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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. SilkWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon SilkWings.

Darx where created by Simemistthedragon, and her Alts, please ask to make one.

Appearance & Description

Darx, or Darnerwings are long bodied Silkwings,they are typically blind, and have light colors and dull colors. They are able to become liquid similiar to cats. They often have a sweet smell produced by their Saliva,There bodies are alittle longer than normal Silkwing's Bodies, to make way for there Fermenting stomaches(they are herbivores.) They have teeth similiar to a sharks, and many teeth. They are semi-aquatic, and have otter-like paws and biolumenscent eyes, and deformed wings. Darx live an Aquatic lifestyle, there wrists are fluffy to hide there silk, some have fluffy stinger, but these are rare(ask to make a fluffystinger.)


They Live on Pollypax island, South of the Sand Kingdom. They are Allies of The Dunehunters.


Darnerwings used to live on Pantala, until the Tree wars started, then they relocated.

after they relocated, they met the Dunehunters. They came from a single Darnerwing hybrid, named Darner, of course!

They have only been around for 500 years, They were SilkWings that opposed Clearsight's teachings and were cast out because of it, they can handle high atmospheric pressure and are very nomadic, they look very similar to regular SilkWings and the only major difference is that they are lighter colored.

created by Dawnforger

These are a relatively new subspecies that causes the SilkWing to only become gray and white. This condition is usually passed on from generation through generation. Grayscales can NOT have black scales in them, however, only gray and white. Their eyes may be any color. They have personalities like any other SilkWing. Anyone can make one. Created by Crystalcat137

Fluffy SilkWings are created by Gøssamer. Please ask her to make one!

Fluffy SilkWings are an odd and rare subspecies of normal SilkWings. Though they have the same abilities and basic body builds, there's one main difference between them and average SilkWings: they're covered in a thick coat of fur. Their wings are big and fuzzy, and there are thick manes of fluff around their necks, tufts of fur on their wrists and ankles, and fluff at the ends of their tails. They lack the bright, saturated colors of average SilkWings, and tend towards dull grays, whites, and browns. They can have black markings, but this is very rare. Fluffy SilkWings are naturally nocturnal, and are attracted to bright lights. They are named after moths.

Most Fluffy SilkWings were wiped out during the Tree Wars, but some still live in a tiny patch of forest by Beetle Lake.

More coming soon!

Gemscale SilkWings are much like Gemscale RainWings, though they are different. Their wings are gradient and sparkly, their little dots on them are like jewels. Gemscale SilkWings were discovered after a Gemscale RainWing mated a SIlkWing, and had Gemscale SilkWings instead of hybrids. The same process of "dried resin" happens, but during metamorphosis. Normal Gemscale SilkWings have metamorphosis at age 4 instead of 6. The silk they have is thick, and comes in any color of the rainbow based off mood. They get a strong tail after metamorphosis because normally these SilkWings use their tail to crack the resin off the cocoon and use the tail to get out of the cocoon. Like gemscale RainWings in eggs, they usually suffocate. There is no infection, but Gemscale SilkWings can get gland problems in they get too much silk. Their scales are bold, and antennae are curled at a spiral like a RainWing's tail. The Gemscale SIlkWIng's tail is used to stun their enemies if attacked.

Please ask User:Just Simply Stargazing to make one on her wall! (Once belonged to Kittenjewel101)

Northern Silkwings are created by User:Cactussandwing, and are a variant of the main Silkwings, in the fanfiction HYBRID. Northern Silkwings have larger wings, and can be able to produce a venom like substance through their silk, but not enough to kill a dragon, but it can leave a painful wound if whipped strong enough. Most Northern silkwings have cool colors like Blue, green and purple. The current ruler of the Northern Silkwings is Queen Moth. Northern silkwings live by the ancient Cicada and Bloodworm hive, anyone can make one.

Southern Silkwings are created by User:Cactussandwing, and are a variant of the main Silkwings, in the fanfiction HYBRID. Southern Silkwings have smaller wings, and more tough bodies. Southern silkwings have the ability to have small stingers, and when bleeding have a poisonous smell. When dipped with metal, have an extremely toxic poison that is used in battles. Southern Silkwings are usually warm colors like red, orange and yellow. Southern Silkwings live by the ancient Vinegaroon and Wasp hives. The current queen is Queen Shimmer.

Very rarely, a Silkwing dragonet can go through metamorphosis and still not be able to fly. They can still have wings, but for whatever reason these are not aerodynamic and do not cause lift. However, they have extremely strong silk spinning abilities, being more likely to have flamesilk than other Silkwings. Silkwings like these are often outcast from society. Their main colors are orange, yellow, red and have contrasting underscales in green, blue or purple. Created by User:LadyScarab, please ask her before making a character. Based on Tau (Jewel Hive Chrysalis).

These are created by Phoenixsong and may or may not show up in her fanfics later.

Frostsilks are like flamesilks but their silk comes out sort of cold and shiny. After a few seconds of exposure, it hardens into ice.

Frostsilks were created with a SilkWing mating with an IceWing.

Lead SilkWings are SilkWings with silvery scales. They otherwise look normal until their Metamorphosis. They spin extremely soft, silvery silk similar to lead.

There is a cave in an unknown location for Lead SilkWings, similar to flamesilks. The silk immediately hardens and straightens out. It can then be used for drawing and writing.

Lead SilkWings were created by a genetic mutation. They bred and slowly they became more common, like once every two generations.

Lead SilkWings are created by User:Eclipseofthenight and you do not need to ask her for a normal Lead SilkWing, but you do need to ask for a free (as in not captured) one on her message wall.

NOTE: You do not need to ask to make a Rubbersilk. Ask DragoneeDragon on her message wall for a winged Rubbersilk.

Ah yes, the rubbersilks. They are similair to flamesliks in a way. Their silk is more weird than normal silk.

~APPEARANCE~ They look like any normal SilkWing, except the fact that they have a 50%-78% of not getting wings after metamorphosis.

~FEATURES~ Their silk, after metamorphosis, is odd. When the silk is left out for 5-10 minitues, it dries up and becomes bendy and hard. They can also spin a silk that dries up in only 5-10 seconds. Before the silk becomes dry, it's more moldable than normal silk. The silk also has a good fire resistance.

~UPSIDES~ All rubbersilks are respected due to their silk's abilities. They are like any normal SilkWing, except that their silk is often used alot more for construction. Rubbersilks can also use their silk as an advantage. Their fast-drying silk can make a long rope, and rubbersilks can use that rope to whip enemies. Rubbersilks are often used in battle. They can also have more control over flamesilks, due to the fire-resistance.

~DOWNSIDES~ There are a few downsides. For example, after metamorphosis, a rubbersilk has around a 50%-78% chance of not getting wings. The reason behind this is because their rubbersilk is pretty powerful, and also having the ability to fly would make them too powerful. Rubbersilks are also a bit more rare than flamesilks. And, last but not least, if they DID have wings, their flight speed would be pretty darn slow, and they would get tired easily.

~HISTORY~ Around 4843 A.S., a SilkWing named Riodinidae went into metamorphosis, and after the metamorphosis, she noticed that her wings never formed. When she tried using her silk, it became bendy and hard in only 7 seconds. The silk reminded her of rubber, so she made up a name for herself, a "rubbersilk". The mutation spread generation after generation, until it reached the point of today.

Created by DragoneeDragon.


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