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"He's the one you should fear."

Revenant is truly a thing of nightmares. His egg was enchanted by an animus when he was young. That was a mistake. The spell was poorly worded and turned the dragonet that soon hatched into a monster. His scales are a void of endless black. His tail fades into garnet red and then blood red, as do his spines, horns, and claws. There's not a spot of white on him, save for his teeth. They seem to be a sparkling white line of daggers. He has fangs like a rainwing, which completes his haunting smile. He's impossibly large and seems to fill every space, from the darkest corners to the (disgustingly) light spots. Black smoke and shadow are constantly swirling off his scales. He has blood red eyes, which also appear to be giving off a red smoke. Revenant has a sleek frame, with smooth, flawless scales. His horns are elegantly straight and are so sharp they could challenge an icewing's. The crown atop his head is made of polished black iron and is inlaid with deep red rubies. A crimson cape is also cinched at his left shoulder and is always moving, even if it is windless.


"The day I lose her will be the day I tear the stars apart with my bare talons."

It seems like there's not a shred of goodwill in him. Spoiler, there isn't. He finds pleasure in the things any logical dragon would be scared of. He needs to feel blood on his talons and teeth almost as much as he needs to breath. He is pure evil, there's no doubt about it. If you saw him striding down the street at night with Iniquity, you'd immediately slam the doors and hide your dragonets. He's never cracked in front of anyone or even lost his cool. Revenant has a silky, deep voice that will send shivers down your spine. He's very protective of his mate, Iniquity, and after what happened to his daughter, he wouldn't let anyone lay a talon on her. The Dark King had a rough past and since no one took the time to care for him or tried to connect, he's inconsiderate and has no care for other's feelings. Maybe If someone had tried, he would've been fine. Maybe.






-Has severe thalassophobia (The intense fear of the sea) and it's his greatest weakness

-Had a dragonet at but she died when she was less than a month old


-Has never had any friends

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