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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. SkyWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon SkyWings.

Boreal SkyWings are adapted to cold climates and living among thick pine foliage. They were made by NightStrike and are more distant to normal SkyWings than subspicies typically are due to extreme isolation.

Boreals live in the taigias on the northwestern coast, near DeathWings, sometimes on the eastern IceWing coast, or, most commonly, the snowy archipelagos found in between those areas.

They are the most isolated of the SkyWing subspecies; rarely breeding with Temperate SkyWings, and appear the most like IceWings, though they are not related to IceWings in the slightest. They may occasionally breed with IceWings or Peak SkyWings, though just often enough to keep gene pools fresh.

Boreal SkyWings possess pastel colors due to living in snow-filled forests, and can appear pink-ish, light yellow, or pale gray. Darker green-brown accent colors and markings are not unheard of.

Boreal SkyWings posess smaller, narrower wings than their mainland counterparts, allowing them to dart in between trees like flashes of lightning. They are as fast in the trees as Temperate SkyWings are in open air. They have high-powered flight patterns, and typically beat their wings like a rapid pulse to chase prey.

Boreal scales are thin and almost hairlike; flexible spines that retain the heat prouduced by their body and their fire. These scales can puff up when a Boreal SkyWing is threatened. The skin underneath the scales is black.

The scales near their spines are thicker, plated, and can actually heat up at will, and can reach temperatures of up to ~800° C. When hot, these scales glow the color of the boreal’s fire.

Boreal eyes are typically yellow, brown, or green, reflect light in shadows, and are adapted to vision in six months of darkness, though this night vision is not as perfected as SeaWing night vision.

Boreal SkyWings are typically 3/4 the size of regular SkyWings, with females on average being larger than males, though not by much of a noticable difference.

Boreal SkyWings are not as good as regular SkyWings in open air, and have trouble navigating in strong winds without trees blocking the blunt force, but are extremely agile, and can dodge and weave around obstacles like no other tribe.

They are also not the strongest built, but they make up for this with sheer firepower. Boreal SkyWings have extremely hot fire, and the scales along their spines can reach up to firescale temperatue (not all scales can reach this temperature, normal ones can only gather up to ~50° C of heat).

Boreal individuals have varying degrees of fire heat, with the lowest temperature being 800° C to the hottest being 1400° C. Fire colors based on heat go red, orange, yellow, white, blue. Green and purple fire is uncommon, but not unheard of, and those colors fall in between the yellow and white range (with purple being hotter than green). Fire heat almost always corresponds to status in a clan.

White and blue fire are rarer, and the markers of a leader, while red and orange are markers of a firetender or a digger (the lowest ranked). However, fire alone does not decide leadership (more outlined in society).

Boreal SkyWings are quite cut off from Temperate SkyWings, since most never venture off of the mainland. They occasionally come into contact with explorers, and the occasional adoption of a forigener into a clan is not unheard heard of.

Meetings with Peak SkyWings are the most common interaction Boreals have with those not of their own kind.

Boreal SkyWings live in packs they call "clans". Each clan rules over at least one island (or portion of territory if they live on the mainland) or up to a dozen if they areone of the bigger clans. Each clan has a pair of leaders (usually mates) that act a lot like "alpha" wolves. They are protectors and defenders of their territories, and most are not socialized to act dicatorial.

In general, Boreals possess honor codes and do not act as backhanded as the mainland tribes do. Their rulers are not decided by blood, but by combat prowess and will to lead. Challenges are issued often among clan leaders, and leadership is decided by who wins and who submits. These fights are often submit or die, though the knocking unconcious of a contestant often decides a win as well. Strategy can have a play, but combat and fire are usually the deciders of these fights.

Some clans have generational alliances and rivalries with others, and war between clans is common, though rarely do more than five clans get involved in one war, or "raid" as they are called by the islanders. Each clan has its own traditions, culture, and forms of expression.

The most common traditions revolve around fire and natural elements, with songs, sacrifices of meat, bone, or other materials, and dances being used to "sway" the gods to their clan’s favor. The Boreals all worship the same gods, though it is unknown exactly who or what these gods are by anything but the Boreals themselves. Boreals do welcome outsiders (who are rare) into packs, but rarely does one fully understand their way of life.

