Rainspinner is shorter than the average member of her tribe, being somewhat pudgy but well-muscled and broad. She shares the gray scales of her sister and the deep turquoise eyes of her father, and carries herself with great authority and a look of unrelenting confidence.

Her sail and wing membranes are teal, and consist of almost no markings excluding several small patches of black speckles. Per tradition, she has a small blue tattoo on her left shoulder, a swirling spiral pattern that represents "balance" as well as her position as governor.


Intelligent and stern, Rainspinner carries herself with a demeanor of authority in precisely the same manner as her late mother taught her. She holds the values of olden DriftWings and believes in territorial isolation, fearing that outside tribes could infiltrate the kingdom for weaknesses.

Rainspinner is prideful and sometimes too ambitious for her own good, and firmly believes that what she does is always the right thing to do — which is partially the reason that court cases go through several levels of fluctuation before finally reaching her.

Rainspinner was the first-born of Queen Stormcaller and her husband Cliffbender, with her younger sister Graceweaver following soon after. Several weeks before Graceweaver hatched, Cliffbender died during a skirmish with the SeaWings, leaving Stormcaller to raise her young daughters alone; although Rain hardly remembered her father, being only a toddler at his death, she quickly noticed the pain it had caused her mother.

Although protective, Stormcaller soon became a distant figure in the lives of her children, unable to balance her family with the ongoing duties of being Queen and the lasting pain of Cliffbender's demise. Without a mother or father to openly look after them, Rainspinner and Graceweaver came to rely on each other for company, and the two grew a tight bond as they aged. They initially were both content with their lives, living in a kingdom where they wouldn't have to fight over the throne, agreeing to be mutually supportive of each other throughout. As the years passed, Stormcaller paid more attention to her dragonets, and slowly - although they were now both nearly adults - the two princesses and their mother finally somewhat felt like a family.