly becomes darker until not even the most powerful of SeaWing eyes can pierce it. There are also many rare ores and minerals found in the depths, and several are unique to the Abyss itself. No one has hit the bottom yet, or has explored all of the mini side caves branching out off of the main hole.

It is said to be the deepest hole in the world, but no one knows if there are deeper caves still that are completely undiscovered.


TempestWings have a very unique style of building their homes. They vary from dragon to dragon, but most make their homes in trees or under rocky overhangs. Their settlements are very scattered, and most villages are large, bordering on cities. Most tend to carve images, runes, and patterns into their homes, along with their family's insignia. The result is a highly decorated society, as most turn it into a competition to see who can carve the best, most complex design. Chiseling things out of the rock/wood is also a nice touch.

There are three main styles of architecture, but some towns (ex: Skybreak) are built differently from them.

Style 1
The first and most common style of architecture is based around the forest, and involves building treehouses in trees and on the forest floor, and connecting them with wooden bridges. These villages are often cozy and can house many dragons in a small amount of space. The bridges make a crisscrossing among the trees which doubles as a fun obstacle course to fly through. Wood carvings and paintings are common, and are hung everywhere in these type of villages. Hammocks are also not unheard of, and there is the occasional dragon resting in one on a sunny day.

Style 2
The second most common style is geared towards ravines and cliffsides. Dragons carve or build their homes and shops in the side of the cliff walls, which are all connected by steep ledges and paths, and the occasional bridge. Shops are located more closely to the bottom of the ravines, usually near a flowing river; the one that formed the ravine. It is used in the plains to escape the high winds and to provide a small living space that will house many dragons. However, since it rains a lot in the Kingdom of Storms, flooding is an issue.

Style 3
This is the least common architecture style and is the most breathtaking when seen. TempestWings chisel away at rock with the help of the rain and seawater they douse on it, until they have formed a gigantic cavern. These caverns can be miles wide and hundreds of feet tall, but they take a long time, often several decades, to carve. Freshwater streams usually pop up, creating waterfalls in the walls of the cave, which is perfect for drinking. Holes are poked in the ceiling for light on sunny days and homes and businesses are then carved into the walls, much like a ravine city.


Stormtouch is the capital city, but it is dwarfed by the populations of Abyssal and Saltwind. However, it is still a big city and the markets and competitions held there are very talked about. It uses the first style of architecture. However, there is a big military presence in Stormtouch and the subtowns surrounding it, so it is a very safe place to be, possibly one of the safes in Pyrrhia due to the TempestWings' military prowess. The palace and royal family are mostly located in Stormtouch, so tourism is high there.


Saltwind is the biggest port and trade city within the TempestWing borders. It uses the coastal style of architecture, and is probably the biggest and most intertribally diverse city the TempestWings have, although Abyssal is starting to catch up to its prestige. There is a black market in the shady corners of the caves, and it is said that anything is obtainable there if you have the money. Or something else of value. Bone chips are a form of currency.


Abyssal is known for one thing, it's even named after this thing. The Abyss. The deepest reaching cave in Pyrrhia. It is a mining and exploring city, along with being home to the headquarters of the Royal Guard (although, it's unsure exactly where they live in the city). There is a large population of dragons here, from every tribe. It's almost as tribally diverse as Saltwind. It is a town full of opportunity and mystery, and nothing is as it seems. There is always something lurking underneath the surface in Abyssal, and that scares the more fainthearted dragons away from it.


Skybreak doesn't use any of the three styles of architecture. It is a mountain town, bordering on city, located in the cold, snowy peaks of the Clawreach, a few miles away from the Clawreach arena. A military base is located somewhere in the surrounding area, but most don't go looking for it. The citizens there are hardy and built for the cold, and are quite friendly if you can earn their respect. The life up there is hard, as shipped goods are few and hunting for yourself in the cold is the only way to survive.


Bloodcall is on the borderlands of TempestWing territory. It's a huge military city and base, with many highly trained soldiers in its borders. War operations are managed in this "town". There are few actual citizens who haven't served. It is named after an ancient TempestWing war chant. There are of military bases and ravines surrounding it. It is located on the edge of the mountains and plains. There is not much else known about it besides the fact that it is a suicide mission to attack.

Government & Military


The government of the TempestWing tribe and the military are highly interconnected, and all government officials are required to have some type of military training, whether it be in combat (fighting) or support (healing, sabotage, spying).

