Background Information
Creator Peacewielder
Art Me!
Theme Color Blue
Character Information
Age 3
Gender Male
Orientation Heterosexual
Occupation SeaWing Prince
Tribe SeaWings
Goal For Coral to care about him and his brothers
Residence The Deep Palace
Relatives Royal SeaWing Family
Allies SeaWings
Enemies SkyWings, MudWings
Likes Food
Dislikes being strictly told to do something, following orders
Powers and abilities Typical SeaWing abilities, Animus
Weapons Spear
Quote "Seastar, give it up; Mother diesn't love us or any of our brothers. She never will..."
Seastar is an animus prince of the SeaWings. He is the brother of Seastar, and the hatchmate of Princess Anemone. He is an animus.
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