Wolverine is an IceWing prince with gray scales that are slightly darker than normal, and have darker speckles. His eyes are icy blue and he is very thin, yet stronger than he looks. Wolverine has a few brutal scars from early in his life, when he was abused by his grandmother, Queen Sapphire. He is described as handsome by a few dragons.


Wolverine wears copper earrings with sapphires hanging from them, with additional ones right behind them. He wears a scratched and cracked Second Circle necklace.


Wolverine can seem shy at first, but is really outgoing and funny in general. He is very protective of his friends, and would do almost anything for them. He hates getting in trouble, and is very sensitive on the inside. Wolverine can also be a bit immature and weird, but his crush, Juneau, doesn't seem to mind. He can also be a bit blunt and rude to dragons that annoy him.


Early in his life, Wolverine was abused by his grandmother. Queen Sapphire wanted to make sure he was against hybrids, but he secretly befriended Juneau when she was imprisoned in the IceWing palace. Wolverine's mother, now Queen Kodiak, defeated Queen Sapphire when he was five and restored peace in the Ice Kingdom.

But a few years later, someone assassinated Juneau's mother. Wolverine helped her escape and went on a journey with her to find hybrids and bring them to Jade Mountain, where they would be safe.

During the journey, they found Impala (Mud/Sand), Cormorant and Axolotl (Sea/Sky), Sunbeam (Rain/Sand), and Fox (Sky/Night). Fenrir and Wombat were pure bloods that decided to join.

Fenrir also had a crush on Juneau, and he and Wolverine seem to have a rivalry because of this. When Fenrir asked Juneau out and told her that she meant nothing to Wolverine, the IceWing ended up whacking Fenrir with his spiky tail.

Wolverine and his friends defended and attended Jade Mountain Academy. He and Juneau have crushes on each other, and have a lot in common.

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