Kueen Jakku is queen of the sandwings during 50000032 AS


- Jakku during one of her many raids

Jakku is a more of a whitish tan color instead of the traditional yellow. She is also missing an eye, having lost it in a raid. She has no black scales except for one just below her neck.


"You really think i was going to let you go?"
- jakku talking to one of her slaves

Jakku has no regard for the rules. Most of the Markship she trains are in complete defiance to the warnings of the enraged Pyrrhian Confedracy, The Pact, or Pantalaic Higharchy. She often participates in the raids herself. When she is present, the victims are often angrier, however, this does not mean that the raids stop when she dissapears at random. One such period was when her "rash" son kidnapped the twin heirs to the rainwing throne of the Rainwing-Nightwing monarchy.


"things change over five hundred million years"
- Jakku talking to one of her markships

Jakku is one of the youngest queens currently in the Pyrrhian Confedracy. her territory has grown to become over half of the confedracy's total territory. When she first rose to power, she imeadiately used her influence in the skywing court to start the biggest war since the first Pantalaic war.


  • Jakku was inspired by the GoonSwarm Federation, a player-made organization in the Videogame EVE: Online


"Its not a power-play. I like war"
- Jakku revealing herself as the perpetrator of the Swiftwing-Tempestwing war
"as for me? Jet J'tu Burn"
- Jakku before a raid
"There is no order, only Chaos and synthetic Chaos"
- Jakku acting like a Mr. wise-guy
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