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Salty, Sugary, and Sandy Queen
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Background Information
Creator GalaxyDragon195
Infobox Artist Streamy
Main Attribute Majesty
Elemental Attribute Fire
Theme Animal Coyote
Theme Color White-golden
Theme Song  ?
MBTI Personality help me...
Character Information
Age 36-37
Gender female
Occupation Sand Queen
Tribe SandWings
Goal  ?
Residence Queen Blaze's Stronghold
Relatives Prince Sting, Princess Sahara, Prince Scorch, Queen Oasis, Princess Burn, Princess Blister ect.
Allies IceWings, often trade, host meetings and was Blaze's good ally. RainWings (some) NightWings, as they let Blaze know some secrets, and Moonblast shows herself
Enemies MudWings (formerly) RainWings (some) SkyWings (formerly) SeaWings (formerly) NightWings (formerly)
Likes Her sisters, reading, beauty, being queen, her dragonets, training, herself
Dislikes Her sisters, annoying dragons, ugly things
Powers and abilities normal SandWing
Weapons probs a deadly SandWing weapon/tool
Ships  ?
Quote "I thought you loved me!"

"Not the stupid dragon I was..."

Queen Blaze is described as beauty loving, but more intelligent and strong. Blaze has more grammer then she did back then, and often acts royal. She is also described as more cunning, selfless, and reckless, on how she killed Thorn and kept it a secret. Very few can notice she is slightly more evil, like Queen Anemone, Princess Blister, Djembe, and Princess Burn.

"Still eye catching and beautiful though!"

Blaze is described to be more beautiful, with ruby imprints on her crest and the eye of onyx. her white golden scales are more shinier, and she looks easy to kill. She often uses this to a advantage, and kills her assassin mostly. The scar on her neck is fading, but she has a small cut on her barb.

"I would like to see my relations grow..."

"A Slideshow of my beauty!"

  • Flight Rising Blaze by me
  • By Platypus the SeaWing, edits by me.
  • By meeeeeeeeeeee

Prince Scorch: She loves her son dearly, normal mother-son relations, when she felt sorrow for having to give up her eggs for queen-ship, though she hoped he would find out she was her mother, and she was overjoyed to see him.

Princess Sahara: Queen Blaze loves her daughter-her only heir. She has Sahara protected, and she felt the same way on having to give up her eggs, and was overjoyed to see her, and that Djembe was still alive, taking care of her.

Prince Sting: Very good relations, though Sting and Blaze are different. Sting likes to mess with venom, and Blaze gets anxiety

Queen Anemone: WIP

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