Sailine is a five year old dragonet living in Oldsquaw's Home for Dragonets. She's a Sea/SandWing.

aesthetic tune:

S a i l i n e
Infobox Artist n/a
background information
Creator Sorapaw
Main Attribute Shells
Elemental Attribute Seaweed
Theme Animal Gecko
Theme Color Teal
Theme Song i'll fine something
MBTI Personality ISFP
Character Information
Age 5
Gender Gal
Orientation Bisexual
Occupation Loving Poison, her friends, Oldsquaw's home
Tribe Sand/Sea
Goal Stay safe forever, but still go on adventures
Nicknames Sail
Residence Oldsquaw's Home for Dragonets <3
Relatives Ell (Mother), Ale (Father)
Allies Poison, Oldsquaw, the dragonets in Oldsquaw's home, Terra, Skullbasher, Cocoa, jewels
Enemies add
Likes Poison, Skullbasher, sunlight, warmth, humidity, bubble tea, Poison's tea, berry tarts, ribs!!!, jewels, flowers
Dislikes Dapper's weird decaf coffee, cold, winter, Poison
Powers None, really
Weapons EL FISTO
ships Saison, Sailbasher
quote "bAE"


Sailine has a pretty normal body shape for a dragonet of her age, other than the fact that she is missing one wing. It was initially cut off as a hatchling. She isn't thin, nor frail, but average.

She's perhaps a bit shorter than the average dragon, but stands about an inch over Poison. She's not overweight, either, but pudgy with curves.

She has a pale swampy-yellow for her main scales, which resemble SandWing scales for the most part. Her claws, horns, underbelly, and her sail are all a pale teal (such as the coding).

She has more of a SandWing body than SeaWing, but her one remaining wing resembles that of a SeaWing's. Her spines are also more SeaWing like, and she has webbed talons.

Sailine wears a dark green steampunk hat with goggles. Yep.



Sailine has an adventures and kind personality, always trying to cheer others up. She usually isn't very quiet and instead is rather playful.  

She often keeps to herself, though, and is very insecure. While she is cheerful, she is somewhat shy and also bossy, annoying, and tough when it's not needed.  



Sailine was born to a female SeaWing noble and a caring father figure. It was a typical hybrid birth, and the family lived on the coast, a sandy seaside town known for fine seafood.

Her mother often made trips back to the Sea kingdom, but they were still quite close. Her father, Ale, was also very close to her.

One day, when Sailine was only one, a raid party was carried out and Sailine lost her wing. Fortunately, the family was alright. But Sailine would never fly again.

Soon, the family became incredibly close to a MudWing female named Terracotta. Terra introduced her to a Sea/Rain hybrid named Poison, and they both became instant friends.

The two were invited to fill some of the hybrid spots at Jade Mountain Academy, during it's second year.







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