Background Information
Creator Sorapaw
Main Attribute Fluffiness
Elemental Attribute Tundra
Theme Animal Sika Deer
Theme Color brown-purple
Theme Song Something from Hamilton, Why not
MBTI Personality Sweet and Salty
Character Information
Age 6
Gender Female
Orientation Pansexual
Occupation Student/Maid
Tribe mud-ice
Goal to work hard and please queen liriope
Residence mud kingdom
Relatives blackberry x wip icewing
Allies queen liriope, osprey, most mudwings
Enemies princess raspberry, overall skywings
Likes her enchanted doe swampy, food, tundra, hot chocolate
Dislikes super hot things, most skywings, wolves,
Powers and abilities can breath frost breath if cold enough, mud relaxes her, can survive in cold + humid areas just fine
Weapons frost breath, claws
Quote what happened to this place? where is queen everglade? who are you??" - when sika first leaves the prison

belongs to sorapaw, please don't steal!

sika is a mudwing-icewing hybrid, the daughter of blackberry and insert icewing here. she's sweet and kind, but also quite salty and has a short temper.


a deep purple-brown color for most of her scales, also dappled with white. her snout, talons, and bits of her wing are cream colored. her wing membranes are bright, pale blue with dark blue mixed in, giving off a butterfly wing vibe. sika also has bright, amber-yellow eyes. she has more of a mudwing body out of the two tribes, and has strange, curled ram horns instead of straight ones.she's pretty short and kinda chubby, but her legs and talons are well-defined and a little muscular.


sika's kind, happy, nice, fun to be around most of the time. sika's also really shy sometimes, and can be a bookworm, but prefers to be a mix of introverted and extroverted. she can almost be annoyingly cute, too, but can also get really salty and rude. just don't be rude to her and she won't get salty.


born to blackberry, servant of queen everglade, sika got to live in the palace, usually spending time with other mudwing friends or reading (she had to assume words rather than truly reading them) or eating. this was only for the first year of her life, before she was sent to everglade's prisons, where she'd spend the rest of her life. everglade was having a royal visitor from the skywings - the eldest daughter of queen crimson, princess raspberry. raspberry was very rude and sika didn't like her. raspberry demanded she be sent to a prison because of the little fights they would have, and everglade didn't want to risk fighting a war. but, that wasn't enough for raspberry. the skywing was an animus, and enchanted everyone to forget sika while she was spending her short time in the prison. she enchanted a small doe to bring sika food and water, so she'd never die until of old age. years later, after everglade had died, queen liriope rediscovered the forgotten hall in the mudwing prisons, and freed many of the dragons captured - including sika. like never understood what quite happened, but all became clear as she left the horrible prisons. sika became a very loyal maid of liriope after, and attended a normal mudwing school.



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