The reason why this training is required and the military is almost conjoined with the government is because the tribe has had an emphasis on military preparedness, at least since the first time they lost badly to another tribe. Even the citizens are versed in at least one fighting or support style.

TempestWings would be a very hard tribe to go to war against due to their massive, well-trained army, and even the informally trained citizens, who see it as socially shameful to lose at anything.


Queens and kings are still a valuable part of TempestWing government, and they hold equal power to the High Advisors. The rest of the royal family holds almost no power, but some royals do go into different government positions due to their incredible training opportunities and wealth.

The queen holds equal power to the king in TempestWing government, but the throne is still passed down matriarchally. The inheritance system is the same as the rest of the tribes, except only the princesses that are children of the queen can challenge the queen, and they can challenge her at a younger age (around when they're 5-6 dragon years old).

High Advisors

The High Advisors are a council of dragons (around 6-13) who hold equal power to the royal family. They are the sole creators of laws, which are then critiqued and considered by the rest of the government.

They are all extremely experienced in their fields (they typically have more than one area of study), and have been trained extensively for their role in the council. They all have different perspectives and backgrounds, so decisions from them are almost always extremely thought out and intelligent. Some of them are almost scary with the amount of skill and knowledge they possess.

Executioner: Ethos
The Executioner delivers the death penalty to dragons who break too many laws, and is a loose part of the council. This position is shrouded in mystery and not much else is known about it. Even just whispering the word Executioner strikes fear into the strongest of willed. The Executioner is feared so deeply, that just looking at them is said to bring bad luck and possibly sooner death to everyone. And if you touch one, you are said to be cursed and will be automatically avoided by all but your closest and truest of friends. The identity of the Executioner is hidden, and most are wary when a dragon that looks like the current executioner comes to their town. The position may be high in the government, but there is no respect for it, only fear.

Diplomatic Officials

Head Diplomat: Duskfighter

There are not as many diplomats as other individuals, but the rank is still pretty high in the government. They have the closest ties with the High Advisors, and may have a small say in their discussions. In wartime, diplomats are the ones who relay messages to TempestWing allies, as the diplomats often live with the other tribe's government figures. They are required to be competent at talon-to-talon combat and knife fighting, just in case another tribe turns on them.

They only take orders from the Queen/King, High Advisors, Strategists, and Head Diplomat, so they are pretty high-ranked in terms of orders.

It is common for this rank to have an abnormally high amount of Sparks, mostly because other tribes are more curious about them, which makes it easy to be a diplomat. Sparks in this position are often at least semi-trained.


High Strategist: Shade Fall

Strategists are the second highest military rank, just below the High Advisors. They calculate the logistics behind everything in the tribe, and manage the treasury, population documentation, and anything else to do with numbers and scientific advances.

This rank contains some of the brightest TempestWing minds of the century. In wartime, they compose tactics and strategies for battles. They compose tactics for other things besides war, but their jobs can be so broad that most of the tribe has developed the saying: What don't the strategists do?

They are a highly autonomous government group and barely heed orders from anyone besides their smartest dragon, who also happens to be Nightshade's son. The Strategists are supposed to follow orders from the Queen, King, and High Advisors, but that doesn't always happen. They have been known to tamper with things that are supposed to be outside of their control.

However, they are the group who wants the tribe to succeed the most, even if it takes some conflict with the other groups to achieve it. They prize logic and reason, and will not hesitate to show their outrage when the High Advisors or Queen make a faulty, irrational decision.

They practically run the military, even though only the High Advisors can declare war.


The Commanders are just below the Strategists in terms of rank. They physically command the army, even though the Strategists make the plans and decisions.

They typically have high charisma and are very knowledgeable in most forms of combat. Each could face 100 soldiers in a fight (possibly at once, depending on the Commander) and still come out victorious. They don't make many decisions in the government, but are typically the down-to-earth group, and aren't afraid to step in if the Strategists (with their blunt logic and facts) anger the two groups who are supposed to be the ones running the tribe.

They do take orders from the Strategists quite loyally, but do change up things if they deem it too cold and immoral for their soldiers to handle. They are the main communication between the Strategists and the rest of the military, and when some things are "lost in translation" (aka they change up the plan), they get the brunt of the Strategists' anger and logical rambling.

