I don't care if they're the ones who destroyed my world, because they lead me to you.

~Sky Colors to Orpheus

Sky Colors is a TempestWing, the deeased mate of Orpheus, as well as the mother of Luna and Phoebus.

Sky Colors
Background information
CreatorFeather the Everywing 
Main AttributeResiliance
Elemental AttributeWind
Theme Colortype here
Theme Animaltype here
Theme Song
AkiGlancy Secret Garden (Original Flowerfell Song)
MBTI Personalitytype here
Character information
Agetype here
Gendertype here
Occupationtype here
Tribetype here
Goaltype here
ResidenceTalons of Death headquarters, currently in a coma
Relativestype here
Alliestype here
Enemiestype here
Likestype here
Dislikestype here
Powers and abilitiestype here
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Sky Color's scales were a dark purple, with the palest ones near her underbelly. Her wing membranes contained shimmers of aurora greens and purples. Her eyes were silvery dark blue. 

On her fore legs, some scars were visiable from when she had fallen down into Orpheus' reality. She often wore a crystal which was orange with a sparkle of silvery blue.

Back Story

Orpheus thought Sky told everything about herself, but even she kept him in the dark of her secret: she was the only female survivor of a failed timeline, in which NightWings clased with a few animus dragons, and the world came to an end. She had found a single crystal prior to it's fall, and it saved her life, but also that of a rogue NightWing.

She was found by a few TempestWings, and a couple with another dragonet took her in as their own. Although she tried telling them the truth, they thought it was the result of her rough landing, but her crystal told her otherwise.

The crystal held it's own secrets, and often a wisp of a dragon-like figure came to her, calling itself Gweneth. Gweneth taught her how to use the crystal correctly to transport her to incredible timeline, and even saved a few from falling alternate realities. But either way, she liked this ability, and kept the secret from everyone.

During one of these experimental journeys, Sky had difficulty mastering the way to enter back into a realm, and one day, she landed roughly back into her timeline with a dislocated wing. However,a dragon named Orpheus approached her, and with the help of his foster father, Wind Watcher, she was healed healed back to health.

Sky was rather curious about Orpheus' life, seeing that he was a DeathWing NightWing sort of hybrid, and was well aware of both tribe relations. Orpheus eventually told of his story, of his parents who abandoned him without any second thoughts, of Wind Watcher's nurturing of him, and of his dislike of being part NightWing. Sky questioned if he would ever try to find the DeathWings, but Orpheus insisted that he would be fine with her by his side, and Sky couldn't help but agree with him as well.

Gweneth told her to be cautious of her relationship with Orpheus, as her duties to protect timelines was important. But Finally, Sky had to tell her friend the truth: being with Orpheus was more important than her desire to travel to such dimensions. Gweneth reluctantly gave in, but warned of what would happen should she die. The duty of being a timeline traveler would cause her body to become stardust, and be reborn as a time crystal in the sky.

Sky was ready for such a fate, as well as raising what her future family. But no amount of power could have foretold her fate. A meteor fell out of the sky, killing a Wind Watcher, and causing Sky to enter a coma. She had no idea about Orpheus's dark desires to kill the NightWings or his prejudice clouding that of their children's fates, and the lives of hundreds more. Truly, her presence would've set all timelines on a better path...


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