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And What If I Can't? What If I'm Not Worthy Of Her Ideals?

Protagonist of The Black Silk.

Note: I am not taking any more complaints about some of my SilkWings being black. This is my AU, and SilkWings can be black, although everyone hates it. Stop telling me "sIlKwInGs cAn'T bE bLaCk" or something because in my AU they can, and my AU is an alternate canon universe where some of the canon characters exist. Please stop complaining about my SilkWings being black. Thank you.

Princess Viceroy
Princess Viceroy 2
Artist Moonmoon
Creator Pokeball
Coder Yum
Age 7 DY
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student at Jade Mountain Academy of the Future
Tribe(s) SilkWings
Residence Jade Mountain Academy
Relatives Ex-Queen Silverwashed (mother)

Queen Atlas (older sister)

Powers and abilities None
Quote "I'm glad to be here. It's better than home."


Viceroy has orange scales with black as well as scars and blood everywhere.

Her scars allow her not to walk well in certain circumstances.


Viceroy is usually kind, but is discriminated by most SilkWings for her distinct black color. As a dragonet, she was attacked, causing her depression. She still bears a scar from her mother, Ex-Queen Silverwashed, and a couple really bad scars.


Viceroy hatched as the princess and daughter of Ex-Queen Silverwashed (currently queen at the time) and Queen Atlas.

Many thought she was prophesied to bring disaster (similar to Deirdre from Deirdre of the Sorrows, not referencing Pokeball's OC). Some didn't, so Silverwashed tried to kill her but was caught by Atlas.

She didn't live a normal life. Everyday, Silverwashed tried to kill her. She then sent Viceroy to Jade Mountain Academy, but then went missing, so Atlas took the throne after a few weeks.

Silverwashed was angry and both tried to kill Atlas and Viceroy.

More coming soon.


Kite: Can't fly... hates his mother... just like her, except about the flying part.


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