A MEME SANDWING(mutt). HE LIKES SOCKS AND LIVES IN FINNERBREAK. he is a farmer and likes wheat. belongs to sorapaw ouo no adding catagories rn thanks


  • bright yellow with bright red talons and tail
  • orange rainwing ruff/sandwing ridge
  • bright green/aqua eyes with magenta pupils
  • bright aqua spots
  • wingless¬†
  • very tall and lanky
  • toothy smiles
  • wears lots of red and white socks on all five of his limbs (including tail)
  • wears a light grey-blue sweater


  • ultimate goof
  • silly
  • really sweet
  • never quiet
  • tries to make everyone smile
  • can be kinda creepy
  • weird
  • everyone loves his weirdness
  • a really good farmer and grows fantastic food
  • loves hugs


  • was hatched around 10 years before Nell
  • outcasted because he was so weird
  • went to school and was bullied a lot
  • started taking farming classes
  • became top of his class
  • everyone started to warm up to him
  • continued to grow amazing food and become one of the top farmers/chefs at a very young age
  • brother Tallkin left with Sunna, gives him grief every day
  • married Marie and now lives happily


Tallkin - misses his brother every day, and desperately wants him to come home. but deep down, he knows that Tallkin won't be returning home...ever.

Marie - loves his wife so much, can't wait to have dragonets to raise with her. she saved him from depression after Tallkin left, and he is forever grateful to the Deities for her.

Nell - loves her (platonically) and likes to bring her food. he can understand her stress about becoming the next Lady and thinks of her as a princess, but he also likes to annoy her and get her away from the stress of handling the other dragonet's problems.

Sunna - he has mixed feelings about sunna. sunna and him used to hang out when she was little, and he misses her a lot and wonders where she is often. he is also mad at her for abandoning finnerbreak, but he hopes that she is in a better place (no not dead lmao).


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