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Description: white, gray, or black scales; stripe from eye to tail; finely feathered mane and tail tuft; retractable claws

Abilities: fastest fliers (equal to AviWings); best olfactory sense of all the tribes

Location: middle of Pyrrhia (mountainous)

King: Byasaros

High Prophet: name

Diet: fish, birds, sheep, rodents, goats

Alliances: MudWings, DriftWings


  • Please ask Wings-of-Bloodfire on their message wall for any of the following:
    • SwiftWing hybrids [you must read Hybridization section]
    • abnormal or "special" SwiftWings
    • high class and/or royals
    • SwiftWings with heterochromia
  • Normal SwiftWings are open to make. No permission needed.
    • Normal SwiftWings are grayscale, meaning shades ranging from black-gray-white. SwiftWings who are not this color are abnormal and need permission.
  • SwiftWings are incapable of producing animus dragons.



SwiftWings are large dragons who are longer compared to the other dragon tribes. They are not big-boned, rather lanky and tall. They are roughly the same size as a SkyWing. Due to their name, SwiftWings are built for agility and speed. Their bodies are deep chested with flat stomachs, and long tails for balance. Their wings are easily foldable and unfoldable, snapping closed and open quickly. SwiftWings have lean legs, but strong hindlegs. These hindlegs are used to push off the mountainside for flight, making them strong and durable. This tribe has calloused paw pads to protect them from the rough terrain, as well as retractable claws, which are helpful for scaling the side of a mountain and keeping their claws sharp.

Dragons of this tribe have grayscale colored scales (meaning black, gray, and white). SwiftWing scales may have a slight tint of another color if hybridization has occurred in the bloodline as a grandparent or parent. Other black, gray, and white markings can be seen on SwiftWings, such as splotches or dapples, but are rather uncommon.

SwiftWing eye color can only be any of the following: amber, yellow, orange, blue, aqua, gray, or green. SwiftWings with heterochromia (two different colored eyes [a warm color and a cool color]) are deemed to a spirit reincarnated, hence making them high-ranking by default. Heterochromia is quite rare, especially in a pureblooded SwiftWing.

SwiftWings have a stripe on either side of them, starting from under the eyes to the tail. These stripes are usually bright and vibrant, used as a sign of warning. Stripe colors are derived from their parentage, and are usually shades of red to violet, but can be duller colors like white or black as long as they contrast the main scales.


These dragons have fine feathers on the crest of their head, their neck, and their tail. These feathers, as mentioned above, are usually dull or muted colors to help them blend with their surroundings. The feathers are more fine than a bird's wing feathers and can grow to be quite long. When threatened, SwiftWings will fluff up their feathers to make themselves seem bigger and more imposing.

Female SwiftWings often let their head feathers grow to be quite long, like a horse mane. They like to braid their feathers, or decorate it with flowers or plants. Having long head feathers can affect a SwiftWing's vision while flying, which is always something to consider.

Gender Differences

In the SwiftWing tribe, males are larger and stronger, unlike the other dragon clans. The males have brighter-colored stripes than females, as well as thicker plumage on their heads and tails, although many males keep their feathers short and butch.

Female SwiftWings are smaller and more nimble, although the males are definitely not slow by any means. The females are a valued part of the SwiftWing society, as they provide new life.


Physical Skills

Members of this tribe are known for being fast and strong fliers, hence their name. Their speed is equal to members of the AviWing tribe, although AviWings can fly at higher altitudes while SwiftWings can zoom closer to the earth. These dragons are naturally built for speed in the air and on the ground. These dragons fly rather loudly, since they do not have feathers on their wings to soften the flaps.

SwiftWings have thick pads under their paws to protect their feet from the harsh, rocky terrain of their territory. Unlike the other dragon tribes, SwiftWing dragons have retractable claws. A SwiftWing’s retractable claws keep their talons extremely sharp and ready for use.

Olfactory Sense + Olfactory Memory

SwiftWing dragons have an incredibly strong sense of smell. They make excellent trackers due to their ability to follow a scent trail for miles, even while faint. A SwiftWing has an olfactory memory and is able to tell the scents from differing members of their tribe, as well as other tribes (if the dragon has met them before).

