SeaStar for Peacewielder
Background Information
Creator Peacewielder the NightWing 1
Image Artist Deathseerthenightwing1
Coding Ice
Theme Animal Seastar
Theme Color Navy
Character Information
Age 7 months
Gender Male
Occupation SeaWing Prince
Tribe SeaWings
Residence Queen Coral's Palace
Relatives Seaweed, SeaWing Royal Family
Allies SeaWings
Likes Fish
Powers and abilities Animus
"Me too! I want to go to Jade Mountain and eat mangos, try to sit on Clay, see Tsunami, tease Glory about her magical death spit, and lecture Starflight! Even though it's supposed to be the other way around."
- Seastar, to Coral


Seastar is a navy blue SeaWing, with light green underscales. He has dark green that closely resemble his father's. He has the starbursts on his wings like other royal SeaWings. He has no scars or battle wounds.


Seastar has the same personality as Tsunami. He is also an animus, but is worried about using it like Turtle. Whenever danger threatens one of his siblings, he acts ferocious and overprotective.


Seastar was in the same hatchery as Auklet, and two other male SeaWings. His eyes resemble Gill's, which is why Coral starts crying every time she sees him. He wanted to go to Jade Mountain Academy with Auklet, and Anemone. But was rejected by Queen Coral, so was Auklet.
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