Spix ref by me!! Don't use for anything!!

Character belongs to Spix
Coding by Enigma

Major revamp!!

A weird kid with an explanation for everything.

Oh heck oh DANG vaporizes into the fourth dimension
Artist Day!!
Background Information
Creator Spix227
Main Attribute Pastel colors
Elemental Attribute Nothing
Theme Animal Cockatoo
Theme Color Pastel blue/White/Peach/Lavender
Theme Song Pork and Beans- Weezer
Character Information
Age 13 (Hy)
Gender Demigirl
Orientation Demisexual
Occupation Babysitter/Student
Tribe RainWings
Goal To get some candy and eat it 'cause ya know? Candy is good
Nicknames Spits, Spixie, Stick
Residence Idk yet!
Relatives Mum, Dad, and Sis
Allies Friend and fam
Enemies Oof
Likes Stuff
Dislikes Memes
Powers and abilities Venom
Weapons Oof
Ships Oof


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