Their sense of smell is so incredibly powerful that they can almost see differing scent trails. SwiftWings are highly intuitive and never get lost due to this ability.


SwiftWing hybrids are uncommon, but not rare. 90% of SwiftWing hybrids will not have a stripe, but the feathered mane is a dominant trait and commonly shows up in hybrids. A hybrid's olfactory memory decreases significantly when muddled with another tribe's genetics. They will still be able to have a heightened sense of smell and/or retractable claws, but their sense of smell is still lesser than a pureblooded SwiftWing.

The tribe does not support hybrid dragonets; however, they firmly believe that any hybrid should grow up in their mother's tribe. SwiftWing mothers are allowed to keep their egg, though they are forbidden from seeing their previous mate. SwiftWing hybrid fathers have to cut all ties with the mate and dragonets. These are harsh rules, so many SwiftWings do not dare to fall in love outside of the tribe.


Mapping + Landmarks


SwiftWing territory is the only completely landlocked territory in all of Pyrrhia, located in the center of the continent with no access to the coastline. They live in the mountainous region, although there is some sandy desert near the west side of the territory. There are two main rivers, which provide the majority of the water source for the tribe. Their territory borders the MudWings to the east, SkyWings to the north, SandWings to the northwest, AviWings to the southwest, and a small sliver of NightWing-RainWing territory to the southeast.

1. Old Scavenger City: Located on the far east of the territory, the SwiftWing-MudWing border cuts through the once scavenger-city. The Old Scavenger City is now a bustling trade port between the two tribes, since the MudWings are allies of the tribe. The old city is also a safe way to be escorted into MudWing territory, and vice versa for MudWings to be escorted to SwiftWing territory.

2. Marshy Flats: This stretch of relatively flat, squishy terrain, below the Scavenger City and next to the Angelpeak River, is not home to many SwiftWings, but is a common ground for MudWing immigrants to make their homes. The terrain is much too wet and sticky for SwiftWings to be comfortable, although some of the prey they hunt resides here.

3. Angelpeak River: The Angelpeak River begins deep in the Magnus Mountains, running next to the Marshy Flats and continues through AviWing territory, where it goes by a different name once it flows through the border. This is the main and biggest source of water in the entire territory, and in the heart of the mountains, where most of the tribe lives. Lots of waterfowl also live near the river and fishing is common here.

4. The Magnus Mountains: These mountains come from the northeast of the continent,

5. SwiftWing Palace:

6. Ionia Temple:

7. The Sungrounds: This is the small part of the desert that seeps into SwiftWing territory. The Sungrounds is the warmest area in the entire territory, so some dragons come here for "vacation" or to relax, with the sun beating on their scales. Prey is not commonly found in the Sungrounds, besides some stray lizards.

8. Howling River:

9. Sequium Plains:





Society + Culture


King: The SwiftWing tribe is a patriarchy, meaning it is passed on to the male dragonets or other blood relatives of the king. All the other tribes are matriarchal, so this causes conflict between tribes. Many queens of other tribes do not respect the SwiftWing king and this causes rifts in Pyrrhia. The king is a highly respected individual in his own tribe. The SwiftWing kings are supposed to be thoughtful and wise, strong and protective of his people. The king is usually decorated with robes, a head-charm, and armor (if need be).

High Prophet: The High Prophet rules with the king. They are the religious figurehead for the tribe, either male or female, and must have been selected by the previous prophet. They do not need to have any relation to the king, and it is better if they don't. They are forbidden to have any relationships or material ties, which includes love and parenthood. The High Prophet is the closest SwiftWing to spirits and nature; they are the only one that has the knowledge of understanding the Spirit of the Pool, the tribe's guardian and benefactor. They are seen as a beloved and benevolent SwiftWing, whom must be treated with respect and regard. The public does not see them very often except for tribal meetings and ceremonies. They dwell in the Ionia Temple, where they gain knowledge to help the tribe. The Prophet also spends most of their time training their successor.

Royal Family: The royal family is any SwiftWing related to the king, who carries pure royal blood and untainted by other tribes (hybridization). Any potential hybrid offspring of the royal family is deemed "illegitimate" and is not allowed to descend the throne, under any circumstances. The SwiftWing queen is the mate of the king.

