Rushing Water is a male spark TempestWing. He has dark green scales and bright, fiery yellow eyes.


Rush, as he prefers to be called, is rowdy and loud like a normal TempestWing. He loves to be challenged to a fight and usually wins because of his strength. He does, however, have a soft side and often shows it to his friends.


Rush was hatched to his adoptive parents, Striketalon and Howling Wind. He was highly trained as a spark and can control his powers well when calm. But when he feels a strong emotion he will automatically breathe lightning. When he turned 11, his parents told him that he had been chosen to go to Jade Mountain for school. He was extremely excited, and packed all of his luggage two weeks early. After a while at school he developed a crush on Flap.

Relationships with his Clawmates

Aracari~ Rush thinks that Aracari is quiet and shy, but knows that she opens up when around her friends. He thinks her bearded dragon is cool.

Ivory~ Rush doesn't really care for RainWings, and usually treats her a bit badly.

Anaconda~ Rush is good friends with Anaconda, and is often seen around her in the battle training cave

Flap~ Rush has a crush on Flap, and is always helping her with school work. But Flap only likes Rush as a friend and close ally.

Bharal~ Rush likes how Bharal is very smart, but likes to have fun, which is not like most IceWings.

Mysterious~ He doesn't admit it, but Rush thinks Mysterious is absolutely terrifying. Even though he can be a softie, the NightWing is still menacing and sinister.

Dusty~ Dusty is Rush's best friend.

Bobcat~ Rush thinks that Bobcat can be pretty fierce at times, but she is still very sweet on the inside.

Thunderstorm~ Rush doesn't mind Thunder, but thinks that he should be a bit less grouchy.

Aspen~ Rush doesn't pay much attention to Aspen, but knows that she is quite outgoing.

Korat~ Korat seems a bit too rambunctious, even for a TempestWing. Rush thinks he could be a bad influence.

Misty~ Rush doesn't like how Misty bosses everyone around, and just ignores her.

Void~ Rush completely avoids Void as much as possible. She looks absolutely terrifying, but he doesn't know that she has a crush on him.

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