There is some one-sided tension between the Strategists and the Commanders, as the Strategists suspect that some things "are lost in translation" on purpose, but the Commanders don't really hold anything against the Strategists for it.

They just look out for their underlings (usually) and are the last resort in wars, as losing a Commander can be detrimental to morale in wars, even though they are unlikely to die due to their intense skill.


Generals are the highest rank that are always on the battlefront during wartime, and they each have about 30 Lieutenants under their command. They are responsible for making snap decisions based on the situation at hand, and they are allowed to tweak Commander orders slightly if the situation calls for it, but have to stick with the general plan.

They are the lowest rank to know Military Runic, and are trusted to keep the secret of the language with their lives. They send reports directly to the Strategists, who then choose whether or not to show the reports to the public keep them within the government. However, they are mainly given orders by the Commanders, not directly from the Strategists, so the Commanders' orders are law to them.

Some are on their way to becoming Commanders themselves. They are quite skilled fighters and range from just below Commander to slightly above Lieutenant in terms of combat skill, which is exceptional by average dragon standards.


Lieutenants command 30 squadrons, which have about 30-40 soldiers and 10 healers each. They are not usually as skilled as Generals, but there are a few outliers. They lead their squadrons into battle with ferocity, and Lieutenants are typically the scariest when protecting their squad members. They are the closest to their soldiers, sometimes they can act like they are one big family.

They are required to be trained extensively in at least 5 forms of combat, and are expected to make life-or-death choices in the heat of the moment.


Healers are not a military rank, but there are many healers that serve in the army as field medics, so they have been factored into squadrons. Military healers practice some of the most advanced medicine in the tribe, and are expected to know how to treat every type of dragon-caused wounds, from venom to breath weapons to normal scratches. They are also adept at curing sickness and infection, but this skill differs from healer to healer.

Normal soldiers outnumber them about 3-4/1, but they are still useful to have around. Healers can ascend in the ranks if they learn how to fight, and some Commanders have jumped directly from the healer rank to their current rank, just by their skill alone. Healers do not have a set skill level, as the rank is a catch-all for any who practice medicine.


The soldier is the lowest rank of the military, but don't be fooled, they are still highly trained compared to your average dragon. The TempestWing Military is an elite force, and every dragon in it is pushed to their limits in one way or another. The saying, you are only as strong as your weakest link, applies here.

TempestWing soldiers are required to be trained in at least two styles of combat, although those who are trained in more than two are far from uncommon. They are also required to be good at what their branch entails, but that can be said of all military members. Considering the number of dragons in the rank of soldier, many battles can be won due to both numbers and skill, which is a really powerful combo in war.

Branches of Military

There are three main branches of the military, and the Royal Guard, which is a more autonomous fourth group. They all have different functions and different types of squadrons within them.

Storm Force

The Storm force encompasses all members of the military trained for combat on the ground. They specialize in fighting on the ground (obviously), and typically use guerilla tactics and study the environments they fight in with extreme precision.

Ambush Squadrons
Ambush Squadrons use the surroundings to their advantage the most, and typically take the enemy completely by surprise. They are fast and crippling hitters, and leave their victims immobilized to be killed by later waves. They are typically the first wave of TempestWings to be deployed. They are backed up by the Attack Squadrons, who are launched just after them.

Attack Squadrons
Attack Squadrons are the main offensive players in the TempestWing Storm Force, and they kill the paralyzed victims left by the Ambush Squads, along with anything else that might stand in their way. They are the most equipped for a straight out fight, and can drag out battles for long periods of time with their endurance and precision fighting.

Defense Squadrons
Defensive Squadrons can back up the Attack Squadrons sometimes, as their endurance and fluidity as teams allow them to adapt to almost any situation. They are the heavy hitters and the strongest endurers, resulting in most of them protecting the TempestWing borders and front lines from attack. The medics are also typically protected by these squads.

Rush Squadrons
There are not many Rush Squadrons, but they are the deadliest of the ground troops. They are meant as a killing force, only to be deployed in dire situations or when a revenge move is taken. They are the most highly trained, and as their name suggests, they can rush cities and take them in mere hours.

Almost everything that stands in their way is obliterated with cold, cunning precision, as the dragons in these squads know the ones they are killing have committed a grave wrong against the TempestWings that needs to be paid back in blood, or they have killed too many of their brothers and sisters of the Storm.