Boreals can join other clans, but turncoats are often sworn vengeance apon by former clans, so defecting from the bigger clans is often a big no for those who want to live. Boreals all speak a morphed dialect of draconic, with some phrases and words mixed in that no mainlander with have ever he ad of.

Boreal names are typically made from these weird phrases or something in nature, or a mix. A few examples are Thyal, Drya’run, Windwound, or Killghar.

There are five big clans, three of which rule many islands, and two of which rule lots of territory on the East Ice Coast and the West Isle Coast.

These are the Big Five clans:

  • Blood’fyar (meaning: blood pact). One of the more savage clans; "might-makes-right". Islanders.
  • Ryolfen (meaning: storm teeth). Posseses many blue-fire breathers; complex traditions. Islanders.
  • Nolay’thorn (meaning: thorns of the wild). Members are extremely fast; hunter society. Islanders.
  • Strigiar (meaning: wings of winter). Most strategic clan; some are travelers. East Ice Coast.
  • Aayi’call (meaning: the gods’ call). Mist runners; most elusive and dangerous. West Isle Coast.

Magma SkyWings where created by DragonKatty

--You do not need permission to make a Magma SkyWing--


I created this myself

Magma SkyWings have coal black scales with red/orange/gold under scales patterned in such a way that it looks like magma, hence the name Magma SkyWing.

These dragons like to live in very hot climates, like around a volcano. It is very unlikely to fond a Magma SkyWing is a wet, cold place.

Magma SkyWings have the same abilities any other sky dragon. Unfortunately they cannot survive in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees centigrade.


The Magma SkyWings where created by accident. A NightWing and a SkyWing, who carried the firescales gene had a dragonet together. Their dragonet married a SkyWing and so on until there was enough of them to call them there own tribe. About a year after the events of The Dragonet Prophecy the Magma SkyWings split up from the regular SkyWings.

Feather-winged SkyWings is a sub-type made by Cut-throat :P

The only difference Feather-winged SkyWings have to their main tribe is that their wings are covered in a layer of feathers like a birds' and their horns are longer and more graceful. Feather-winged SkyWings wings are usually coloured like a birds rather than the colour the rest of their body. they also have more hooked claws to grip rocks better.

Feather-winged SkyWings live high in the mountains and are adapt to flying in strong wings and more extreme hot/cold. Feather-winged SkyWings live in beautifully desinges and decorated caves they carved with their fire and claws. The are kinder than most typical 'grumpy SkyWings.'

History <bur> It is unknown how the first Feather-Winged SkyWing come about, it is pressumed a split-off group came about hundreds of years ago and slowly evolved high in the mountains. Feather-Winged SkyWings are generally quite curious.


Cloud SkyWings are usually gray, pale red, pale orange, or pale orange in color. Their eyes are typically grayscale in color, but very rarely, they can be blue or pure white. Longer, curved horns and long IceWing spikes. Sometimes their legs have the sharp spines IceWings have. They are named after their scale colors.

Cloud SkyWings were separated from regular SkyWings during the scorching. An IceWing bred with a SkyWing, producing 5 dragonets who roamed to the Ice Kingdom. They bred with other IceWings, and the first Cloud SkyWing was born. The colony of 10 dragons eventually started breeding with eachother, making a bigger colony. They eventually chose a queen to rule over them, considering themselves a whole different tribe. They made it a law that they could only breed with other Cloud SkyWings.

((Made by Rainbow the Fusion <3))

Tropic Skywings are a subspecies made by Stormtorch3 :D

Tropical Skywings have changed much from their Skywing roots. They have a wider range of color than red/gold and orange; They can be a combination of blue, yellow, red, pink, and orange. They can also have green or purple accents on their bodies. Their bodies are slightly more flexible to help moving through thicker forests, and even their tails are longer to assist with climbing.

After the first Tropical Skywings were born, (see history) they realized that they were no longer welcome in the sky palace. A bit embarrassingly, they reside on unmapped islands off the coast of the Rainforest Kingdom and the northeastern Scavenger den.

