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The Shattered Soul looks like your average DeathWing, really. Except for a few things. His mask is pure white, but with intricate gold and silver markings around the eyes, nose, mouth, and horns. More markings go along his tail, wings, neck and legs. His eyes are a blackish purple. He is pitch black, and only transparent on his belly. Shattered Soul wears armor made out of the bones of his victims, melded together with fire. The armor is decorated with gold and silver markings and small ingots. The armor is pocketed with hidden places for his many daggers and knives. He wears a necklace he never takes off, it has dragon teeth and knives along the string, with the main piece a golden infinity sign embedded with diamonds. Rumor has it that he is a demigod.


This necklace is what makes him who he is. It gives him long life. (Immortality in certain AUs. Only not being affected by aging, though.) It makes him stronger than an average dragon, and distances himself emotionally. His fighting ability is pure experience though. He gains the ability to do stuff with souls of the dead, stealing and eating them to power his necklace, else it malfunction and turn on him. The necklace is extremely fragile, and when taken off he will not be able to hold up his bone armor or not die from age, and he gains full emotional sensitivity. While still lethal without it he is much gentler without it.


Sarcastic and sadistic, with his necklace Shattered Soul is the perfect killer. He has a dark sense of humor and very little understanding of emotions. He enjoys killing with his necklace on, but without it he is almost entirely different. He is sweet and gentle, still sarcastic but much more caring. He has greater feeling of emotions, and is pretty much your average dragon.



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