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Prince Albein is the prince of the SkyWings and the true son of Rudolf, the current king of the SkyWings. His fake identity name was Alm when he was raised in Ram Village with Celica. He appears in Prophecy of the Future as the replacement for Cormorant in the Jade Winglet, who was killed by Ex-Queen Silverwashed and The Missing Heir as the deuteragonist.

Based off Alm (Prince Albein Rudolf) from Fire Emblem.

Song: Title Loop - Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

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Prince Albein
Prince Albein FR Ref
Creator Pokeball
Infobox FR
Aliases Alm
Attribute Sky


Element Sky


Color Dark green
Animal Lion
Song Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - Title Loop
Age 5 DY

17 Human

Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Occupation Prince of the SkyWings

Jade Mountain Academy Student

Tribe SkyWings


Goal To be with Anthiese
Residence Jade Mountain Academy

Sky Kingdom

Relatives Rudolf (father)

Princess Anthiese (girlfriend)

Berkut (cousin)

Mycen (foster grandfather)

Allies Anthiese

Jade Winglet

Enemies Rudolf



Likes Being with Anthiese
Dislikes Not being with Anthiese
Powers None
Weapons Sword
Love Interests Anthiese
Quote "Yes, I am not a TempestWing, but it's just how Lucina decided it. I'll go talk to her now that Cormorant is dead as well."

Alm has SkyWing horns, neck, and tail with LeafWing legs and wings. His scales are a dark green with fire-colored red for his inner wings. His horns are colored a lighter LeafWing green. His LeafWing spots are a lighter red. He has green eyes.

Alm is very fierce and determined to fill prophecies and destinies as well as to find out his true past.

Albein is a fierce fighter and does not have any animus powers. He has a sword, however, but only uses it when it is needed.

Fanfiction Appearances
Prophecy of the Future: coming soon

The Missing Heir: coming soon


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  • Alm has many possible etymology origins, with the alpine pasture of the same name. It might also come from álmr, meaning "elm tree".


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