Burn is a canon character, but in my AU


Burn looks the same, exept when Blaze offered to have some onyxes imprintes on her, she accepted it. Some of her scars are healed, and Burn seems to have a nicer look on her face.


Burn in my au accepted the gift and offer of onyxes inprinted in her crest like Blaze, and when she really wanted the urge to kill her sisters (mostly Blaze) she began to feel bad from the scolding and seeing her bad. This shows her soft side, like her soft side towards her mother, Queen Oasis when they had a close relation and when Ex Queen Thorn notices how poetic Burn can get, even when her favorite had died. She feels in a closer bond with Blaze, but she is still very fierce, strong and make herself look a bit evil.

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