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Sky is a male TempestWing working for The Circle. He is a former Instructor, former Second, and current Councillor and Immortal.


Now, you see, Sky has a fantastic backstory. What, you may ask? Well, unfortunately for you, I’m all out of backstories, so you’re going to have to wait a bit. But trust me, there is a story. And it’s very good.

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Early life

Both of Sky’s parents were Circle members, hence he was brought up in the Circle’s culture, and received lessons from an early age. His parents named him in the traditional TempestWing way, hence he only has a one word name.

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Circle career

After graduating from the Circle’s training program, Sky went on to lead many successful combat and intelligence missions. An injury during a routine patrol, caused entirely by the stupidity of a recent graduate, caused him to take up an interest in strategy, where his field knowledge proved incredibly useful. This temporary removal from the field allowed Equinox to push him into being an Instructor, which he agreed to, on the condition he would choose the candidate. Equinox agreed and Sky chose Flame, who later went on to graduate top of his group and eventually work alongside Sky on the Council.

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Involvement in the SandWing disaster

Sky was one of the Immortals who survived the ill-fated mission to the SandWing Palace. He survived without major injury and was involved in the investigation and cover-up during the aftermath, both inside and outside the Circle.

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Sky is often described as needlessly sarcastic, but most put this down to a crushing workload and got sense of humour. He is not exceptionally intelligent by Circle standards (whereas normal dragons call him a genius), however, he is noted for dispensing useful device. He is said to act older than his years, likely due to the vast and experience. He is loyal and hardworking, like most Circle members.

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