Strike Force

The Strike Force encompasses all aerial troops. They specialize in fast and hard hits, and can take on many flying troops of other tribes with ease due to their training and natural flying advantages. The only tribes who could compete with them in the air are SkyWings, AviWings, and select few SwiftWings. Luckily they are allies with SkyWings, and they have special fighters to counter the other two. The Strike Force is the most powerful branch of the TempestWing military. The Dart and Spear Squadrons are specialized for fighting specific tribes, whereas the Gale, Thunder, and Lightning Squadrons are not.

Dart Squadrons
Dart Squadrons are specifically tailored to fight AviWings. They are composed of heavy hitters that are agile and able to keep up with the darting bird dragons; they are powerful glass cannons, since AviWings don't hit too hard. They break the AviWings' fragile bones and slice their feathers, plucking the dragons out of they sky one by one. There are a lot of sparks in these Squadrons, and they are allowed to use their electricity to try to set the AviWings' feathers aflame. These Squadrons are only used during wartime with the AviWings. Their members often join the other squadrons when not fighting the bird dragons.

Spear Squadrons
Spear Squadrons are highly trained fighters that specialize in fighting SwiftWings. They keep their distance from the SwiftWings and their elemental weapons, and strike inbetween blasts from their opponents, while the SwiftWings are trying to recover. Spears (obviously), darts, and bows and arrows are used to take down SwiftWings from afar, and precision shooting is common of these squadrons. They have high endurance and precision, able to time their attacks right, allowing them to be deadly to the telekinetic dragons. Just like the Dart Squadrons, most members are part of other squadrons when not fighting the SwiftWings.

Gale Squadrons
Gale Squadrons are the endurance flyers. They can fly for hours on end, and can take out many foes before their wave is called back. They may not be the fastest, but they can certainly outfly and overtake many dragons from tribes not adapted to the air like them. The Gale Squadrons are normally used if the TempestWings need to drag out a fight, or if they need to take out a lot of dragons in one long wave of fights.

Thunder Squadrons
Thunder Squadrons are the heaviest hitters in the Strike Force, and can knock dragons out of the sky with a few blows. They are close combat fighters and are typically used for defensive lines in the air. They wear the heaviest armor, and are very protected, so they can plow right through the enemy front lines with little to no resistance, when they are summoned to the front of the battlefield.

Lightning Squadrons
Lightning Squadrons are the fastest, most precise hitters, and are an ambush force. They fly silently due to rips they purposely cause in their wings. Sparks are the most commonly found in these squadrons. They aim for the wings of their opponents, and can send a dragon plummeting in a few seconds. They fly at night or in thick clouds, and also accompany the Storm Forces in town raids. They can fly faster than a SkyWing that isn't trained, and they are hard to spot until it is too late. However, they can sense the electrical signature of their targets, so it is impossible to use the cloudy skies against them. There are not too many Lightning Squadrons, as the training is intense, but they are very powerful and a major upper hand in battle.

Tide Force

The Tide Force is the least developed of the TempestWing's military branches, and has the least amount of dragons total in it. It is is a specialized aquatic force, which is mainly used for border defense, spying, and aquatic flash-raids. The dragons in it are highly trained, and can swim almost as good as your average SeaWing. They also have a high lung capacity and can hold their breath for about 13-30 minutes. They use electricity in the water, which is their biggest advantage.

Rain Squadrons
The Rain Squadrons are the fastest moving swimmers, and specialize in swimming stormy, unpredictable waters, along with fast moving currents and obstacle-filled waters. They aren't very good at combat in open waters, and are mainly used for spying from rivers or defending waters near the TempestWing coastal borders.

Salt Squadrons
These squadrons are used for scouting missions, and act as messengers for the rest of the military. They can hold their breath almost as long as the Obsidian Squadrons, and escape attack from enemies by swimming through rivers in enemy territory. Certain Salt Squadrons also act as assassins, and swim deep into enemy territory to take out their targets.

Obsidian Squadrons
They are the best aquatic fighters; they can hold their breath the longest and dive the deepest. They don't do too bad in tight spaces, but normally prefer combat in open waters. They can go toe-to-toe with SeaWings, but not more than one at a time. They also have to go up for air about every 20-30 minutes, depending on how vigorously they are fighting.

