Hey you there don't steal her, she's my OC, so yeah. Steal and I murder you. Ok bye.

Background Information
Creator The Shadowstalker
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute Darkness
Theme Animal Black panther
Theme Color Purple
Theme Song Whispers in The Dark (Skillet)
Mother Starfire
Brother Millennium
Boyfriend Raptor (The Shadowstalker)
Character Information
Age 7
Gender Female
Occupation Leader of The Scorpions
Tribe NightWings
Goal To destroy the Talons of Power
Nickname Shadow
Residence Scorpion Den
Allies Saw-Scales (The Shadowstalker), Solarflare (The Shadowstalker), Crimson (The Shadowstalker), Tidalstorm (The Shadowstalker), Sleet (The Shadowstalker), Velvet, Birch, Iris, Raptor, Millennium, Quokka
Enemies Vulture, The Talons of Power
Likes Having everything her way
Dislikes Being told what to do, The Talons of Power
Powers and abilities Can see all possible futures, and can read minds (only loud and obvious minds)
Weapons Claws, teeth, fire
Quote If you would listen to me maybe we can figure this out!


Shadow has sleek black scales and deep purple horns. She has purple eyes and bright lavender teardrop scales going down her neck and tail. She also has dark purple-indigo claws and a small purple and black wire bracelet, and the under side of her wings are lighter than the top of her wings.


Smart and cunning. She is fast and can trick you even faster. To her friends she's sarcastic and funny but serious when she needs to be.


Shadow can read minds and see almost all possible futures. Its also how shes so quick an cunning.



Being his twin sister she has a really good relationship with him. Sometimes they argue, but they still love each other


Even though she raised her, Shadowstalker does not like her that much. It doesn't help that Quokka is a little over protective.


Shadowstalker hates her, because she thinks Starfire abandoned her and Millennium. However Shadow secretly wishes she new who Starfire was.

Vulture and The Talons of Power

Shadowstalker loathes them with a seething passion. Shadow is constantly thinking of ways to destroy them, but Millennium keeps her from attacking them.

Raptor (The Shadowstalker)

Shadow knows he loves her, but at first is unsure of her feelings toward him. She used to try to avoid conversations with him to spare herself the awkwardness. No she is very open towards him and shows that she really loves him.


Work in progress.

Shadowstalker and Millennium's egg was found outside the door of Quokka's Orphanage. It had a note saying this: I know they won't be able to survive with me, so for their own safety I'm giving them to you.

Millennium- if male

Shadowstalker- if female

I will come back for them if I can. Their mother, Starfire.

She grew up with Solarflare, Sleet, Saw-Scales, Crimson, and Millenium. Parakeet hached one year after Shadow hatched.

Two years after Parakeet hached she meets Raptor, Velvet, Birch, and Iris. They have been friends ever since.

After the Outclaws left Shadow new she had to find a way to destroy the Talons of Power. The Talons took over the Scorpion Den after the Outclaws left, Shadow saw them as a threat to her and her friends.


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