Slate Wind
Tribe TempestWing
Age 16 (HY)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Lives in Sky Kingdom
Loves None
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Slate has a small, narrow build and he barely reaches the shoulders of other TempestWings his age. His wings are small and usually pressed close to his body with nervousness. His snout is relatively average, with a small dip before the peak of his forehead. His long TempestWing ears are always slightly askew. His colouring is a dark brown-purple color, like a dusky amethyst, and his bright warm-yellow transitional scales lead to a slightly lighter version of his main-body purple color on his underscales. Slate's eyes are large and inquisitive, and they are a vibrant forest green. His small wings are still noticeably lean, like his body, and the signature TempestWing vertical markings on his wings are a rippling sunset, in a bright cinnamon-orange hue. Blunt horns curve backwards atop his head, like short ibex horns, and they gradually turn into dark spines running from his neck to mid-way through his long tail. He is practically blind without his trusty pair of small wire-framed circular glasses.


Slate, in a short summary, is whiny, annoying, and an absolute scaredy-cat. My concept for him was supposed to be a kind of muted, dusky-colored dragon with a (very) late halloween/witchy theme. He would never be the protagonist in a story, more of the whiny little brother who doesn't really want to come along but does it anyway. He can be overly-attached to people who take a liking to him, since many don't, but that makes him a very loyal, if not clingy, friend who will stay by your side forever.


ya yeet this will never be filled in because I am lazy


Slate Wind posseses a very aerodynamic body type, like most TempestWings, and he can charge from small bursts of electricity as well. He has the heightened hunting skills of the TempestWings, and for hunting he relies on this to get him through, as his terrible sight certainly doesn't help, and hasn't seemed to give him heightened senses like you would think. He has neither a storm sense or enhanced senses.


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