Royal Guard

Head of the Guard: Gloria

The Royal Guard doesn't actually protect royalty, contrary to public belief. They are a specialized, adaptable, elite task force that carry out secret missions. They have been known to do everything from assassinations to handing out scrolls to the whole kingdom about an important event or news article. They are heavily team-based and act as a tightly knit unit. New members are tested and broken vigorously before they gain their place and respect in the group. They act like a family, and do everything together.

They all have a specialty that they are well-versed in, along with being proficient at everything else that could possibly be thrown at. A common saying that applies to them is, jack of all trades, as they only have one specialty and the rest they can adapt to but are not masters at, yet anyways.

They have barracks in Abyssal which act as their main headquarters. They are usually made up of 13-25 dragons, give or take. They rarely get new members, and most members only leave through death, if they are crippled on a mission, or if they are cast out due to breaking an unspoken law of the group.

The Royal Guard ranks somewhere between Commanders and Strategists in the hierarchy of the military.

Armor & Weapons

Almost all TempestWings have a personal set of armor, even if it is decorative. Carved patterns are commonly found in them, and each TempestWing paints and carves their armor to look unique. Armor can be seen commonly at festivals and large events, just like war paint and other flashy thongs the TempestWings do to celebrate. However, when a TempestWing joins the military, they get a set of armor that is not only good-looking, but also functional.

Normal TempestWings typically own few weapons, unless they participate in swordfighting, archery, ect. They may only own decorative knives or swords for showing off at festivals, but the military requires the use of a weapon in almost all forms of its combat.

Military Armor

There are three main styles of military armor, one for each branch. Tempestwings are allowed to make personal carvings in their sets, but painting them is not allowed, as higher ranks have different colored armor, as it can be hard to distinguish on the battlefield. The higher up you go, the more colors you can find on armor. Lieutenants have one color of paint smeared on their armor, whereas Generals have two, and Commanders have as many as they want, as long as it's not distracting to troops. Armor of Strategists is painted entirely black, and it's rarely ever seen on the battlefield. Higher ranks also have armor more customized for their fighting styles and body shapes.

However, the most peculiar factor of TempestWing military armor is the hyperconductive material each set is made of. It enhances the wearer's electrical output tenfold, and can deliver a nasty shock that can sometimes cause paralysis when touched by foes. However, TempestWings cannot naturally do this and must be enhanced by the armor.

Storm Force Armor


Storm Force Armor covers the most of the dragon, and is the heaviest armor out if the three. However, it is still pretty light despite its durability. It was forged to pierce and slash the foe, and to cover the wearer's vital weak points. There are many blades for slashing at opponents' tendons and muscles, acting as a weapon if the TempestWing was disarmed. There are horns on the helmet and blades on the tail meant for impaling and skewering a foe right through. If driven with enough force, these wicked points can puncture the strongest of scales on both sides of the dragon.

Strike Force Armor


The Strike Force Armor is the lightest of the three, and is made less for protection and more for harming the enemy. There are many sharp, thin blades for slicing an opponents wings, and just one lucky hit can cut a wing almost clean through the membrane, making the opponent unable to fly. There are blades along the wings, arms, and legs. The biggest blade is on the tail, however, and one slice from that with enough power can cut a wing almost clean off. This material is the hardest of the three types of armor.

Tide Force Armor


Tide Force armor is made mainly to slash opponents, similar to the Strike Force Armor, and make the TempestWing able to swim faster. There are a bunch of metal "fins" that double as blades. It is almost as light as the Strike Force armor, and is made out of really flexible material. It can enhance TempestWing swimming speed by 2-5 times.

Military Weapons

TempestWing weapons are often expertly forged and crafted, and can pierce the thickest of dragon scales with ease. All types of weapons are used by most of the troops, and the higher ranked dragons are required to be proficient in all of the TempestWing weapons, if not expert-level.

The Storm Force commonly uses swords, staffs, knives, or occasionally specialized scythes for combat. The most non-weapon users are in the Storm Force, as talons are just as good of weapons as almost anything the military can offer. There are sometimes other weapons used, but most besides the basics are kept a secret from any outsiders.

The Strike Force uses the most weapons out of any military branch, and typically go for range with darts, bows and arrows, spears, and throwing knives. Blades are also common in the Strike Force for cutting enemies out of the skies.

