Hey you there don't steal him, he's my OC, so yeah. Steal and I murder you. Ok bye.

Background Information
Creator The Shadowstalker
Main Attribute ADHD
Elemental Attribute type here
Theme Animal type here
Theme Color Green
Theme Song N/A
Character Information
Age 9
Gender Male
Occupation Prince of the SeaWings, Explorer
Tribe SeaWings
Goal To explore all of Pyrrhia, then explore The Lost Continent.
Residence Everywhere
Relatives The Royal SeaWing Family
Allies Red-Tail (The Shadowstalker), Tidalstorm (The Shadowstalker)
Enemies None so far
Likes Adventure
Dislikes Staying in The Kingdom Of Sea
Powers and abilities N/A
Weapons His claws, and teeth
Quote I don't understand why I have to stay here!


Cyclone has green scales and turquoise/green horns. He has bright blue eyes and lime green gills. He has dark green claws, and the royal SeaWing markings his wings. He also has turquoise webbed claws and a bag that caries all his things for his adventures. He has lightning scorch marks on the top of his wings because he was struck by lightning on his way to the Sky Kingdom.


Cyclone is a kind and silly dragon. He can never stay in one place. He's always seeking adventure.


Cyclone has normal SeaWing abilities, except he is a weak flyer. Once he was struck by lightning on his wings, he can no longer fly for longer than 2 hours. He can swim normally though.



Cyclone is good friends with Tails. Sometimes he wonders if there’s something more than that.


Work in progress.

He is one of the many sons of Queen Coral. He grew up in the Kingdom of Sea, but he wanted to know more about the continent. He new he couldn't go anywhere until after the war, so he waited. After the destruction of the Summer Palace he hoped the war would end soon, and it did. When the war ended he celebrated. The first place he when't was the Sky Kingdom and eventually made his way to the Kingdom Of Sand where he met Tidalstorm.

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