Ridley is a previous LeafWing commander and one of the most trusted members of Powerhungry's army. He is a major antagonist in NightWing and the Blade of Light. His birthday is November 26th.


Ridley is described to be very vicious. Ridley acts vicious around his enemies, but not around his friends, similar to Powerhungry and Darkclaws's personalities. Ridley loves to murder, which was the main reason he was kicked from the LeafWing militia. He also acts like an alien to prevent others he hates from being near him to try and threaten him. He is often threatened, and he is shown to hate it.


Ridley is the name of a turtle living in the sea, making him possibly a SeaWing. However, Ridley is also is a habitational name, certainly in Northumberland. In Cheshire, Ridley is derived from many different words and names, so when combined, they all mean "channel", "wood", and clearing. He is mostly based off of the character Ridley from Metroid, where it is mostly inspired by the film series Alien, where Ridley got his name from Ridley Scott, the director. In Metroid, Ridley is a high-ranking Space Pirate with a vicious personality, referencing Ridley's mysterious, vicious, and alien-like personality.

Fanfiction appearances

Dragon Emblem Series

NightWing and the Blade of Light

Ridley was one of the antagonists fighting alongside with Powerhungry and Darkclaws. However, Ridley died from the power of the Dragon Emblem since he built up too much karma, resulting in the Emblem killing him for his evilness.


"Everyone's so rude about me being a hybrid. When they saw other hybrids, they reacted differently. That 'differently' was more kinder. They also insulted me on how I should have a different name because my name sounds like a SeaWing name. I wanted to kill them, and I did when I reached the age of nine and being exiled from the Poison Jungle. Maybe they were rude because my father was Pyrrhian and my mother was Pantalan? Dragons are rude these days, so I started killing them. I have been quite successful so far, and I'm still going." -Ridley explaining himself to Lucina and Tayra.


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