Hey you there don't steal him, he's my OC, so yeah. Steal and I murder you. Ok bye.

Background Information
Creator The Shadowstalker
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute Fire, Air
Theme Animal type here
Theme Color Gold
Theme Song My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark “Light'em up” (Fall Out Boy)
Mother An Unknown SandWing
Father An Unknown SkyWing
Half-Brother Saw-Scales
Girlfriend Crimson
Character Information
Age 8
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Tribe SandWings, SkyWings
Goal N/A
Nickname Flare
Residence Scorpion Den
Allies Shadowstalker, Millennium, Parakeet, Tidalstorm, Sleet, Velvet, Birch, Iris, Raptor, Crimson, Saw-Scales, Quokka
Enemies Vulture, The Talons of Power
Likes Flying
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities Stronger than average, scales hotter than a normal SandWing
Weapons Strength, claws, teeth, fire
Quote Are you sure this is a good idea?


Solarflare has copper and yellow scales with white horns. He has black eyes and shiny red going down his neck and tail. He also has black claws, a black barb tip tail, and gold wings.


Solarflare is fierce and protective of his friends. He's very loyal but he has a short temper. He is kind to his friends and only his friends.


Solareflare is slightly stronger than an average SkyWing. He also has scales hotter than a normal SandWing, but they are nowhere near as hot as Peril's. He has a SandWing barb and SandWing poison in it.



Work in progress.

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