A new tropical climate calls for some changes in abilities. First of all, Tropic Skywings can no longer receive firescales. Speaking of fire, they have learned to breath fire with pinpoint accuracy. They have increased agility, for navigating the foliage and trees.

The origin of this subspecies are from an exiled Skywing who had a secret relationship with a Skywing guard. When the Skywing queen found out, she found a reason to banish the guard who had been particularly annoying. They fled south, and when they landed off the coast of the rainforest kingdom, they saw the islands in the distance. They adored this new island, and stayed there. A period of time passed that involved new Skywings arriving, journeying out to more of these islands, breeding, evolving, and establishing a society.

The original Tropics feared they would be found and eliminated, so they live in three different colonies. If one colony is attacked, they will seek shelter in others. The first colony, Jyngl colony, is the original and strongest colony. The colony to the west is the Igbo colony, to the east is the Selva colony.

The Jyngl colony is where the royalty resides. Jyngl is the most important colony, as it provides resources and military supplies to Igbo and Selva. However, Igbo and Selva do not recieve food; they must catch it themselves.

Despite the fact that the colonies' military may seem weak, consider that if all the best fighters formed an army, the Tropics would equal them.

Feather-winged SkyWings is a sub-type made by Cut-throat :P

The only difference Feather-winged SkyWings have to their main tribe is that their wings are covered in a layer of feathers like a birds' and their horns are longer and more graceful. Feather-winged SkyWings wings are usually coloured like a birds rather than the colour the rest of their body. they also have more hooked claws to grip rocks better.

Feather-winged SkyWings live high in the mountains and are adapt to flying in strong wings and more extreme hot/cold. Feather-winged SkyWings live in beautifully desinges and decorated caves they carved with their fire and claws. The are kinder than most typical 'grumpy SkyWings.'

History <bur>

It is unknown how the first Feather-Winged SkyWing come about, it is pressumed a split-off group came about hundreds of years ago and slowly evolved high in the mountains. Feather-Winged SkyWings are generally quite curious.


Sky-High Skywings are eggs born extremely high in the sky, where no normal Skywing would be able to thrive because of the low air pressure.

Sky-High SkyWings are small, but their wings are even larger than two full-grown Mudwings. They are amazing fliers, and their wings are big yet light. They usually have lighter colors than the usual SkyWings, and their bones are very light. Their scales are flexible, and because of the low air pressure, they have much bigger eggs with a higher likelihood of containing twins, which can result in firescales. (But this may be false, because usually, when a twin hatches, they are merged into one being with four wings, two heads, and two tails. Even though it is more likely for an SHS to have twins, only 1 in every 50 SHS is a twin.) SHS also have huge horns, curling around their ears like a ram.

The first sky-highs were born as an experiment from the NightWings. They found an extremely high mountain, only a bit smaller than Mount. Everest, then set a ton of SkyWing eggs that were given up by the parents. They hatched into what they are now, and when the NightWings were unable to get the dragonets, they thrived. SkyWings often went there to enjoy the sights; the ideal vacation spot, and then end up staying because of the SHSs' charming nature.

Sky-High SkyWings are masters with their words. They are not fighters, and they are like silver-throated Sunnies. They are very social and outgoing, and are never ever like their grumpy origins. They are very sweet, and dread going to a place that isn't their big, mountainous, snowy home.

Sky-High SkyWings live on a huge mountain north of the Ice Kingdom, out in the ocean. Some reside in other, smaller mountains out in the oceans. Hybrids, firescales, and other dragons like that are actually treated like royalty, put up in the highest peak for the high ranks.


Hybrids, firescales, ect are treated higher than everything else. They are ruled by only elected dragons and not any heirs and other stuff. Killing will result in banishment, but they may go to court to prove themselves. Since the group is small and it's more of a peaceful village, when a dragon dies, everyone goes out and has a candlelight vigil for the passed dragon. Even pets get vigils. Fighting is legal as long as it did not resort in death, and it was willingly, and no major wounds come.

Made by AzureMoon00


Amber SkyWings have larger wings than other SkyWings and are normally shades of orange and, more rarely, red. Other than that, Amber SkyWings are nearly identical to other SkyWings.