Laws of the Land


Diet + Hunting

SwiftWings are phenomenal hunters and can track prey for miles. Dragons of this tribe are taught "patience catches the best prey". yikes

Naming System

SwiftWing names are one word, although sometimes two. They are Greek or Roman, names that carry nobility and authority. SwiftWings are very proud, and new parents choose strong, fierce names for their children. During more modern times, other names are becoming more common, but Greek and Roman names are still highly influential. SwiftWing hybrids often do not carry a Greek or Roman name, especially if they do not live in the tribe.

Male sample names:


Female sample names:



The Afterlife: SwiftWings believe that spirits walk among them in this world, taking form in the flora and fauna of nature. They believe that their first Anziar, Aelian, was visited in a dream by spiritual figures. Unlike other dragons, Aelian believed in something more than surviving and living; she wanted meaning and connection with nature and her draconic ancestors. Tales of Aelian were oral histories and there are no written records of such.

The SwiftWings' afterlife is when a deceased SwiftWing, called a spirit, chooses another nature form to take, such as a tree or flower. While SwiftWings, cannot see the spirits, they claim they can feel their prescence.

The Spirit of the Pool: The tribe’s main guardian is the spirit of the pool, who provides wisdom to the priestess and is a crucial part of the Ceremony of Intertwinement. The spirit does not have a physical form and does not speak, but rather communicates through dreams and signs in nature.


All SwiftWing dragonets are enrolled in training once they are 3 dragon years old. They will remain in their training until they are fully-grown, which is roughly 9 years old.

Scholarly learning begins right away. SwiftWings pride themselves on being smart and literate, meaning they start teaching their young early on reading and writing. Tribe history and continental history are also introduced around the early years of training. Once the dragonets have completed the history courses, they can learn about the differences between tribes, including strengths and weaknesses.






Hobbies + Entertainment


Ceremonies + Celebrations

Ceremony of Intertwinement: This is one of the sacred ceremonies of the SwiftWing tribe. Once a SwiftWing matures to the age of 10 (dragon years), he or she will be escorted to the Cavern of Wishes by the High Prophet. They will drop an offering (a smooth stone for females and a rugged stone for males) in the cavern into the large pool. Only one SwiftWing can participate in this ceremony, which lasts two days.

According to the legends, the spirit of the pool will determine the SwiftWing in question’s intended mate by leaving a sign that only the Prophet can determine. Of course, not all dragons of the tribe are destined to have mates. Sometimes no sign will be given to the Prophet or they translate it incorrectly.

The sign is when the offering (the stones) is floating in the water with another stone in it that was not placed there by a dragon. All SwiftWings who participated in the ceremony previously have left their offerings in the cavern. A dragon who may have stayed single for their ceremony may be intended with a younger SwiftWing and won’t find out until their supposed mate completes the ceremony.

During the second day of the ceremony, the Prophet (who may or may not be accompanied by their apprentice) will go into the Cavern of Wishes to read the pool. The High Priestess is able to read the spiritual auras of the dragons who left their tokens, although siblings close in age can be tricky to tell apart.

Once the High Prophet announces the results of the pool reading, if two SwiftWings are intended mates, they will be blessed for a happy and long mateship by the Prophet. If the SwiftWing remains unintended (for now) nothing changes and the ceremony ends.

Ceremony of Blessed Dragonets:

Amongst Brethren:




Early History


Tribal Relations

SwiftWings do not share a border with the IceWings, but are on uneasy terms. The cold dragons are very arrogant and refuse to communicate very often.

MudWings and SwiftWings are on good terms, being allies and all. They are pacifist tribes and trade with each other constantly. SwiftWings refuse to ally themselves with warmonger tribes. The MudWings have a trade pact with the light-footed dragon tribe, and get lots of farm food in exchange for minerals and pelts.

NightWings + RainWings
One half of the NightWing kingdom borders the SwiftWings: the Rainforest Kingdom. The SwiftWings do not approve of Queen Glory and the integration of NightWings, and the previous king had spoken out against it in the past. Glory retaliated that at least she was a queen and not a filthy male. King Quirinus banned trading and interacting with the NightWings an RainWings since then.




Significant Members



  • Queen Ravenna (current)
  • Queen Maia



High Prophets


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