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Starsearcher (Right) and his mate Sharpeye (Left). Art courtesy of FlaretheSkyWing.

Starsearcher for Awesum

Shadowhawkart's Perspective of Starsearcher. Art by Shadowhawkart.


Starsearcher is the creepy-looking NightWing in the middle. Art by RimeTheIcewing

Starsearcher is a member of G. A. S. P. and head scientist of xenobiology. (Starsearcher is copyright of Awesum14706 Inc. and property of Awesum14706. He is also Awesum14706's FIRST OC EVER. Do not use this OC unless use is licensed to you by Awesum14706. OR. I. WILL. NOM. ON. YOU. AND YOUR OC'S. AND I WILL GET AN ADMIN TO BAN YOU.)


Starsearcher is a serious dragon. He speaks very little, ESPECIALLY about the D3S1GN Projects. He is very smart/intelligent and observant. He is very passionate about what he does, and will never give up on anything. This includes research, love, and sometimes even revenge. 



Starsearcher's silhouette

Starsearcher has one blue eye that can occasionally change colors momentarily. His other is cybernetic, due to the fact he was altered while a part of Project D3S1GN. Another result of Project D3S1GN is his front left leg is cybernetic. He has dark purple scales. He has over 1500 total wing-stars on each wing.


Starsearcher was born on a night with no clouds when all three of the moons were aligned in a special way so that you could see all the stars in the sky. His parents named him Starsearcher because of the way he reached at the night sky.

He excelled in school until he was 6, when his parents were killed by a mysterious figure. He ran away and joined G. A. S. P., where he eventually rose up to become the same position as his parents, second-in-command of the astrobiology department. There, he searched for alien life among the stars.

14 years into his G.A.S.P. career, he was captured and taken to Project D3S1GN, where he was altered. 

He now lives at the South Sea with Sharpeye and their four dragonets. 


Son of Planetfinder (now deceased)                                                                                                                    

Son of Nightgazer (now deceased)                                                                                                                      

Mate of Sharpeye          

Friend of Roadrunner (considers him a brother)

Friend of Lynx (considers her a sister)

Father of Honorseeker, Hopebringer, Skywatcher, and Soulkeeper

Brother of Trapsetter

One Dragonic Family

Starsearcher and his huge family. He is the large one on the left holding Skywatcher.


Starsearcher is now head of Xenobiology at GASP.

Starsearcher has four dragonets: Honorseeker, Hopebringer, Skywatcher, and Soulkeeper.

Starsearcher and Sharpeye went to school together. He is not sure if she remembers that, though.

Starsearcher privately vowed he would see Sharpeye again for 18 years until they found each other.

Starsearcher was a loner for four years.

He secretly carries the weapon he stole from his parents' killer around, trying to decipher the code.


Starsearcher on the left, Sharpeye on the right. The key-like thing on Starsearcher's chest is cybernetics for his leg. Art courtesy of RimeTheIcewing.


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