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Warning: Contains a murder story. Read with warning.

Pristine River (also known as PR) is a TempestWing spark. At the age of 3, she is not very good at controlling her spark abilities, and mostly uses electricity for hunting. At first glance, she’s just a dragonet. But what secrets does she hold? One hint: she’s an assassin.


Her scales are dark grey and her feathered wings are raven black, and her underscales are a very dark blue (#160B43). Her transitional scales are cyan. Her build is aerodynamic, wiry, and graceful, not unlike Deathbringer. She has a few lime green stripes on her tail and wings, the same colour of her eyes.

She is currently depicted wearing Storm Force Armour. Also, she always has a stream of electricity flowing between her horns, which look like a white line of light.


Why? Does my past really have to define me? Why do you care, anyway? Can you just leave?”

to her enemies, during an argument.

Pristine River hates being labelled, and she is feisty, headstrong, and quick-thinking. Due to a violent, and painful past, most dragons don’t trust her. But do they have any other choice?


PR hatched in a lightning storm, thus making her a spark. She never came to control her spark abilities, but she was good at flying and sharp-minded. Pristine always loved scrolls, reading them or writing them. She trained for enhancing her sight to read better, and fly better! When she was eight months old, her little sister hatched. She hated her little sister, since her sister always behaved badly and PR had to endure severe punishments for her sister’s wrongdoings.

Finally, at the age of one, she snapped. She murdered her entire family with her bare claws.

Sorry, little sister...but you asked for it.”

her last words to her sister before killing her.

She never felt sorry for it. For two years, she worked as a freelance assassin, until she decided that allies might’ve been better than enemies.

And she was right.

At the age of 3, she started going to Covamida Mountain Range High and



Pristine River is a spark, a superbattery of some sort. Her control over her spark abilities is weak to nonexistent. Her body is also built for flying, but not for fighting one on one. She also thinks twice as fast as the typical dragonet her age, due to the excess electricity in her body.

Due to her abhorrent control, she can only repress her abilities for ten minutes at a time. When she is not repressing it, there is always a stream of electrons (electricity) flowing between her horns.

Flying skills and agility

River was hatched for flying. Aerodynamic body, check. Lots of experience, check. Sure, her spark control was just about the worst in the world, but so what? She could still fly.

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