The Tide Force typically uses spears or tridents for range, and because they are easy enough to maneuver underwater. They may also use weapons forged from entirely hypercondictive material, allowing their natural shocks to be enhanced to kill while underwater. However, these type of weapons are only used with solo fighters, as such a thing may kill or weaken fellow TempestWings.


TempestWings typically have nature themed names. They have two parts, and can have a space inbetween. Teen TempestWings typically abbreviate their name with the first letters of their first and second parts. Like if a teen's name was Leafshatter, they might go by LS.

In ancient times, TempestWing names were either one word or a possessive noun and a regular noun. Some TempestWing parents are trying to bring those type of names back into style, but it hasn't been working.

Example names:

  • Rain Sing
  • Flameslash
  • Gladewind
  • Fighting Embers
  • Lashing Waves
  • Windfight
  • Shockwave

Older names:

  • Eagle's Call
  • Strike
  • Vex
  • Wrath's Talons
  • Para
  • Soul's Fire

Tribe Relations

They have a strong alliance with the SkyWings, as they helped the TempestWings in their time of need. They think that the SkyWings are a good tribe and will stand up for them if it comes to it. TempestWings supported them during the SandWing War and it would be the same if any other wars broke out. TempestWing/SkyWing hybrids are the most common type of hybrid in the TempestWing tribe.

They think that SeaWing architecture is intriguing. Many have tried to swim to the Deep Palace, and few have succeeded, and all of those few only lived a few short moments after the feat. They are on good terms, but are working on an alliance with Queen Coral, even though they do not like her as a ruler. They think she is too emotional.

They respect the IceWings and were on good terms with Glacier, but now that she is dead, the TempestWings are reconsidering a possible alliance. However, they are wary of the Animus business going on around the tribe, and are willing to fight them if need be.

They're neutral to the MudWings, but think that their sibling bonds are honorable. They don't approve of the parenting techniques used by the tribe, but they know it isn't their place to change that. Some TempestWings live down there, a select few love participating competitions with the MudWings, but most are there for the Diamond Spray Delta Port.

They are mostly neutral, leaning on dislike towards the NightWings. They look down on NightWings for the Animus skirmish that happened. They are also wary about the mindreaders.

They don't have a high opinion of SandWings because they started a war and dragged all of the other tribes into it, when the sisters should've fought it out in a three way battle. They think that Burn should've taken the throne, but really don't care about what SandWings do, as long as they don't start another tribe-wide war.


They pity the RainWings and what they have become. They don't think the RainWings pose much of a threat, but they aren't going to attack the RainWings yet because of their honor, and because they think that they wouldn't stand a chance in their current state. They have specialized techniques for fighting RainWings, should another war happen with the lazy tribe.

To the tribe contest winner: feel free to message me on chat or on my wall about your tribe's relation to the TempestWings.

The TempestWings have an alliance with the DriftWings, although it is not as strong as the SkyWing alliance, they will still protect their allies and remain loyal until the DriftWings give them a reason not to. TempestWings and DriftWings are seen together a lot, and hybrids between the tribes are common.

They are on decent terms and have a trade agreement. The TempestWings respect the DeathWings as equals. Not much else can be said.

TempestWings and AviWings have been known to live together a lot, and each are spotted in the other's territory frequently, even though they live so far apart. The TempestWings are neutral to AviWings in terms of government, but the citizens find the AviWings a pleasure to be around.

TempestWings have not had many interactions with the TrickWings. However, if these dragons area threat, the TempestWings will not hesitate to wipe them out. [Rime talk to me how would they be? allies? enemies? idk]


TempestWings like the art of the SwiftWings, but not their Queen. In their eyes, Queen Starbolt is too young and immature to rule. They are overall neutral, leaning on indifferent. They have not had enough interaction to warrant any strong feelings of hate or liking.

Significant Members


Please put the heirs in order from eldest to youngest.


  • Nightshade
  • Falconcall (Historical)
  • Falling Shard (Historical)
  • Rune (Historical; Infamous)
  • Raven's Feather (Historical) [First Ruler]

Other Monarchs

  • Fireblade
  • Tidepuller (Historical)
  • Gale Cry (Historical)
  • Ethos (Historical)
  • Storm's Secret (Historical) [First Ruler]


Other Heirs

  • Prince Geomagnetic
  • Shade Fall

Government Officials

High Advisors

Executioner: Ethos

Head Diplomat:

High Strategist: Shade Fall


  • Suspended Quartz


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