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Seren is a former TempestWing soldier, now trying to focus on what makes him happy in life—exploring. He keeps a journal of his travels and documents everything he finds interesting, whether it be plants, animals, or landforms. Although usually friendly, touch it without permission and perish.

Aliases Singing Eagle(original name), Seren
Attribute intrepid
Element wilderness
Animal bobcat/puma
Color muted forest
Age 21 human
Gender male
Orientation attracted to males/nb
Occupation soldier, now explorer
Tribe TempestWings
Residence travels
Relatives mom, dad, brother
Abilities charging, enhanced hearing, skilled fighter
Weaknesses too inquisitive, tight muscles, idiotically bold
Weapons claws, teeth, dagger
Love Interests Sphyr

a p p e a r a n c e .


p e r s o n a l i t y .

  • hates losing
  • loves traveling
  • does not [really] care for materialistic things(money, etc.)
  • tries his best
  • probably too curious for his own good
  • logical, tries to use logic when making decisions rather than heart but after dropping out of the military is starting to use heart more
  • interested in conflict but only as reading material, though peace can be boring sometimes
  • very attached to his journal
    • touch it without permission and he will gut you
  • expert at surviving(military + explorer experience)
  • patient with wildlife and nature yet not-so-patient with dragons
  • messy but knows where everything is so he doesn’t deem it an issue
  • wants to badly to publish his journal after it’s completed but hah that’s never gonna be finished
  • wants to explore the world for himself even though that could be deemed foolish by society
  • humble(if he’s not he’s most likely joking)
  • loves to joke around, sees laughter/happiness as validation
  • although nice he will harm others if attacked
  • unsure what to say most of the time, fairly socially inept
  • loyal
  • great planner
  • very sweet once you get to know him
  • loves mysteries + history

h i s t o r y .


a b i l i t i e s .


w e a k n e s s e s .


r e l a t i o n s h i p s .


t r i v i a .

  • He is a part of a big project that NS and I are working on

g a l l e r y .

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