Background information
CreatorFeather the Everywing
Main AttributeBravery
Elemental Attributetype here
Theme ColorLightning sky
Theme AnimalBasilisk lizard
Theme Song
Drink Day - Boulevard of broken dreams (Green Day cover)
MBTI Personalitytype here
Character information
OccupationWandering Pyrrhia's coast, occasionally saving drowning dragons
Tribetype here
Goaltype here
Residencetype here
Relativestype here
Alliestype here
Enemiestype here
Likestype here
Dislikestype here
Powers and abilities

Can walk on water as well as breathe underwater due to animus spell

Weaponstype here
Shipstype here
Quotetype here

((Original coding design done by Ice))

Rytoph is a TempestWing who was enchanted to be able to breath and run on water.


Rytoph appears in a shade of dark sky blue blue and the occasional splash of midnight blue. His underbelly has a dark sky blue color. When he's charged up with electricity, his patterns turn bright gold. His eyes are also bright gold, and emitt a similar glow when fully charged.


Rytoph was the nephew of a animus TempestWing. His parents died when he was still within an egg during a powerful lightning storm. The uncle was injured during the same storm, and nearly drowned saving his nephew's egg. His wings injured, he suddenly wondered what the young dragonet would do if it were in a similar situation. He enchanted the egg to allow the dragonet inside to be able to be able to both breath and run over water, to prevent such incident from happening again.

However, the only problem was that Rytoph's uncle died without telling anyone about his decision. He was killed ironically in a mudslide, drowning after choking on the muddy water. An orphanage nearby searched the area for any young orphan survivors, and Rytoph was among those added into the list.

A few years passed, and Rytoph felt that he would never find a family of his own. The other dragonets teased him, believing it was due to the scar on his neck, which his uncle had accidentally left on him to save him from the mudslide.

Frustrated, he went to a particular cliff side where a lake was. The bullying dragnets found him there, and being ruthless, they tied up Rytpoh's wings with strong vines and kicked him into the waters below.

What the dragonets and Rytoph didn't know was that his uncle's enchantment came into effect, and the rather shocked TempestWing ran over the lake to a safe shore nearby, where he freed himself from the vines. Realizing he could escape from the orphanage's grasps, he ran towards another city by the farthest end of the lake during that night, leaving his dark past behind in the hopes of a better one.


  • Rytoph is based off the design of a Basilisk Lizard.
  • His name is inspired by the family the basilisk belongs in, Corytophanidae.
  • He likes eating mangoes, especially when they're fresh.

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