Description: Scales can be nearly any color or shade, except black, and are usually bright and luminescent or reminiscent of butterfly and moth patterns; four butterfly-like wings (after metamorphosis); antennae on head; brightly colored eyes

Abilities: Can spin silk out of their wrists upon going through metamorphosis; can detect vibrations with antennae; very rarely a SilkWing can shoot a solid, burning hot silk out of their wrists known as flamesilk

Location: The Pantalan Hives

Queen (Canon): Queen Wasp

Diet: Honey, plants, fruit, nectar

Significant Members

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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. SilkWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon SilkWings.

They have only been around for 500 years, They were SilkWings that opposed Clearsight's teachings and were cast out because of it, they can handle high atmospheric pressure and are very nomadic, they look very similar to regular SilkWings and the only major difference is that they are lighter colored. created by Dawnforger

These are a relatively new subspecies that causes the SilkWing to only become gray and white. This condition is usually passed on from generation through generation. Grayscales can NOT have black scales in them, however, only gray and white. Their eyes may be any color. They have personalities like any other SilkWing. Anyone can make one. Created by Crystalcat137

Fluffy SilkWings are created by Gøssamer. Please ask her to make one!

Fluffy SilkWings are an odd and rare subspecies of normal SilkWings. Though they have the same abilities and basic body builds, there's one main difference between them and average SilkWings: they're covered in a thick coat of fur. Their wings are big and fuzzy, and there are thick manes of fluff around their necks, tufts of fur on their wrists and ankles, and fluff at the ends of their tails. They lack the bright, saturated colors of average SilkWings, and tend towards dull grays, whites, and browns. They can have black markings, but this is very rare. Fluffy SilkWings are naturally nocturnal, and are attracted to bright lights. They are named after moths.

Most Fluffy SilkWings were wiped out during the Tree Wars, but some still live in a tiny patch of forest by Beetle Lake.

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