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Soulfire is a strange-looking dragon. One might mistake her for an oddly-colored SeaWing at first, but then you see her orange scales running down her side, exactly like a TempestWing's. She has red photophores like a SeaWing, allowing her to fluently communicate in Aquatic. She has the gills of a SeaWing. Soulfire can light up her SeaWing photophores and has two lines of transitional scales- the regular one and another that starts at the base of her horns. The top of her body is a dark grey, almost black. Below the top set of transitional scales, her regular scales are a medium grey. Her underbelly is a lighter grey. Her wings are a sea-blue color, due to her SeaWing DNA. She has webbed talons. Her sets of transitional scales can glow orange.


In a nutshell, Soulfire is a mix of Glory and Starflight. Now, bullet points.

  • holds grudges easily
  • smart
  • active and lazy at the same time yay
  • friendly but also shy
  • awful at public speaking amd reading aloud (stumbles over words)
  • loves puns


Soulfire is the daughter of a low-ranking TempestWing and a SeaWing royal guard. She hatched around the end of the War of SandWing succession, so she was able to be raised by both her parents. She had a normal past and was educated at a prestigious SeaWing school, learning Aquatic and normal speech.

She graduated college with a degree in engineering, technology, language teachings, and history. Soulfire got a job at a TempestWing college in Stormtouch, teaching an engineering class and helping a robotics club. She got a good pay, and eventually quit her job at the age of 25.

A year later, she met another SeaWing named Levi. She fell head over heels for him, and it was obvious. She was horrible at hiding her feelings, and he admitted that he had feelings for her as well. They went on their first official "date" the next day.

He finally proposed to her after seven months. She said yes. Their wedding was scheduled for five months later.

A year after their wedding, Soulfire found out she was expecting an eg. It hatched, and the dragonet was named Riversplash. She was a pure SeaWing, as the TempestWing genes are recessive to SeaWings. Today, Soulfire and Levi are 29. Their daughter is two years old.


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