Ralczem the dragon hybrid is an enchantment by Rockshifter. After meeting Birch, his life was forever changed. He has gone through many obstacles, including a parentless childhood, abuse into becoming a weapon by queen Cochineal, and becoming swept away by a horrible storm.


At first, Ralczem was destined to be an outgoing and energetic dragon. When he was found by queen Cochineal, he quickly grew in an environment of hatred and misery. He grew to learn to despise leafwings, and grew depression because of his life before Pantala. When he first met Birch, and after her persistent requests to become his friend, he fell in love with her personality and outgoing nature. His depression slowly started to go away until he would joke about how stupid his enchanter must have been.



Rockshifter is the uncle of Ralczem's old nightwing form and his enchanter. He never knew him well, and frankly, he doesn't really care about him that much. In Ralczem's eyes, he isn't a dragon he ever wants to meet.

Stonemover and Manipulator

He never knew his birth parents, and the only thing he knew about his form before being enchanted was that he was a nightwing. He always wanted to know who his parents where, but would always dismiss the idea of ever seeing them again.


When he was first stranded on a deserted island he now calls home, a leafwing washed up on the same island. He started to attack her before realizing she was too weak to be a threat. After her constant bugging, he finally let up and talked to her. He quickly became her closest friend, and eventually, confessed to loving her as more than a friend. She said that she had the same feelings, and they became a couple.

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