Hey you there don't steal him, he's my OC, so yeah. Steal and I murder you. Ok bye.

Background Information
Creator The Shadowstalker
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute type here
Theme Animal Velociraptor
Theme Color Rust
Theme Song Whispers in The Dark (Skillet)
Character Information
Age 7
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Tribes 2/4 HiveWings, 1/4 SandWings, 1/4 SkyWings
Goal To get Shadowstalker to love him like he loves her
Nickname Rusty
Residence Near the Scorpion Den
Relatives A HiveWing father

A Sand/SkyWing mother

Allies Shadowstalker, Millennium, Saw-Scales, Solareflare, Crimson, Parakeet, Tidalstorm, Sleet, Velvet, Birch, Iris
Enemies Wasp, Vulture, The Talons of Power
Likes type here
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities HiveWing paralyzing sting, SkyWing fire
Weapons type here
Ship Shadowstalker
Quote type here


Raptor has rusty looking scales and gold horns. He has bright orange eyes and black HiveWing spines going down his neck and tail. He also has orange claws, a black SandWing barb and honey colored SkyWing wings.



Raptor has a SandWing barb, but no SandWing poison. Instead he has HiveWing paralyzing sting. In other words Raptor can’t poison a dragon, it will paralyze them instead. He can also breath fire, as hot as a SkyWing.



Raptor loves Shadow with all his heart ever since he met her.


Work in progress.

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