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Ref in infobox by Salvation, without royal markings

I drink tequila straight
Haven't brushed my hair in days
And I'll kiss on the first date if I'm really feelin' it

2019-05-14 (9)
Creator Sby
Main Attribute Tomboy, rebel
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Color Light blue
Theme Animal Tbd
Theme Songs Lady Like by Ingrid Andress
Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya
MBTI Personality MBTI-A/T
Age 10
Gender Female
Occupation Princess
Tribe SeaWing
Goal Break free from the "pretty little princess" stereotype
Residence Sea Kingdom
Relatives Flow (Mother) Deep (Father) Queen Coral (Aunt) Ex-King Gill (Uncle, deceased)
Allies Seaweed, Deep, her brothers, Auklet (so far)
Enemies Her mother, aunt, sisters and cousins (especially Tsunami and Anemone)
Likes Independence, boyish things, sports, getting dirty, fighting, going against her mother and the queen
Dislikes Makeup, looking pretty, sitting still, posing, most things she's expected to do, stereotypes
Powers and abilities Natural SeaWing abilities
Weapons Bejewelled dagger from Deep
Ships None, open!
Quote "Ugh, mother, for the billionth time, I don't care if ladies don't use daggers."

"Estuary, you cannot go out looking like that!"


Much to her mother and aunt's disappointment, Estuary doesn't hold herself like a princess, in a regal posture, back straight, chin up, graceful. No way. She stands like most, like the commoners do, and you wouldn't really know she was royal unless you really looked, or if she told you, which she doesn't really do.

Estuary's pretty tall, but she doesn't show that off, unlike most royals, not purposely showing her height to tower over her subjects. She honestly doesn't care. She likes being tall, but if she wasn't, it wouldn't matter to her.

Her mainscales are a light sky blue, matched with darker, but still light, blue underscales and turquoise underwings. She has pale blue eyes and royal markings, though she tries to hide those the best she can.

Her scales are often covered in kelp and seaweed, and she wears a leather pouch around her neck and over her shoulders where she carries the dagger her father gave her.

Could dress up
To get love
But guess what?
I'm never gonna be that girl
Who's living in a Barbie world

"Darling Estuary, hello. I am Queen Coral, your aunt"


With most princesses, the second you see them, it's obvious they're royalty. They way they walk, how they hold themselves, who they talk to, the way they talk. Most don't know Estuary is a princess unless they see her markings or she tells them herself.

She doesn't act royal, and unlike the others, doesn't just hang out with other royals. She loves hanging out with and befriending commoners, such as her best friend, Seaweed.

She hates girly things, and hates wearing jewelry most of all. She despises necklaces, and wouldn't be caught dead wearing one.

She's rebellious, disobeying her mother, as well as her aunt, who is the queen! She doesn't care for rules, and does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she doesn't like a rule, she won't follow it. Estuary hates being told she needs to "act like a lady," and when someone tells her that, she rebels more.

I don't even own a dress
Bite my nails when I get stressed
Do whatever for attention if I'm needin' it

"Would you flipping shut up?"


A perfect princess, was what Estuary was originally bred to be. She was hatched in a separate hatchery from the one with Orca's statue, and so she was not killed. Her mother, sister to the queen, held her as she hatched, prepared to make her the true heir to her sister's throne.

She was pampered endlessly. She had all she wanted, and acted that way. In the beginning, she thought she was much better than the commoners. She could have anything she wanted, after all!!

Could wake up
And make up
And play dumb
Pretending that I need a boy
Who's gonna treat me like a toy

"You think I care about being a princess?"


Flow: Estuary finds her mother exasperating. She thinks that she tries too hard to act like a royal, and wishes that Flow would quit trying to make her act girly. She hates her mother's obsession with jewelry and how she looks down on commoners, especially Seaweed.

Deep: On the other hand, Estuary loves her father. He understands her, and she appreciates that he doesn't force her to act all "princessy". She is grateful that he gave her her dagger that she so loves, and happy that despite Flow's wishes, he's giving her fighting lessons.

Queen Coral: Estuary hates her aunt, thinking she is a self-obsessed, uncaring queen who is unfit to rule. She hates Coral's stories and thinks they are idiotic and horrible. She wishes her mother never forced her to meet the queen, or read any of the scrolls she wrote.

Tsunami: Estuary doesn't like her cousin, thinking she's annoyingly bossy. Tsunami is always rude to her, and insults her a lot, which Coral seems to completely ignore. Estuary often glares at the fellow princess, wishing she'd just disappear so Estuary wouldn't have to worry about her.

Controversial, so outspoken
I've been told I'm not ladylike

"Why are you all such stupid idiots?"

insert text here

I know the other girlies wanna wear expensive things
Like diamond rings
But I don't wanna be the puppet that you're playing on a string
This queen don't need a king

"Tell 'em, Estuary!"

insert text here

But I'm a lady, like whoa
I could bring you to your knees and
Get you kicked out the Garden of Eden
Untameable, unframeable, Mona Lisa, oh

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