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"You idiotic lizard, I bet the snow on the Clawreach Mountains could outsmart you."

Meet Strike, the angry Spark.

Her scales are a dark grey, and her underscales are pitch-black. Her horns and claws are the same black as her underscales. Her transitional scales are a pretty light teal, as are her eyes. Her wing feathers are the same grey as her scales, but the feathers at the end of her wings are a bright chartreuse.

She is tall for her age, and is average in strength. She has two teal lightning-bolt tattoos by her eyes.


If one word was used to describe Strike, it'd be angry. She always seems angry, and frequently yells and (occasionally) curses. She is frequently seen with a scowl. Other dragons say that she spent too much time with SkyWings, but they don't dare see that to her face.


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Strike Firebolt Darkscales, a young TempestWing Spark. Her scales are grey, her feathers pitch-black. The transitional scales down her side are an electric green, as are the tips of her feathers. Her eyes are sky-blue, with a teal lightning bolt tattooed by each one.

She is quite thin and agile, as she spends a lot of her time flying. Strike is usually seen wearing simple clothing and little to no jewelry.


Strike is very laid-back and calm, but very protective of her friends. She smiles a lot and is a terrible liar when it comes to minor things. However, she can come up with a convincing lie if she's desperate. She has spent years trying to master her powers and has decent control over them. She can use "lightning breath" and can zap someone if she tries hard enough. Strike hates it when others try to touch her wings.


  • hatched in average family
  • went to school and crap
  • "accidentally" hit someone with lightning when she figured out they were bullying her friend
  • suspended
  • gets back in school
  • does ok
  • C+ student except in science was B+
  • graduates
  • warrior yee


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