Rinea FE
Rinea • Leaf/Rain • Girlfriend of Prince Berkut • 7 DY
Rinea the LeafWing - RainWing ref
Creator a fire emblem loving pokeball
Artist Pokeball; bases by Joy Ang
Coder Forge
Attribute Shyness
Element Rain


Color Blue
Animal idk lol
Song Would a meme be fine for the theme song?

Age 7 DY
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student at Jade Mountain Academy of the future
Tribe RainWings


Goal To be with Berkut
Residence Jade Mountain Academy (currently)

Sky Kingdom

Relatives Prince Berkut (boyfriend)
Allies Berkut

Her winglet

Enemies TBD
Likes Being with Berkut
Dislikes Not being with Berkut
Powers None
Weapons None
Love Interests Prince Berkut
Quote "Er, that is to say, I love to dance. In...most circumstances. There is a little grove behind my manor. Inside is a flower garden where small birds gather—it is a place dear to me."


Rinea's snout is half RainWing and half LeafWing, while she has a LeafWing body with a RainWing tail. She is mostly blue with green as her secondary color.


Rinea is usually uncomfortable around strangers, but still tries to put up a pleasant front. She is an "acceptable" girlfriend to Berkut, though she dislikes public life. She usually frets about her word choice, certainly of what is considered to be appropriate.


Rinea was a normal LeafWing noble born into the LeafWing noble lineage who flew over to Pyrrhia to explore. There, she met the love of her life: Prince Berkut. She lived with him until then she stayed there for her life. She goes to Jade Mountain Academy (of the future) and is in the same winglet as Berkut.


Prince Berkut: She could never live her life without him.


  • Rinea might come from another version of Linea, a Scandinavian feminine name meaning "lime" or "linden tree". It might also be based off of Linnea, another version of Linea and a type of flower.


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