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Background Information
Creator AvalonCat
Artist type here
Main Attribute Swift
Elemental Attribute Tornado
Theme Animal Falcon
Theme Color Dark Blue
Theme Song Battleborne (by Two Steps from Hell)
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 16
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Occupation Soldier
Tribe TempestWings
Goal Protect his family and his tribe
Residence Moves between Saltwind and the Clawreach Mountains
Relatives Avalon, Sunstrike, Bluewater, Nightwhisper, Windsong
Allies TempestWings
Enemies none yet
Likes To play four-square
Dislikes unproductive
Powers and abilities Charging.
Weapons none
Ships Avalonstrike
Quote "I don't have one"


Swiftstrike is mainly dark grey. His upper scales are a strong dark blue and match his under scales. On his dark blue scales he has a natural green stripe that acts as an off set border or as an inset triangle sprouting from his spine. His transitional scales are a bright flashy green. His eyes are sky blue. The stripes on his wings are thin and ripple from the edges of the membrane and fade from blue to green. He wears silver chain necklace with a cross pendent in the middle and hangs low on his neck. His spines are a dark grey and his wing membrane is a slightly lighter version of his main scales. His horns are a grey like his spines and have thin gold cuffs at the base.


Swiftstrike is very polite and respectful, especially to the ladies. He has a way of charming them. Half the time, he is sarcastic though and can put a smile on anyone's face. He loves to cheer Avalon up and keep her beaming and laughing with his jokes. His son Sunstrike shares this trait as well.

When he is not being sarcastic or polite, he is serious. Being a soldier in the TempestWing army is very important to him since his fathers before him served in the army. He takes tradition seriously and sees it important to uphold it.

In his leisure time, he likes to listen to rap and hip-hop music while running his drills.

When ever he is stationed in the TempestWing palace, he mainly does the janitorial chores making sure everything is neat and tidy. Normally after fixing the angle of a vase or object he will come back five seconds later to see it had been moved again.




Avalon: Loves her with all his heart.

Thunder: Very proud of his son.

Sunstrike: His little sunshine

Nightwhisper: Wishes she was more open. Barely notice each other.

Windsong: Closer than Nightwhisper.


Mate: Avalon

Sons: Thunder, Sunstrike

Daughters: Nightwhisper, Windsong


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