Creator: NixTheDragonTamer
Art by NixTheDragonTamer
Coding by Echo
age: 7
gender: Female
tribe: SandWings and SkyWings
attribute: a n g e r
element: Fire
theme animal: Cobra
color: Red
theme song: The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
orientation: Gay
powers: Fire breath, tail barb, animus
occupation: None
goal: To be one of the best fighters in Pyrrhia
nickname: Sun
residence = Possibility
family = Scorp and Ion (brothers)
allies = None yet
enemies = None yet
likes = Fighting, hunting, and pretty much anything that involves combat
dislikes =Not fighting something, quiet, overly happy dragons, and dark places
ships = Tai x Sunset
quote = “You’re a cactus-brain.”
weapons = Knives
MBTI type = INTJ


Oh, oh, heaven knows

We belong way down below

Sing it

Sunset is a SandWing/SkyWing hybrid with tan scales, light brown underscales, dark orange wings, brown horns, and amber eyes. Her neck frill is a sandy yellow. She has a scratch scar on her neck and she often wears a ruby necklace. Sunset also wears a gold earring.


Oh, oh, heaven knows

We belong way down below

Way down below, way down below

Sunset is usually angry. She loses her temper easily and won’t hesitate to yell at someone. However, she does have a soft side that she hardly shows.


Judy's in the front seat picking up trash

Living on that dough

Gotta make that cash



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Scorp and Ion

Scorp and Ion are Sunset’s brothers. They get along well, because they have the same angry attitude. Scorp and Ion are helping Sunset find out where their parents are.


Sunset and Fierce are pretty good friends, but Sunset often yells at the tribrid.

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