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Stormfront ac full
Stormfront ac full
Background Information
Creator AvalonCat
Artist AvalonCat
Main Attribute Ocean
Elemental Attribute Storm
Theme Animal Falcon
Theme Color Blue
Theme Song Fantastic Voyage
MBTI Personality working on it.
Character Information
Age 13
Gender male
Orientation straight
Occupation First Mate of the Gold Heit
Tribe TempestWings
Residence The Gold Heist
Relatives none
Allies Otter
Enemies Captain Azitain, Sigan
Likes Treasure
Dislikes broke
Powers and abilities Storm Sense/ neutral
Weapons Tempest weapons
Ships none
Quote "Aye you scallywags"

Appearance Storm front is a dark blue with purple eyes. His horns curve back towards his neck like a goat. His belly is tan and his midscales are purple like his eyes. His wing membrane is black with bright purple stripes. He wears two golden gauntlets around his foretalons. His horns, upperscales and claws are grey. His spine is a darker blue than his main scales. He also has hints of grey in his scales.

Personality Stormfront is very protective and strong willed. He has excellent leadership skills and can make many dragons listen to him. Stormfront has a desire for treasure and is extreamly protective over it. His storm sense is genrally neutral to where he can sense a good downpour on the way.

History Stormfront was born in Stormtouch. His parents were very wealthy merchants and planned for him to be betrothed to one of the princesses. Stormfront wanted a free wild life instead and ran away as a result. He flew to the coast in hope of finding refuge on one of the SeaWing islands. On his way, he bumped into Otter and his ship. At first, Otter planned on robbing him but then decided to hold him prisoner instead. Stormfront was forced to work and clean the ship day and night. He was poorly fed too. One day, the ship was attacked by Captain Azitain's crew. HE saved Otters life and as a result, he was made first mate. Today, Stormfront plunders the seas with Otter.

family ASK!!!

Friends ASK!!!


Posidonia (OC)

Relations Otter: Extreamly loyal to his captain and would die for him.

Posidonia: Really likes her and has a small crush on her.

Azitain: Wishes ill on her.

Sigan: Wants to kill him.

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