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Background Information
Creator AvalonCat
Artist type here
Main Attribute Regal
Elemental Attribute Space
Theme Animal Golden Eagle
Theme Color Gold
Theme Song Last of the Light (Two Steps from Hell)
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 15
Gender female
Orientation straight
Occupation Nobel (Not confirmed yet...)
Tribe TempestWings
Goal Serve the Queen
Residence Storm touch
Relatives Saturn
Allies type here
Enemies type here
Likes Order, peace, gold, gems, expensive stuff.
Dislikes Chaos, dull rocks and metals, fake gems, disrespect.
Powers and abilities Charging, Storm Sense(Minor)
Weapons Electrical breath, staff.
Ships Sathor
Quote "By Odin's Beard"


Saturna is a black TempestWing with golden stripes, transitional scales and spines. Her eyes are light blue. Her horns are dark grey with thin gold cuffs around the base. She wears silver armor over her chest, shoulders, legs, and the upper part of her tail. On her armor she has carved Odin's symbol. Saturna is always seen carrying a golden staff with a deep blue jewel on top with feathered wings sprouting from it.


Saturna is very prideful and spoiled. Being the daughter of a rich dragon, Saturna was born with the wealth and luxury of a nobel. She loves being surrounded by expensive items and wearing jewels and gold. When she isn't all dressed up, she likes to have an intimidating appearance by wearing armor. Saturna is very protective over her friends and is very good as far as friends go. Unlike he snarkiness towards strangers, Saturna is a loyal friend. Saturna easily finds herself attracted to the royal princes of the TempestWings but has developed a strong crush on a young TempestWing named Thor.


Saturna was born to Saturn and an unknown mother, she was raised alone by her father who at that time was very ill and dying. He knew of Odin, a close friend whom he trusted his life with and gave Saturna for him to watch over. Frigga, Odin's wife, did most of the raising after Saturn's death. Saturna though grieved very little over him since she barely knew him. The only thing he left behind for her was his golden ring, with his symbol edged in. A circle with a line through it and a small blue jewel. Saturna was treated as a step-sister to Odin's sons Thor and Loki. For her first years with them, she let the boys go off and do their own things and tease her sometimes, but she mainly stayed to herself, reading in her room. Around her teen years, she began to like the brothers. Loki was charming as was Thor, however Loki always got into mischief in which Saturna disliked. Thor was very heroic and thus won Saturna's approval.

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