Amber SkyWings live high up in the mountains, near the palace. However, they are excellent at hiding from patrols, and so, none of the SkyWings know they exist.


Amber SkyWings have existed for almost as long as the SkyWings themselves. They were first created when eight SkyWings ran away from the palace and created a small group called the Sky-Watchers. They stayed in their camp for five years, recruiting other SkyWings until, one day, a soldier discovered them. He immediately went to the palace and told Queen Raptor. Two days later, the SkyWing army invaded the camp. They obliterated everything in sight before setting the whole thing on fire. However, some of the Sky-Watchers had survived by fleeing into the forest near the camp. They left the camp and moved to another place where the SkyWings wouldn't find them. They named themselves the Amber SkyWings after their leader, Amber, the daughter of the original leader. From that day on they have been very distrustworthy of the SkyWings, but have assembled a small but powerful army to defend themselves against further invasions. They are mostly a peaceful tribe, but will fight fiercely to protect their home.

flamewing skywings are made by prince flare the firey red skywing


flamewing skywings have the ocational red orange but any dragon with bright red scales will have lava breath any dragon with yellow scales with not have fire only sparks black flamewing will have either lava or ember breath orange or regular red dragons will just have fire


these eggs are very hot but are brought up to the mountains for safety they are usually red and if they have speical parents they might get a special abillaty such as lava breath


their fire is way more extreme than other fire its usually red hot but unlike mot they control their fire warmth


high up in the mountain where they band together in small groups


once refered to hybrid but now are a full part of the skywings they evolved from small to huge amounts and they were made by skywings and any other tribe with fire but now its a chance of skywings marring skywings


they are allied with all skywings tribes and any tribe bordering them


they are currently lead by queen lava of the skywings


unknown where bouts but rumer said he was a kind king named fire


they are named after fire so blaze, flare, flame, fire, ember, spark, etc are all flamewing names

Glowing SkyWings are a sub-type made by Floralities. Please ask for her permission! She’s on quite a bit so don’t worry


Glowing SkyWings adapted to their new home. Their scales are typically pastel colours, like pink, red, orange and gold.


Usually the looks and possible colors of a normal SkyWing but with tail feathers at the end of their tails and being able to be pale colors.


As an addition to being able to breathe fire, they can also whip up mini-hurricanes using their wings. Firescales came send a ember storm towards their enemies.


Usually every new year all dragons would watch the hatchery no matter if there's a war or not. They will all watch the new generation of dragonets hatch together until they all do so.

Also, Animus SkyWings aren't banned yet because these dragons developed before Albatross hatched.


Aysterian SkyWings come from an ancient unnamed SkyWing that was lost off of Phyrriah and landed on Aysteria, ever since, SkyWings began to spread and evolve to their new environment, being more aerodynamic.

"Ah, so you've heard of these dragons. Very dangerous, but I suppose it would be fitting if you learned about them to defend yourself. Be warned, though, you must promise you will never, EVER tell this information to another living being. Now, sit down."


"Their main trait is their horns. Have you ever seen a bighorn sheep? That's the Bighorn SkyWings' namesake. They were named after their horns. And their scales are soft. Easy to stab, but that's their main trap. See, when they're stabbed, they immediately stop bleeding-in all areas. Then, after a few

Blue Flame SkyWings are a subspecies made by Charaisntevilguys, it is a wip and this will get updated!

More flying in soon!

Lightning SkyWings are a subspecies of SkyWing whose egg was struck by lightning. You need permission from RainWingHalfBlood to make one. The SkyWings are about the same size and shape as normal SkyWings, but their scales all are more yellow than the typical oranges or reds and their eyes a bright blue. In addition to the normal SkyWing powers they have, Lightning SkyWings can create an electric shock from their scales. A small shock can be used to hunt prey, but larger shocks have a ten hour recharge period before any lightning shock can be used again. Most hybrid eggs that are struck by lightning only have a bery weak electric shock, that basically feels like static electricity. However, in very, very, very, very, VERY rare cases hybrids can have stronger electric shocks with shorter recharge period.


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