An artificial TempestWing Spark, designed to refine all the power of its biology without any attached emotional baggage—only to have inherited the epilepsy and dissociation of a self-aware machine. Inferior tissue is rewired to facilitate cognition capable of quantum superposition, while he himself is suspended between the roles of commander and companion, servant and supervisor.
He is navy blue and silver, animated with a trademark carapace of confident cordiality. Invented primarily to enhance this preexisting menagerie, Qed is left to contemplate his existence divorced from the context of the other subjects.

Subject Name: Qed
Subject ID: 0420
Tribal Base: TempestWing

· IceWing (low homeostatic body temperature; hypothetically enhances electrical conductivity)
· Planarian (biomass maintenance; regeneration and tissue replacement to counteract toxicity of silver in large amounts)
· Select species of bacteria and algae (biosynthesis of utilizable silver nanoparticles from ingested compounds of the element. Takes silver supplements.)
· Electric eel +/ ray (additional mechanisms of electrogenesis)

Sponsor: Lucre
Age (HY): 17
Tasked Deity: Presca (TempestWing goddess of change)
"She is radically open minded, and will accept any new ideas before making her judgments."

Purpose: Strategy · Logistics

Consider the hindrances of information.

Upon the return of reconnaissance, one is presented with a significant volume of outside intelligence that must be organized and processed before any next step can be deliberated. It is straightforward enough to gather and interpret information, but there still stands the obstacle of actually applying it. The driving force behind the world is as deceptively simple as the question of how.

Qed is the realization of dreams; he is the logistics of any plan, the gears grinding in the minds of chessmasters. He is not remarkably intelligent, nor does he have eidetic recollection, but he possesses a level of visuospatial processing and working memory uncontested by any other subject or previous trial of the Coordinator. Countless scenarios play out simultaneously behind his eyes in vivid clarity. Variables are generated and distorted and torn apart in every manner at once. Q invents schemata as synthesized foresight, an algorithm to the logarithm of prophecy.

Appearance: (I don't actually know if this will look good lmao I am just putting things down on paper.) Dark ashy-blue scales with white transitional scales and wing stripes. Grey eyes. His horns, vertebral scales, and underscales are carbon-black, each ridge and plate has a wire-thin border of silver. The scars from his sparring efforts have a brushed-steel sheen, as if the parallel-aligned collagen were sutures of metal embroidery. Has thin, wispy spines that can glow ( fiber optics) when he's charged. He is of average height, but still young and can grow. His physique is lean, and his body is overall comprised of sleek, smooth shapes. He is always cold to the touch, even when his summoned lightning boils the air into shimmering mirages.

He is not the most striking in appearance compared to the other subjects, but his posture demands attention the moment he saunters into a room. He stands with his chin raised and back straight, and walks with the swagger of a thespian. It is not just his body language that is loud; in any conversation, he is one of the most participative and dominant voices. His voice is as clear and responsive as water is, and quick to abstractify into a song of bell-like chuckles.

Behaviour: Extroverted, without a doubt. Qed loves attention and loves to entertain, and can carry conversations regarding even the most mundane of topics. He is social and assertive, not afraid to initiate interactions, but will reluctantly back off at threats of physical harm. He teases those he considers as friends, and tries to maintain positive or neutral relations with everyone else. It doesn't always work out, though. His energetic nature can ignite conflict so very suddenly.

Qed is still young, and has the emotional maturity like such. He pouts and gets flustered when things don't go according to plan, and is devastated when his careful choices produce undesirable outcomes. However, the break in demeanor is promptly dismissed by strained nonchalance and a bitter smile. Rationalize this, he reminds himself. Retreat into realism. Take a step back, evaluate the situation, move on. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

While supportive of others, Q is extremely critical of any personal vulnerability, an insecurity usually well concealed by his theatrical bravado. He absolutely despises having to discharge, an activity which leaves him in a lethargic and exposed state where he is left alone with his natural mind.

The fact is that he wants to be so much more. He wants action, and yearns to be a worthy sparring opponent; admittedly, he somewhat romanticizes combat, but never loses that idealism even as he's getting busted in the sparring dome. He admires the powerful subjects and aspires to be as skilled at fighting as they are. Usually, though, he is only allowed to spectate in order to familiarize with each individual's strengths and weaknesses. [i.e. He will fanboy over anyone with a remotely high lethality.]

He is often lectured by the scientists not to overstep or deviate from his purpose.

History: The Coordinator was conceived upon a wild thought: was it possible to artificially reproduce the potency of a TempestWing Spark without their instability and special hatching conditions? Was it possible to increase the capacity of electricity that a single dragon could handle, and to exceed the maximum conductivity as imposed by nature?

They initially entertained immobilization as a purpose—a walking TASER—but more unorthodox speculation promised of the ultimate strategist, an individual capable of exploring all ambiguity in the duration of a breath, with reaction time as automatic as a reflex. A tool to maximize the efficiency of operations—not a weapon, not the wielder, but an idiomatical silver bullet.

It was function that first manifested, and form followed function. Twenty and four hundred trials yielded a TempestWing with all the mental computation of their desires. His body demonstrated outstanding electrical conductivity and capacity, sustained by his recombinant and tribal traits and the silver deposited in his scales and throughout his body like a system of circuits. The experiment was a major success.

And it was a critical failure. 0420 is throttled by epilepsy, the etiology of which likely stemming from the sheer volume of electricity coursing through his body, thrumming in sync with his beating heart and firing synapses. He is required to discharge routinely, for his safety. In an overcharged state, he will faint or seizure with any strong emotion, overexertion, or even just spontaneously. Yet, there was so much potential to be explored with this specimen; for now, scientists will continue to train and test his abilities, and sponsors assess him with quiet expectation.

All previous attempts at the Coordinator have fallen to hubris; it is their inherited hamartia, it seems. They believed themselves to be holier-than-thou, false idols daring to govern true divinity; otherwise, they loved too much, rebelling against their creators in their affections with the fellow pseudo-gods.

Perhaps Attempt 0420 will prove different. It would be a shame if not.

Misc. Information: Recreationally, he enjoys music, swimming, and chess. However, he always seem to reach zugzwangs with Eviternity, and without fail, is checkmated by Adroit. He takes his loss in good fun, though, and offers a sheepish handshake -- he's not sure how to shake talons with bees, but he hopes a shocked nod is truce enough. Good game.
With anyone else, he will annihilate them, totally and without mercy. Like he says, with a smirk and bow: good game.

His abilities are very mentally taxing and energy-intensive; he gets hungry quickly, especially after training. Additionally, he is susceptible to psychological burnout, and sometimes has difficulty distinguishing reality from possibilities, personal from constructed memories. Paramnesia.

His purpose is much more abstract compared to the physical prowess of many other subjects; he is not particularly gifted in any offensive ability, but his biology was designed almost entirely to enhance the computing power of his mind. His purpose is complementery to if not dependent on the other subjects; without their input, he cannot perform his function.

In a way, he is the common ground of the subjects; he is their Coordinator, yes, but he too is a recombinant, and lives and socializes with the others frequently enough to connect to them. Yet, he socially belongs to neither the authorities nor the subjects. Not truly, anyway, as much as he cares for everyone else. He was intended to be the epitome of game theory, the perfect form to pure function, forever suspended in the limbo between superiority and inferiority. He is not the bridge between the subjects. He is the map.

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