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I Don't Love You (mature)-- Cruel Youth
Derniere Danse -- Indila

non-wof name: Romin

s e c r e c y
Mistress Rain Ripple
Creator Wings-of-Bloodfire
Aliases Rome
Attribute living a lie
Element night
Color violet + stormy colors
Animal eagle
Timeline canon
Age 24 HY
Gender female
Orientation homosexual homoromantic
Occupation mistress
Tribe DeathWing
Residence Evening Temple
Blood Lady Tawny Owl (mother)
White Stone (father)
Status betrothed: Wolf Cry
loves: Bramble Flower
Quote "I, uh, have a meeting to attend to. Sorry."
A p p e a r a n c e
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Rain Ripple is the perfect "princess" figure, although she is named a mistress. She is tall and perfectly nimble, with long and thin legs. She has an arching neck and a narrow snout with gorgeous, almond-shaped eyes that glow ocean blue. Her wings are delicate in appearance, and appear to have a slight shimmer to them. Her dark claws are short and finely tipped.

The mistress is a dark gray, with a soft bluish undertone in the light. She is dappled with lighter patches on her hindquarters and tail in the appearance of raindrops. Rain Ripple has a black exocranium, which is shiny and painted with bright blues on the horns and over the eyes. Her hooked horns are dark, although not as dark as her exocranium. Rain Ripple's underscales are a paler gray and her wings are mottled gray-blues and dark grays.

The DeathWing does not dress fancier than any other dragon of her tribe, and wears no gold or expensive jewelry. She wears a simple silver pendant around her neck with a teardrop charm. She wears a flower crown made by DeathWing dragonets. Rain Ripple does have a white cloak for special occasions, but hardly wears it.

P e r s o n a l i t y


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R e f e r e n c e
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