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Description: Pale yellow or gold/brown-colored scales; ridge along spine; black eyes or dark-colored eyes; barb on end of tail

Abilities: Can survive long periods of time without food or water; withstand intense heat; breathe fire; inject a deadly venom through a barb on their tail

Location: Desert in the west of Pyrrhia

Queen: Queen Thorn

Diet: Insects, livestock (camels), birds, rats, lizards, camel milk

Alliances: Formerly divided into three separate alliances during the Great War:

Blister — NightWings and SeaWings (formerly the MudWings)
Burn — SkyWings and MudWings
Blaze — IceWings and most of the SandWings

Significant Members

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Male Royalty:

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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. SandWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon SandWings.


Seaside SandWings tend to have browner scales than normal SandWings, and are usually in the brown- tan region. They have short claws and small feet that are less equipped for desert sand, and better for the rocky coastline. These SandWings are smaller and don't hate water, instead, their bodies give off enough heat to warm the water around them, keeping them comfortable in it. They have huge barbs.


This subspecies can blend in with the sandstone rocks, and the bottom of the shallows. They cannot hold their breath for long, but they can be submerged for at least thirty minutes at a time. Seaside SandWings do breathe fire and radiate heat like normal SandWings, but they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Their venom barbs are large and hold a lot more venom that the main species does.


Tundra SandWings have scales that can range from white to brown. They have do not have barbs, having degenerated due to having no reason to use them. However, they do have larger fangs for when they need to hunt. They are smaller than normal SandWings.


This subspecies can blend in with snow or mud (depending on what color they are). They can sustain cold tempuratures and can go for almost a year without food. They are more agile than normal SandWings due to their smaller size.

A subspecies of SandWings who mostly live in the south and near the eastern edge of the Sand Kingdom. They have orange to red scales, wings, and sails. Their fire is more powerful, but their venom is weaker, and can be cured more easily. They are thought to have resulted from SandWings crossbreeding with SkyWings.

This subspecies was created by MorphoTheRainWing. You do not need to ask permission to create one! However, you should credit Morpho for the idea.


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